Bully Me

Bully Me

By:  Anrose Amillie  Completed
Language: English
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When Lexi realises nobody has the power to turn her on like her high school bully she pays him a visit but ends up getting more than she bargained for.

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38 chapters
Chapter 1
Lexi hadn't travelled through the winding back streets of the Southern Estate in a while. Not since her school days. Nothing had changed, she realised as she looked about at the redbrick houses, lined with fences that were either recently painted or slapped with fading graffiti. In the distance, a man worked on his car, propped on bricks in his driveway. The sounds of clinking metal and cursing echoed up the street as the oil-covered man tinkered under the chassis. Her shoes scraped on gravel as she ambled toward his driveway. As she passed the overgrown bushes, nearly taking her eye out on a branch, she spotted a white T-shirt hanging over the fence.  Stopping for a second, she stared blankly at it, picturing him wearing it. With the hot afternoon sun beating down on her back she stood for a moment, wondering if she should turn back. Run home and never return. "Are you snif
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Chapter 2
It was an impossible choice but failing to choose and picking both by default was worse. 'So convince him to do neither,' she told herself. "Why would you do this?" she asked. "You don't even know me. Why are you doing this to me?" "I'm giving you what you wanted," he said. "Now pick. You have till the count of five." "Please, I'm begging you," she blurted. His breath tickled her neck as he snickered. "Yeah?" he asked, twisting to face her with a half-smile. Lexi nodded, staring at him with the most pathetic eyes she could manage. "You're begging me?" he asked, nodding back at her.  Something in his expression was dark. Scary. Without warning, he grabbed her by the hair, pulled her from the chair and shoved her to the floor.  "If yo
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Chapter 3
Lexi took a sip of her tea. It didn't taste bad considering the cheap teabags and degree of limescale in the kettle. Her hand shook as she placed the mug back on the table, almost spilling the tea. "Well," he prompted. "Spill it. And I want all the gory details." The idea of explaining her kinks and fantasies was far more humiliating than she'd expected. This guy was clearly a douchebag, yet she didn't want him to think badly of her. 'I don't have a choice,' she reminded herself. If her brother got bullied because of her it would be horrifying. She imagined having to explain her fault to him, apologising for getting him into Jayce's crosshairs, and almost cringed out of her skin. "Why do you want to know?" she asked, staving off the inevitable. Jayce shrugged. "I want to see you squirm. Don't tell me you were lying when you said you'd do anythin
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Chapter 4
"You called me a dirty slut," she reminded him. "Yes, I did." Jayce flashed her a smug smile. "And you loved being called a dirty little slut, didn't you?" Lexi sucked in her chest, feeling defiant. "What are you?" he asked, leaning in so close his forehead pressed against hers. His hair tickled her forehead as he pressed forward, making her shrink back. When she didn't answer, he grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. She gasped as he shoved her forward, pinning her to the wall and let out a cry as he twisted her arm in a direction it did not want to turn. "Ouch, ouch, ouch," she gasped, shocked by the sudden onset of violence. It wasn't the pain that bothered her so much, but the casual way he ragged her about. "If you want to do this the hard way it's all the same to me," he whispered into her ear. "The result will be the same in the end."&nbs
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Chapter 5
Lexi felt a hand on the back of her head at the same moment she felt the tip of his cock pressing into her lips. As soon as she opened her mouth, he shoved it down her throat, making her panic and choke. He pulled out, slapped her round the face with it and carried on. As he thrust in and out, she tried so hard to relax her throat and let him fuck her face but ended up choking again. "You're really really bad at this," he told her. Lexi swallowed away the mixture of saliva and precum so she could speak up for herself.  "Then let me suck it. I don't know how to deep throat. I'm... not a porn star," she said. "I guess we can do it your way," he said. He stood still, letting her lick and suck at it. As she tried to slide it deeper into her mouth, she understood how big it was. 'No wonder it made me choke.'Read more
Chapter 6
Lexi was just getting used to the layout of the University. It was so much bigger than her school, and she'd get lost every time her lessons were outside of the science block. She circled the English building, hoping to bump into anyone she recognised from her group. There were almost 200 students, but the area was deserted. There weren't even any staff members milling about in the background. "Hey, there you are," Chris cried, appearing from the front entrance. "They moved us again so I figured you hadn't read the email." "Oh, damn, I should really start reading those," Lexi said. "Thank you for finding me." "No worries." Chris scratched his head and looked down as he led her towards the new classroom. When they arrived the teacher had already kicked off the lesson. Lexi did her best to close the door quietly but still received an angry glare from the moody lecturer.  She r
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Chapter 7
When Lexi snuck into the kitchen, she checked the hallway to make sure nobody was lurking about. Her Mum did the night shift last night so would be sleeping and her brother wasn't exactly a 'morning person.' When she was certain nobody was about, Lexi opened the fridge and had a snoop around the bottom shelves. She picked up a cucumber, frowned at it and put it back.  "Sorry, Big Boy," she muttered, selecting a carrot instead. "Are you talking to the vegetables?" Sam asked, appearing from behind with ninja-like stealth. "Woah." Lexi almost jumped out of her skin. "You scared me!" "I scared you?" Sam scoffed. "You're the one talking to a carrot. Weird breakfast by the way." He stood back and looked at her like she'd lost her marbles. "It's a new diet I'm trying," she lied as convincingly as she could manage. "But
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Chapter 8
When Lexi entered Jayce's room, he pulled the door shut behind her. "What did he want?" he asked, looming over her with a dark expression. "Oh, he just told me I'm stupid and not to come crying to him when the shit hits the fan," Lexi told him with a casual shrug.  "Heh." Jayce snickered. "Are you worried?" He looked down at her with a half-smile, biting his lip. 'He's even fitter than I remembered,' Lexi thought, shaking her head slowly. "Good." He sighed. "Now go and clean my bathroom and do a good job. You're making me dinner afterwards." "Okay," Lexi uttered. It wasn't exactly what she'd expected or dressed for.  'But I said I'd do anything,' she thought. He placed a large hand around the base of her back and guided her towards the bathroom. After reaching
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Chapter 9
"Wha—what are you doing?" she asked as he pulled her into the bathroom and shoved her onto the freshly cleaned tiles. She had a sneaky suspicion of what the answer was, though she hoped it was wrong. "What am I doing? What am I doing?" he asked, leaning in. "Whatever the fuck I want!" "Okay," Lexi whispered, nodding. He scared her when he shouted. It made her feel thirteen again. "Go on, take your dress off if you don't want to get it wet," he warned.  Lexi crossed her arms and pulled the dress off in one swift movement. Not wanting to get ruined any further, she folded it and hung it over the side of the bath before turning back to Jayce and looking up at him. "Ready?" he asked, eyes wide and manic. He didn't wait for a response, just grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her head down, leading her toward the toilet b
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Chapter 10
Lexi repeatedly squeezed the can of beer between her fingers, listening to the satisfying 'ding' sound as it popped back into shape. She'd been hiding it from the bus driver under her coat, but since Jayce was drinking his openly, there seemed to be little point.  He was also smoking, leaning forward every few minutes to tap the ash out the window of the double-decker. The driver had to know but was thankfully choosing to ignore it, probably for fear of his safety. As Lexi turned to Jayce she frowned at the 'no smoking' sign, placed ironically just above his head.  "Please be normal around my friends," she begged. "Hmm." Jayce took a swig of his beer. "Define normal." "L—like... I... I don't know," Lexi stuttered, struggling to explain what she meant. "Erm, just be nice." This made him laugh so hard he sprayed beer all over the seat in front.
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