She's the boss

She's the boss

By:  Almost.Blue  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lana Harris has worked her entire life to inherit her father's company. She's been described as a loveless, workaholic ice queen with no life... But when a handsome new coworker catches her eye a fire is ignited inside her that has been lying dormant for some time. As her love life is heating up, so is her career. Her cold father makes her an offer she can't refuse, that is if she wants to become CEO. Will her father's proposal tear apart her newfound love and make Lana choose, the man of her dreams or everything she's ever worked for? ...

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17 Chapters
Introduction (Prologue)
"Stop! This whole thing is a sham, and I have the proof!" ...   Today was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life. It was supposed to be one of those, 'You can have your cake and eat it too', kinds of moments.  Silly girl, my cynical side snickered.  I should know by now that fairy tales are far from reality.   I looked for the nearest exit, I couldn't stand by for another minute as my world crumbled around me. I darted through the shocked crowd, their faces scrunched up in disgust. I didn't care what they thought of me, I didn't care about anything. Not now after I had sacrificed so much, only to have it all taken away from me just moments ago...      
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Chapter 1
"Lana? Lana, this is your 5 am wake up call- Oh for goodness sake!"I sat in my plush living room chair and watched with an amused smirk as my executive assistant, Evan, stumbled into view. He was dressed in an impeccable suit, as usual, and his blonde hair was slicked back into a quiff style. His oversized glasses were sliding halfway down his nose and dazzling blue eyes squinted as he looked at me with annoyance."You said to be here when you wake up""Yes, and that was an hour ago. So, you're already late and you know how I feel about tardiness""You're impossible to please, thank God I'm just your assistant and not your lover""Yes well, something tells me a man such as yourself wouldn't know where to start with me", I said with a sly smile. "And that's where you're wrong", Evan smiled triumphantly as he handed me a steaming hot coffee."Ahh", I exhaled with joy as I eagerly took the coffee from his hands, "remind me wh
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Chapter 2
Tick, Tick, Tick. The sound of my watches hands ticking by were the only sound I could hear right now. My office was on the top floor of ELH Firm's corporate high rise and is located in NYC, a bustling constant source of noise, so the windows are of course soundproof.A gentle knock on my closed office door tore me away from the anxious thoughts that had begun to make their way into my mind. "Lana? Your fathers here", Evan said softly as he stepped into the room."Right, I'll be there in a minute"Evan shut the door behind him as I made my way over to the ceiling length windows that wrapped around the entire building. I had been in many a presentation, both presenting and sitting in, but whenever my father attended one, it made me nervous. He usually only sat in for our most important clients, but with talks of his retirement soon approaching and rival companies attempting to poach our clients, I couldn't help but
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Chapter 3
*** Noah's POV ***   My first day at a new job. Was I nervous? No.  I was aware of the whispers that went on, about how everyone feared the woman behind the bosses desk, and to be honest, it excited me.  Even the sympathetic glances I received from the receptionists was enough to encourage me further into staying.  I was looking for a challenge, something different. I had travelled the world searching for something, but I didn't know what it was. Adventure, sure I'd had plenty. Women? Plenty of them too. Even behind their sympathetic eyes, I could see the wanton longing of the receptionists as they looked me up and down.  As I rode through the elevator I thought back to the last time I had been in New York. It was seven years ago, and I was a boy at 19 years old. The city had overwhelmed me, and I wasn't ready for it then, but now I had lived a little and I was ready to see what it had to offer. Read more
Chapter 4
*** Lana's POV *** An hour had passed since I met him, and still I couldn't get Noah out of my mind. My cheeks were still warm from the effects his presence seemed to leave on me. For the first time since I could remember my mind was clouded and I couldn't focus on my work. This could be a problem... a  big problem. 'Guys like him would never go for someone like me, so let's get that straight', I told myself. He had to be the most handsome man I had ever seen, and judging by his confident strut I would say he's used to getting what, or should I say, who he wants. Not to mention we had a strict no personal relationships in the workplace policy. What would everyone think if they saw me fawning over him? God, I felt like a lovesick teenager. I wouldn't be surprised if I started doodling our initials into notebooks next..."Knock, knock"My father's brief knock on the door and his voice as he entered my offic
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Chapter 5
*** Noah's POV *** "So tell us, what was your first impression of the Ice Queen?""Yeah, running for the hills yet?"The group I was squashed into a crowded nightclub booth with erupted into laughter. I was the only one who didn't find anything funny at all."I really don't know what you're all talking about. I wasn't in there for more than 5 minutes but she seemed nice enough"The men that sat opposite me almost spat their drinks out, while the brunette that clung to my side hissed."Nice? No, nice is letting us go home early during Christmas break, instead, she made us work overtime to finish off some stupid pitch that wasn't supposed to be ready for weeks!""Yeah, and she worked all through that break, even the Christmas party... Refused to come out of her office to have one drink with her employees, not that we want to spend another minute with her outside of work... Really tells you the kind of person she is, doesn'
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Chapter 6
*** Lana's POV *** It had been a few days since my father's visit, and I had recovered from the disappointment of not being named his CEO. It had also been a few days since Noah Chaplain had joined the company, and I was yet to control my burning cheeks each time I thought of him. "Thinking about him again?", Evan cooed."No. I mean, who?", I spluttered."I knew it. You've had a dreamy look plastered on your face for the last few days, and I haven't seen anything close to this look for a long time. Not since, what was his name? Derek? Daniel?""Devan, and no this is nothing like that. I actually dated him and we didn't work in the same company. Besides, I only had what you call 'dream face' on because I was imagining being anywhere that wasn't around him""Right, he was your dad's friends son wasn't he? Didn't you mention to me he was a total bore, and that you only continued to see him because he was an excellent
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Chapter 7
*** Noah's POV *** Sweat, cheap booze and sex... It was all around me. The smell of it all hung in the air as the vibrations from the loud music played against my eardrums.I inched my way through the crowd, ignoring the wandering hands that attempted to lure me in. I wasn't interested in what they had to offer, I was only interested in one thing, one woman, her. Lana.I spotted her in the entranceway, Evan's arm locked into hers as if he were her protector, but I had a feeling he was really holding her in place. I was shocked and excited to see her here, it wasn't exactly her scene and while I gave her no choice in accepting or denying my invitation, some small part of me worried she wouldn't make it. One word was ringing through my mind, spectacular. It seemed hardly enough to describe the vision I was witnessing, but it was all I had. While it was dark in the club, strobe lights bounced off and
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Chapter 8
*** Lana's POV *** I couldn't remember a time when I had been more carefree. I had walked into this club ready to walk straight back out again, that was until he showed up. His snug-fitting jeans and leather jacket accentuated his bad boy look. His dark hair looked as if he had combed it with his hands, and sweat glistened off his forehead, the tiny beads looked like diamonds as they reflected in the clubs sporadic lighting. I don't know why it brought such satisfaction to me, watching his shock and slight delight as I knocked back the shots he challenged me with. He didn't know who he was dealing with here. While I will admit, it had been some time since I had partied like this, I was definitely no stranger to it... Growing up with a demanding father like mine, who wouldn't want to destress a little?In my father's eyes, I was nothing but a dedicated student, and I was... But sometimes like most teenagers, I would
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Chapter 9
*** Noah's POV *** Never had I craved someone more than I wanted her. I knew we shared some sort of chemistry, but this was something I had never experienced. When I saw the creep from the club put his hands on her, I knew I had fallen for her sirens call. An overwhelming sense of protectiveness formed in my chest, mixed with rage. He was touching her, and she was mine. Could I blame him for wanting her? Not really. She was gorgeous, any man would be so lucky to call her theirs. But tonight, the only name she would be screaming is mine. That first kiss was all it took for me to become addicted. I didn't know if it was the adrenaline that was pumping through me after taking that creep down or sheer chemistry but I couldn't bring myself to leave her lips even for a second. It was a miracle we even made it back to her place because I was ready to take her then and there. I didn't care who was watching.  
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