Fantasy Of Love

Fantasy Of Love

By:  Angel Writes  Completed
Language: English
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Jenny, a 17 years old teenager. Finds love in an unexpected place but what happens when her best friend and her falls in love with the same guy. Find out

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28 Chapters
Leaving Home
Under the ray of the sun, there I was sitting on a bench licking an ice cream, relaxing and at the same time watching the beautiful view and also, figuring out some cool dance steps for my next show which will hold next week.          Oops, I totally forgot, sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier.My name is Jenny Wilson, the daughter of Mr Samuel and Mrs Alexa Wilson. I am from France, Paris but am recently living in New York with my grand parents. I am the only daughter and I also have a handsome brother –don't be jealous– named Jake, right now he's in California. My parents are filthy rich but I am not proud I guess, I'm 17 years old, I'm a great dancer but am also good at singing. That's all you need to know about me for now.  Oh, that's what I call refreshment, nothing can spoil my day..... I said, my phone beeped after my statement.I spoke too soon...I said as I picked up my phone to check my me
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"Ally I know this is not what you expected but I have a solution."Jean said."And what's that?." I asked angrily. "Am sorry, I know that you are mad at me but-""You can fix it, speak up." I yelled."What if you come and live in Paris with me." She said and I jumped happily for a few minutes."Ally!." she exclaimed."Sorry, I'll ask me parents and get back to you." I said happily. "OK I hoping on seeing you." She said and hanged up.Am so happy am finally going to Paris to live with my best friend but there is one problem, I need to ask my parents first, oh God help me.             Jenny PovI was on my bed lost in thought.How I miss Ally, I know she might not come because of her parents,  I hope that they approve.I cried inwardly."Honey." Mom called as she walked into my room.I was so engrossed with my thoughts that I didn't hear her until
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Awaiting Answer
Please, please say yes!  "Darling is this really what you want?" dad asked. "Yes, dad." I replied. "Alice please give us some time to think about it." Mom said. "OK then, I'll be going to m..y r..o..o..m." I stammered. When the hell did I become a stammerer. I quickly ran upstairs to my room and banged the door behind me as tears fell from my eyes with the thought of my parents declining my request. I wish they won't. "Why are you crying?" I heard someone say, I looked up and saw my younger sister and brother, Josh and Jessica staring at me. "What are you both doing here?" I asked and wiped my tears. "The normal routine." Josh said as they ran to my arms and wrapped them selves around me. Fast forward                      Jenny PovThe next day         "Eww." I said still sleeping. "Wha
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"Just let me explain"..she said as she stepped into my room    I know Jenny, if she wants something she'll do anything to get it "Am sorry"she said with tears in her eyes"You're tears isn't going to fool me again, please just get out of my room before I lose my temper".. I threatenedRight now, I have no time for silly jokes"How rude of you to walk into my room without knocking" I said."I...I...wanted""And when did you become a stammerer" I cut her off"Am not going to leave here if you don't forgive me"..she said"OK then if you don't pet Ben, I won't forgive you"..I said sternlyI was dead serious, I studied the look on her face and saw that she was shocked and scared, I knew that she wouldn't do. But to my surprise she walked up to the dog and stretched her hand(imagine it in slow motion), almost close to the Ben as she prepared to pet with her tearful eyes close.I hurriedly stood up and dragged her into a hug,
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You're here
Wednesday 6:00am  I yawned and slowly opened my eyes.Gosh, I'm so glad Ben the dog isn't here. I stepped down from my bed and smiled when I thought of my handsome brother's generosity.   I brushed my teeth, took my bath, dried my hair, wore my clothes and decided to try this makeup stuff out and it wasn't so bad after all. I put on my shoe and went down the stairs.    If the aroma of foods could make people fly then I could have been close to the sky right now.Damn!, I'm so forgetful that I forgot to eat last night, but why didn't Jake wake me up?"Well, I need to eat right now or am going to starve"....I said aloud holding my stomach."Don't be hungry or you'll get grumpy"...I heard someone say"That voice sounds like"...I said and looked up"Alice"..I said already in her arms."Hey Jenny".. She said"I missed you"...I said with tearful eyes"Me too"..she saidI think she was almost crying too.I
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New Friends
"Jean, Alice"...mum called"We're coming mum'...I said as I applied some lip gloss.When did I care about makeupI picked up my bag and waited for Alice who was getting me impatientWe soon entered the car and my driver drove off.💖💖💖💖💖We arrived at my partners house in 30 minutes I guess, we were welcomed warmly buy the maid who lead us to the living room where we met a man and woman who I think are married.   My parents exchanged pleasantries with the supposed couple while we were still standing   "Oh, where are my manners, please sit"...the man saidAnd we all sat down while my parents and the couple talk about blah blah blah I don't want to knowJust a few minutes later a guy and a girl descended from the stair looking Ide....."Cute"..Alice whispered to me"What??"..I asked"The guy is cute"..she said and I rolled my eyesAlice always has a thing for every handsome guy she meets, am surprised that she does
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We laughed and talked as we walked back to the living room, I wasn't shocked that Jake and Nikki's brother wasn't there.                         Nikki's POV   Gosh I love these girls, in just less than a minute we became friends. They are so free and cool, am so gonna enjoy hanging out with them  "This house is gigantic"... Ally said "But not as big as Jean's house"..I said "How did you know"...jean asked "I've been there before"..I said "Is just like you were in my head"...jean said"OK let's let that one slide for now. Since Jenny has a nickname let's make ours"..I said excitedly"Oh, I already have one but you know it already".. Ally said"Ally for short"...jean said"Like I said you know it already, but you should have one too" said"Yeah you should, but I don't have any now"..jean said"Well I do" said Great"A
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A Cat
I woke up with a massive headache, wondering where I was. "I don't remember ever going to sleep"... I said"Yeah you didn't"... A voice said and I flinched"Don't be scared it's me, Dave"You're mom said I should check on you"... He saidI think my head ache is goneI'm fine, but where I'm I...I asked"In Nikki's room"...he said"Its beautiful and a lot bigger than mine but not Jake's"... I said and stood up"I'm sure she'll take that as a compliment" ...he said with a smileCute!!"Wait, I fainted?"... I asked"Yeah, are you allergic to dog saliva?"... He laughed"Very funny"... I asked and rolled my eyes"Then why did you faint"... He asked"I don't like dogs"... I said"They are adorable little creatures"... He said"Not more adorable than cats"...I said and he laughedCute, funny and intelligentI'm in heaven"Sorry for been rude earlier"... He said"When my dad aske
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Accident happens
 "I'm gonna get a cat".. I screamedI shockingly received a slap from Jake."What the hell was that for"... I asked pissed"For almost making me deaf"... He saidIf only I could shut him up."Why don't we get back to our lunch"... Dave mum said"I thought you guys ate without me"... I said"No, we were so concerned about you that we couldn't eat, well, I don't know about them but that's how I felt"... Dave saidI think am gonna faint again, wait a minute, what the hell am I saying"Me too, I felt that way too"... Ally said and they nodded"OK am not gonna question you further because I'm really hungry"... I said"Don't eat too much and eat your tongue too frogie"... Jake saidI'm not gonna swear but if Jake pushed me, am gonna unleash hell on earth."Let's go now and stop arguing" saidWe walked back to the dinning room, and I quickly ran to dad to ask him about his promise."Dad, yo
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Careless Jake
Jake's POV    I woke up with an unusual pain in my arm and with a smell stuck in my nose, it smells just like...    I hesitated before opening my eyes and saw my arm wrapped with a bandage and I in a hospital ward."Damn can this day get any worst"... I said"Jake" called and opened the door with force and she looked furious."How could you possibly drive recklessly"... Mom yelled and I shrinked"What's wrong with you, you now have a broken arm and you put your sister and Alice in danger" added still yelling"Mom I"..."Don't say a word"...she cut in and dad walked in staring at me in disappointmentI know this isn't the time to be saying this but isn't it suppose to be my mom that will be disappointed and silent while my dad the one yelling, change of personality I guess.Mom should be dad and dad should be mom...I thought and laughed loudly."Now what are you laughing for"... Mom shot
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