Begging His Luna

Begging His Luna

By:  Hiraya Cross  Completed
Language: English
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Alice thought she was the daughter of the fearsome Alpha of Silver Crescent. Maybe not, as he killed her mother and began hunting her. She couldn’t be sure as he’s gotten a little crazy over the years. Why would he suddenly want her dead? After a year of running, she stumbled into the territory of Snow Mountain pack. There she met her mate, but she was torn inside. She couldn’t bear to bring them trouble and death. Her father was known to be ruthless and merciless. Conrad was the next Alpha of Snow Mountain. He’s nearly twenty-eight but has no mate yet. She finally stumbled into their territory but with a bunch of rogues and being pursued by hostile wolves. Alice was not keen on dealing with a mate at the moment. She has other problems to attend to. He convinced her to stay but a terrible thing happened, causing a misunderstanding. Alice left but Conrad couldn’t simply leave the pack to get her back. He had to ensure the pack is well-protected before he leaves to find her. He messed up, but he knew he would beg her to give him another chance. ******* Each book in the Snow Mountain Pack Series can be read as a stand-alone. If you'd rather not have any spoiler, the sequence is as follows: Book 1 - Begging His Luna (completed) Book 2 - Found by her (will be available in the second half of 2023) Book 3 - His Unknown Mate (completed) Book 4 - Marked Against Her Will (ongoing) Book 5 - Alpha King's Mysterious Mate (ongoing) Book 6 - Rejecting Her Rejection Book 7 - The Vampire's Lone Wolf

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66 Chapters
Chapter 1 – His Search
Conrad is the oldest son of Alpha Carlos from the Snow Mountain Pack. Their pack is suitably named as they reside near the mountains, which become covered in snow during the winter season. Also, their wolves normally have white fur. Those native to their pack, anyway. Since there’s been a mix up with other packs due to mating, not everyone has a white wolf. The alpha’s family, though, carries the dominant gene. Regardless of mating with someone outside their pack, the resulting offspring would be white wolves.Conrad has a younger brother named Caleb. They were two years apart. And though their father and the elders wanted to train Caleb as well, his brother isn’t interested. He’s a good fighter, though. He trains hard as a pack warrior.Their mother is sweet, gentle, and kind. She has a very nurturing nature and helpful to everyone. She rarely raises her voice. Her boys wanted to have mates as wonderful as their mother. Of course, she taught th
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Chapter 2 – His Mate
“It was the Silver Crescent Pack.” A man among the group replied. He seems to be the oldest and acting as leader. His answer didn’t need any additional explanation. Silver Crescent is notorious with its bad reputation. They were cruel, barbaric and unreasonable. It hasn’t been that way from the beginning. It started about five years ago. Their leader turned evil and inflicted pain to anyone who goes against him. Several good men tried to beat him, but none succeeded. He was ruthless. Just last year, there was a piece of news that said he killed his own mate. It was terrible. The alpha’s name was Walter and everyone has been wary of him and his attacks on neighboring packs.The allied packs have not made any decision yet on attacking them. In a way, Silver Crescent was the biggest pack in the northern territory. It would take much resources to attack it and ensure a win. Coordination between the allied packs is the biggest challenge. If they don&r
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Chapter 3 – His voice
Alice never wanted to lose those daggers. She can’t lose them. She pleaded the man with a look.Conrad took a moment to sigh. “Why don’t you drink first?” He gave her the glass of water and she took it. She’s really thirsty. After finishing the glass, she realized there’s food on the table. She stared at them almost longingly.“I don’t think bringing a lamp would help much. Let’s wait for morning to come. Are you hungry? You should eat first.”When he gestured for her to move towards the table, she was slightly taken aback. The food… she can eat them? It’s been so long since she had a proper meal. On at table. With utensils. But her daggers… she hesitated to move.“I promise we’ll get your daggers back tomorrow.” His voice seemed to be pleading.When she stared at him, he has this calming effect on her. She frowned for a few seconds before gasping agai
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Chapter 4 – His kiss
As minutes go by, Conrad watched as her expression darkened.Alice couldn’t believe her luck. Her mate came from the family of the Alpha. But would he want her as a mate? She knew mates could be rejected. All she would bring to this pack is trouble. They might want to avoid that. She dashed her own hope. No way would they want her here. She’s glad for this brief reprieve, though. It’s nice to feel comfortable once in a while after so many months of discomfort.“What’s wrong?” He finally asked, not liking how her face paled. It was rosy when she got out of the shower and he liked seeing her with color. He can almost feel how soft her cheeks would be. The dress also looked good on her.She gave him a sad smile, “You’re going to reject me, aren’t you?”His heart skipped a beat at hearing her question.“What made you think that?” His expression showed agitation. That would never ha
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Chapter 5 – Her consideration
Conrad knew he should stop while he’s still in control. He doesn’t want to scare her off. Who knew how long they’ve been engaged in kissing each other? Her taste is now etched in his memory. As sweet as apples. With much difficulty, he pressed a hard kiss on her lips before moving back… only to find her following him and seeking his lips once again. Damn. He groaned in frustration. He knew she’s not ready. She doesn’t even know how to kiss just a while ago.He tried pushing her off, very lightly and he saw her expression of desire and haze.“Alice, we should stop.” He whispered as he caressed her cheek and yes, her skin is as soft as he imagined. Her face is flushed and her chest is heaving. Still, there’s an ache below her navel that hasn’t gone away.“You should rest. Lie on the bed and sleep.” He pressed a kiss on her nose. He waited for her to move, but she didn’t. They simply sta
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Chapter 6 – Her mother
Conrad went to the room next door and took a shower as well. He promised that they’ll look for her daggers and he meant to do that first thing this morning. He was ready to go when she came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a white shirt and blue pants. Ah, he forgot the shoes again. “Wait here for a moment. I’ll get you some shoes.” He quickly went out and while he’s away, Alice looked around his room. She was not able to do so yesterday. When he left her to sleep, she truly fell asleep. He returned with a pair of white rubber shoes. He took her hand and guided her through the pack house. There was that undeniable spark when they touched. “Are we going to the woods?” She’s still anxious about losing her daggers. “Not yet. Let’s have breakfast first. My mother wants to meet you.” In the kitchen, her mother is already there. She’s usually early at work, overseeing the pack house management. She approached when they en
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Chapter 7 – Her daggers
Conrad kept close to her as they made their way towards the forest. He’s got this prickly feeling in his chest, whenever he catches another guy looking at his mate. It’s an irritating feeling, but he knew he needed to keep it under control. Alice noticed his closeness but it did make her feel safe in this unfamiliar territory. At one point, he grabbed her wrist and held it as they walked. Then, he started telling her the areas in the pack that they’ve come across. She looked around and felt a certain level of calm in her heart. This place seems to have that effect on her. It looks peaceful. It’s simple and neat but that’s its beauty. She frowned at how organized and tidy the place was. Her old pack is known for being chaotic and messy. The environment alone keeps her alert and on guard. But here… she likes the momentary feeling she’s having. She took in a deep breath and the smelled his scent again. Apples. At some point, his hand has moved toward hers and clasped it
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Chapter 8 – Her fears
She cried for a while and Conrad tried his best to comfort her. He felt helpless with his words. He knew he would truly protect her and keep her safe, but she can’t seem to accept it. He can tell she’s having thoughts of leaving. Alice found comfort in his arms. She grudgingly admitted to herself that she liked the feeling. To have someone to lean on… but she really doesn’t want to trouble them. She wiped her tears and stepped away from him. “I’m sorry.” “You have nothing to be sorry about.” Conrad replied, itching to touch her again. She turned away from him and asked, “Should we move on? I really want to retrieve my daggers.” Conrad checked their position and gestured towards a certain direction, “This way.” As soon as they neared the place, Alice sniffed the air. The daggers definitely have her scent. They’re very dear to her and she sleeps at night holding them. Conrad picked up the scent as well but he let her find it. It
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Chapter 9 – Her acceptance
Conrad decided to give her more time. He understands it won’t be easy for her to trust him when she spent the last few months only relying on herself and the others she’d been with.  When they neared the lake, he heard her softly gasp.“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” He’s proud of this scenery. It’s one of the best places in their territory. Also, it’s calming.The surface of the lake is calm and reflects the mountains beyond. The colors are clear, perfectly simulating a mirror.Her pace became faster and she almost skipped towards it, going ahead of him.He chuckled at her reaction. He’s glad she likes it.Alice also noticed the cute houses that were situated near the lake. There were two of them. She assumed those were the houses he mentioned. Her gaze focused on the lake and its water surface. She breathed in the fresh air, too. His scent of apples tickled her nostrils. It made
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Chapter 10 – Her story
The more he looks at her, the more he wants her. But he kept himself under control. They ate everything his mother prepared, which wasn’t much. Apparently. After a few hours of light conversation, in which he told her things about the pack, the sun has gotten very hot against their skin. It must be lunch time already. “Do you want to head back? Or stay a while longer?” Conrad asked her and she contemplated. “Can we come back here?” She likes this place. “Of course. Any time you want. It’s not restricted. I can come with you if I’m not busy.” Alice nodded. “Let’s go back, then.” She helped in packing the basket and they walked back. “Do you want me to show you around?” Though he told her what she would find in the pack, it’s not the same as seeing them. Alice hesitated. “Can I rest for a while?” He noticed the way she seemed to wince while asking. “Of course. I should’ve known you would be tired. How long has it been since you last had a fun run?” “Almost a year?” “Back in yo
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