Beyond this Reality

Beyond this Reality

By:  Anshi  Ongoing
Language: English
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I have always been interested in nature and loved taking care of animals but never thought this little interest of mine will land me into a world , I never knew about. I have always been a practical nerd working my way up to make my dream my reality, living in my own small world untill I met him. He was the one who introduced me to this world making me realize how we love among other creatures too. No, not animals or birds but werewolves, vampires, elves and what not. We always say world is so small but at the same time we forget how big it can be hiding all kinds of secrets beneath it or maybe purposefully hidden from us. Seeing him for the first time I knew it's not our first meeting... But how??? I never met him before so why my heart keeps telling me otherwise.

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11 chapters
Chapter 1: LUNA
It was snowing as I walk in the snow with two small feet covered with brown fur boots, wearing a pink overcoat. I tried walking ahead of mother but still holding onto her hand my another hand holding the strap of my bag tightly.We passed through the snow covered curve with my dad following us behind alongside some other trekkers.I looked behind to check up on them something I have been doing every few minutes since we started our journey. They were easy to spot even from a distance in this all white background.It was snow all around us, the white blanket was covering everything under it trees, grass, mountains. Nothing else could be seen ahead due to the low visibility and curvy roads in this trek route. The air was moving at a faster pace now but weather was still suitable providing all of us with some hope.I endured the cold and this physical exercise of going around a mountain to gaze upon the heavenly valley with lush green nature an
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Chapter 2: Alien is my choice
'Dreaming about your Prince on a white horse?' she asked giving me a playful smile. I stared weirdly at her 'Yeah if my prince is an alien living in snow. Why not?' I answered. She is always excited about these lovey-dovey stuff. Teeangers!! 'You really dream about Aliens?' she asked looking at me questionably as seems to judge my maturity level.I don't know how I can explain the thing I saw that day on those snowy mountains. I can't even tell if it was real or just my imagination but that feeling of being stared at was too real to be a child's imagination. So, calling it an alien for now is good enough.I was never good in the area of romance. Every time I look at boys around me instead of love I feel disgust. May be alien is my choice.I grabbed the towel and entered shower having a good relaxing shower finally brought my mind at peace. Its the only place where I can get some 'my time' or so what I thought. Just when I was thinking of
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Chapter 3: Why you did all this?
The day was bright going well people going through work. Staff sitting in their cabins witg eyes dead straight on the screen of computer in front. People going around with files in hand discussing work with eacg other.Few floors above in a well lit furnished room with minimal decoration there was a man sitting on a chair. His steady hand firmly signed through few papers it's been hours since those eyes were focusing on papers. The room was quiet sunlight entering through thw window making the scene feel peaceful.The table was filled with files and that man keep opening those writing notes inside. His fingers moved up to massage his temples. Getting up from the chair and Walking over the carpet over the marble flooring he reached the floor to ceiling tall window. His fair firm hands loosened the knot of his blue tie hanging from his neck loosening the shirt's collor. He tilted his head tousling his soft black hairs. His amber eyes lo
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Chapter 4: A gentleman's smirk
Here goes nothing..."The more you say      The less I know... Wherever you stray      I follow..." 🎶Everybody smiled and joined each other in a low-fi dance as I sing the song. It's fun today so just let's enjoy our little moment. JAIDENThe office's door opened again and Dan entered.'Sir I just got a call informing about some problems in one of our new investment plans' Dan said standing aligned, his eyes looking down straight at Jaiden.'What's the issue?' Jaiden questioned with his casual firm voice still focusing his eyes on the quarterly report in his hands.'Sir, the investment we are planning to make in that new mineral company seems to have some legal loopholes. Sir, I have this report in my hands which I asked people to collect for me. It has all the faults written that we need to check, to prevent any future legal complications' Dan said pas
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Chapter 5: Spring is here!
LUNAThe bus arrived at the destination and now we all stood in front of the start of the forest. Rick stopped the vehicle besides a board that marked the beginning of jungle.'Its right ahead' Rick called out to others sitting at the back of the bus. Everyone was resting as they were tired from their little party, it was already eleven in the morning. Noah and jack were dozing off, Trisha was also taking a nap with her head on my shoulder according to her my small size and height give her a comfortable position to sleep. Great compliment right?Rick's loud voice wake the people at the back and they all started stretching their limbs pumping energy back to their body to start their trip. I also stood up my legs were feeling numb sitting for hours.Nina stood up opening the compartment at the head of the bus, taking out our bags. Trisha also picked up her bag. We all got off the bus after taking our bags. In few seconds the whole gang was outs
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Chapter 6: Me too!
In another half an hour they finally reach close to a habitable area which means the village is nearby. 'Mountain range is just few kilo Meters away from here so we can start writing our observations form here onwards' Rick announced to everyone following him. I stopped after his call like others, finally time to rest.  He really was in his club president's character today, seeing his dedication one could tell how high their responsibilities are. This area is really beautiful I can see the mountain range ahead, everything is covered with lush greenery. Only thing we need to be very careful is not having any contact with dangerous wild animals, not a very good idea to hang out with them.  'Hey Noah come here it's your time to take pictures of the area' David called out to him.  David was a good looking guy his honey colour hairs with hazel eyes really suited his personality. His features were also attractive and the best factor w
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Chapter 7: Is that a cave?
At the end, the teams were finalized. Me, Rick and Nina will go on our regular route while others will followup the plant trail.'We will contact you if we find something' I turned and told them before we starts walking again. It's not easy to get signals here but we can still try.David also turned and replied 'Okay, take care'. I am sensing some other pair of eyes looking at me other than David's and even without looking I can those eyes are not friendly. I moved back and joined Rick and Nina I ain't going to look at Emily's ugly expression.We walked along the narrow route taking support of the tree trunks as the surface was slanting with irregular spaces in between. The soil was getting more and more moist.'Here take my hand' Rick offered both of us his hand as it was time to jump off this descending terrain. We took support of his hand and got on the plain ground again.'Just few more meters' he reassured. One th
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Chapter 8: Mine
Sadness covered both their faces with Rick's question 'You are right boy... That is a mine' the elderly replied with a voice of disappointment'The work has stopped for now because of our intervention but we aren't sure how long we can hold on' the younger one continued'This area is under protection they can't mine here we have to take actions to show them their place' I said. These big companies can't exploit these people just because they have a little more money and influence.Just then a huge growling voice roared through the trees from within the forest. 'What was that?' Nina jumped in fear agitatedly looking around for the source of the loud noice.'Some wild animals I think' I said also looking around, the growl brought me to my alert mode. It was loud and gives the feeling like there are more than one around. Gladly the voice was not that close to us so I believe we are safe for now.The old man looked up and
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Chapter 9: Let's Protest
'It all started two weeks ago' Rinshi said 'We all in the village were going through our usual daily life when suddenly a bomb exploded followed by the loud crashing noises of rocks. It surfaced confusion and fear in all of our hearts' He continued talking sitting down on the grass below him We followed his suit and began sitting down on the grass in front of him. I folded my legs and placed myself in a comfortable sitting position. Fixed my eyes on him listening to his words. 'Me and the village head that is my father along with three more people went to check in the direction from where voice came. At first I thought it was a landslide nearby so I alerted the whole village and went to check there with others but it surprised me toc see few people standing there with some big machines and weird small tube like candles scattered around' 'It must be TNT or some type of explosives use to break through the rock surface to create that hole
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Chapter 10: What is he?
After discussing our future moves for half an hour, everyone seems satisfied. With a smile they all got up and start moving back to their places to inform others and get their share of work done.I instantly grabbed my bag and began taking out my stationery. For now the plan was for us to prepare posters and other pictorial representations regarding the protest. 'Baby, I am dancing in the...'A song started playing abruptly and Nina quickly grabbed her phone. It was her ringtone she was getting a call. Signals are back?'Finally there singals here' she exclaimed happily and picked the call. Certainly a good fortune I dropped my pencil and rushed to Nina still holding my unfinished poster. Rishin nodded at us and also moved out of the house bidding farewell.'Hello? Hey??' Nina start asking on the call'Put it on speaker' Rick said and Nina followed his words putting the call on speaker.'Hello?' on the ot
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