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(This book is a three part series) "She looks exactly like me but we're very different." Gabriella. "You're always gonna be beneath me no matter how hard you try." Gabrielle. Twin sisters, Gabriella and Gabrielle may look alike but they are definitely complete opposites. Gabrielle, the proud, popular and overly ambitious sister, who loves to be the center of attention and would go to any length to get whatever she wants, without any care of the consequences. Gabriella, as opposed to her twin sister is the quiet one, the gentle one and the smart one and she unlike her sister is not overly ambitious or power and fame hungry. Liam Helton, son of famous fashion designers in New York bumps into both sisters on the same day but on different occasions but falls in love with one and detests the other.

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44 Chapters
Ten years earlier. GABRIELLA. I've always known Elle hated me but knowing just how far she'd go just to hurt me really scares the hell out of me. After what happened a few weeks ago, I've constantly lived in fear, wondering what kind of stunt she'd try to pull next just to hurt me. I've tried avoiding any conflicts with her but strangely, she seems to find our fights somewhat amusing and she even goes as far as instigating them just to have a reason to insult and bully me. Flashback (two weeks earlier) "I should really get you a puppy so you don't always feel so alone at home," Martin, my best friend and only friend says in a sorry tone and I frown. "I already told you I can't have a puppy. Mom would kill me if I got one. She hates having pets around and Elle also happens to hate them and you already know that they practically rule the entire house," I reminded him and I could hear him sigh on the other end of the phone. "You come from a family of very shitty people, exce
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Chapter One.
Gabriella Ten years later... "Mom, it's not fair, I worked so hard for this position and you can't just demote me for no reason," I cry out to my mom, who didn't even take a chance to look back at me to understand how I felt. It's honestly not fair that Elle and mom kick me to the curb every time I try to get up and do something for myself. "THIS ISN'T FAIR!" I scream again hoping this time, she'd actually look at me and understand me but she didn't, she just left. ****** If you're reading this, then I suppose I should properly introduce myself. Hi, I'm Gabriella Johansson, daughter of famous model, Rebecca Johansson and designer Derek Johansson and also sister of Gabrielle Johansson, and she's not just my sister, she's my identical twin but don't think too far cause we're so very different. I unfortunately just got demoted in the company that I've spent five years of my life working for and guess what, I got demoted for no reason. Hold on, scratch that thought, there is
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Chapter Two.
Gabriella "Martin, come on, you have to help me out here. Mom fired me yesterday and I can't possibly waste my natural talent on being a secretary," I complained to him, praying he agreed to help me, although I doubt he wouldn't. Martin and I have been best friends for the last fourteen years. A few people actually thought he'd jilt me like every other friend I've ever had but nope, he proved them wrong and stuck to my side. No matter what he was always there for me and we got so close, I ended up developing feelings for him but it turns out he's actually gay but I still love him though, just not as a lover. "I'm gonna try my best Ella, but I'm pretty sure with your talent, you're gonna get a job but what I don't understand is why in the world your mother would fire you only to give your job to that dumb sister of yours. I thought she was a business woman." he says, sounding as surprised as I was. "I don't care anymore Martin. I'm sick and tired of Mom and Elle pushi
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Chapter Three.
Gabrielle It's been one week, one week as vice president and I'm already tired of it but I can't possibly say that to my mom or else she'll freak out. I never really liked the idea of being a fashion designer and I know nothing about it since I didn't exactly study anything in fashion in college. Since I started here, I've had paperwork, and outings all week and I'm so damned tired of everything. "Layla, cancel all my appointments for today, I don't feel too well," I instructed my newly employed secretary who of course knew I wasn't really sick, I was just bored. After thinking of what to do for a while I decided it was best to go sightseeing, that might inspire me to actually design something. **** I leave the office and head directly to one of the city's popular cafes, Ahoy. Weird name, right? Whoever owns the place must have some kinda obsession with pirates and fortunately, his little pirates make great coffee. "I'd like to have a cup of black coffee, with no
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Chapter Four.
Gabriella "Good morning Jack," I greeted Jack happily as soon as he walked in, watching how my evil team members stared at me in awe. They all seemed to be wondering how I wasn't in tears and quitting right now and I could not help but laugh in their horrible looking faces. "Good morning Gabriella," he replies, staring at me confusedly, obviously wondering why I'm here so early. "Wait, did you spend the night here?" He asks, obviously surprised and I had to hold back my words to avoid getting into any trouble. "Well, yes I did. The door got stuck so I had to stay but luckily I already packed some toiletries and clothes, so it wasn't a problem and besides, it helped me finish up my work faster, so here is my sketch for the dress," I blurted out proudly as a feeling of victory overwhelmed me. "Well, great job Gabriella. I'll check it out and give you my thoughts on it later but for now, just go home, since you didn't sleep well. I'll give you the day off cause tomorrow, the
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Chapter Five.
Gabriella It's Thursday and I'm to resume work by eight but instead, I'm already at the office at 7:30am. You really can't blame me this time for acting desperate but I need extra points from Jack just in case I'm getting fired. I couldn't sleep at all last night, till I finally overdosed on some sleeping pills and fell asleep but honestly, I don't feel so good right now. "Good morning Jack," I drawl lazily, and by the look on Jack's face, he could tell something was off with me. "Gabriella, are you okay?" he asked. "Yes of course, I'm just fine. I just didn't sleep too well last night, that's all," I lie, he simply shrugs and I walk away from him. Couldn't he have persisted? I definitely don't look okay. "Hey Gab, what's up!" I feel someone tap me from behind and I turn to see Fabian right behind me, with a wide smile on his face. "Hey Fabian, can we talk later? I don't feel so good," I tell him tiredly and he persists on knowing why I looked so stressed out. "Yo
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Chapter Six
Gabrielle    "Mom, don't you find it strange that Ella hasn't returned home or even called?" I ask my mom who suddenly started staring at me like I had grown another head. "Why are you staring at me like that?" I ask sharply to snap her out of her trance.    "Well sweetie, you surprised me with that question. It's like the first time you've ever asked about your sister." She says and I immediately laugh at her reaction.  "Don't get it twisted mom, I'm not asking because I care. You and I know that if it were up to me, she would have never been born n the first place and I wouldn't have to carry the cross of having an identical good for nothing out there doing God knows what!" I sneer peevishly, recalling the incident at the cafe parking lot. "Why do you say that?" She asks."Well, I ran into this cute but dumb fool at a cafe and I accidentally spilled coffee on him and when he looked up at me, he
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Chapter Seven.
Gabrielle    "I can't believe what you're telling me sweetie. That stupid child has the guts to go work for the enemy and go against her father's company? I thought she said she loves her father." My mom scoffs angrily after I'd told her about Ella's new job. "That's right mom. That insignificant no good human being had the guts to actually challenge me mom, she had the audacity to try to be me but mommy dearest mark my words, I'm not gonna let her take my spotlight. Ever!" I assure her and she smiles in satisfaction.If you're wondering why I'm so against Ella's success, it's simply because I hate her. I hate her like I have never hated anyone.   She and my father are the people I detest the most in my life and fortunately, one of them is six feet under. "If Ella thinks she can outshine me mom, I'll kill her because the only way she can succeed in this life is over my dead body." I spit out angrily, feeling t
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Chapter Eight.
Gabriella     It's been two weeks since Elle showed her face here and I honestly can't explain how happy I am that she's off my back, it may not be permanently but at least I don't have to deal with her suffocating remarks. "Fabian, do you have any idea why the director asked for us?" I ask nervously, hoping that my recent sketch had maybe gotten to him and he approved them or at least some good news."So you don't even know?" He asks, making me wonder what exactly I needed to know. "Duh silly, I just said so " I reply and If my reply was rude, screw it cause his facial expression was rude first.  "I thought you've worked in the fashion industry before?" He asks, and I could smell the sarcasm in that question, what hell does he know, idiot!"Just get to the point Fabian!" I snap at him.  "Fine, miss clueless. Eliana Guitarra is coming to New York and she put out a challenge for the best fas
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Chapter Nine.
Gabrielle   "I'm on my way mom, I'm almost there." I reply in a hurry, before hanging up in frustration. I've been driving for almost two hours just to finally meet the man my mom hasn't stop talking about and according to her, he's the co-judge for Eliana Guitarra's fashion challenge which makes him the second in command after Eliana and apparently a good friend of my mother.  I arrive at the hotel address given to me by my mom who had been the mastermind behind this meeting. I drop my keys with the valet not even bothering to look around since I was already running late and I don't plan on squandering this opportunity for anything. "Hey mom, I just arrived but I don't know the room number." I say to my mom as soon as she picks up and she tells me the room number and also explains what I should and should not do. "Okay, I get it mom, thanks." I reply her and hang up before heading to the reception.&n
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