It's Just I Love You (English)

It's Just I Love You (English)

By:  MaidenRose7  Completed
Language: English
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(COMPLETED) He is just a nobody until he meet Nate Guevarra, his number 1 hero and enemy! When Nate first saw Ian he thought Ian was really a girl because he really looked like a girl. He had seen Ian many times and he already liked the young man. He did everything to hold Ian's neck and keep him by his side even though he knew Ian was a man and had no hope of loving him. Ian was only chasing him for money, but he was still willing to gamble everything for Ian and make everyone who hurt him pay. Ian Mercado is a leader of the Red Assasins who dreamed of changing lives. Instead of killing to make money, he entered smuggling and there he met Nate Guevara god of the Rogue Sharks, the owner of the Casino Clique and most of the hidden piers he could use to do business in the rest of the world. Ian agreed to accompany Nate for one night to let him use Nate's possessions but since he was with him and even though Nate already knew he was a man, he still had no intention of releasing him. It was there that he agreed to use Nate in exchange for the money. Nate had known for a long time that he was a man and he still wanted him. Ian loves money because it has sustained his life since his own family rejected him, because of his persona. Nate can soften him without doing anything but use and force him even if he doesn't want to or he will like what this man is doing to his personality and body. Will Nate continue to love him once he finds out all the secrets he went through. What will Nate and Ian do about Zaki Delrama? Painful Love Triangle.

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75 Chapters
IT'S JUST I LOVE YOU <Boy X Boy>   Ever since I was born, I have a pretty face, thick, longer, curl lashes, little fuller sexy lips, cute nose. This appearance is a pain to me. I'm more beautiful than any other girl. That's a disadvantage, right? I've been raped countless times. In the world of men, if you are not the one to enter, you are the one to be entered. And I happen to be the one accepting. If you know what I mean. I entered the Crown Univ. A bit late. After the death of my father. Life goes on for Ian Mercado. "Argh, what ?!" I shouted when someone squeezed my behind. "Haha oh, I'm sorry Ian, you have such a lovely ass HMP." A man said that I don't know, but he knows me. They laughed. TSK if I'm not in a hurry I'll break their balls. "Don't look so happy after being rude!" I shouted and left as I turned my back on them. "Troublesome being too beautiful, right Ian?" Za
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Nate Guevarra=19 Ian Cole Mercado=18 Zaki Delrama=18 Luffer De Guzmam=19 Kerwyn Leford Del Fero=*18, Zaneah Lynn Indelcio(Lynn Severio)(Lindsey Montero)=17, Denforth Ardy Del Fero=19, Jervis Ghazi Del Fero=17,  Kezen Aslani Indelcio=16, Sharian Roden Indelcio=18, Stan Elthen Indelcio=19*, Clarence "Clai" Zamora-20, Sid Dalton-Stygian's Brain.  Feline Zamora-18, Layla Rivera-18  Drew Samonte-18  Dylan Delrama19  & Aiden 18- Phem=21,   Craig Alegre= Ethan Garcia= Gabe Montero=19* Izzy Montero=17 Theron Morales=18* Cami Rodriguez=18 Haidei Castillo=19 Rian Flores=17 Natalie Guevarra- Kobie Perez-19 Styles- Luke- Liam Flores- ..... Groups.....  Stygian Beasts=Stan's Army.  <
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(Ian POV) "Ian I'm carrying our next task," Luffer said waving an envelope. Ever since I left home I have been picked up by a group and trained to kill. Just three years later I became independent and formed a group, we were the Red Assassins! I kill for money, and I’ve knocked down a lot. You only need one thing to keep from feeling guilty. Do not identify the target, except for the face, name, and place he is going to. Knock it down immediately before you change your mind. "Give me." Luffer handed me the envelope, I opened it immediately. I was stopped. "The target is Kerwyn Leford Del Fero. He's your classmate, isn't he? You probably won't have a hard time knocking him down." Luffer said. What? Why Kerwyn? "Who gave you this job?" "TSK miracle I guess? Just now I heard you ask who had the order to knock someone down. This is the down payment. The other half will be after the work is finished." He said
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(Ian POV)   I was behind Nate, we were walking out of the Crown.   He said we're going to talk.   "He's really cute. He's a Rogue Shark lord right?" I heard the whispers, whispered by the female students we passed.   Nate is what they are talking about.   "He is kinda cool and not just a pretty face but also a hot and sexy body." Said the another.   Cool? Argh perv, he is a perv not cool!   "If he has a girlfriend, maybe that's nice!" Another added.   Girlfriend? TSS I'll just leave when Nate has a girlfriend, so he can stop his list with me.   "For sure he has high standards for women."   "I think he's conservative." One stammered.   Conservative? Haha, maybe aggressive!   It's a good thing I'm wearing a hat and a jacket, I just bent
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I just watched him while playing the tip of my manhood using his tongue. "Nate ... I. Can't." He squeezes it and sips. I grabbed his head "Nate, enough. AHH please." I was exhausted when he bit the tip a little. Shit! I can't explain the feeling. "You are so sensitive Ian." "I want to go home. Let me go home!" "We're not done. You haven't come yet." "But, Nate I had enough." "How about me? I want another round, and this time you have to cooperate." I just looked at him with fear. "What should I do then?" "Come here, kiss me." I approached him and kissed him. He kisses me back. He kisses my neck. Likewise, he is now biting my nipple and began squeezing the other. Shit! So hard to breathe!! He is sadistic as ever. I feel his finger inside out in me. "Putting it in. Be ready." He enters his manhood inside me and moves faster. My body wa
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(Ian POV)   I was trying to forget everything that happened and what Luffer did to me yesterday. I re-entered the Crown as if nothing had happened. He only did that because I didn't kill Kerwyn and Instead warned Kerwyn to be careful, so Luffer was almost killed by Kerwyn when he tried to kill Kerwyn, which makes Luffer very angry with me.   I buried my face in the table and just waited for the teacher.   I heard the noise of my female classmates, I was used to them being like that, especially when Kerwyn, and other boys in my class, came in.   I just listened to their conversation.   "Oh my, it looks like there's a new handsome face at this school."   "Yeah, Nate and Denforth have already moved here, wow." I heard them said.   They moved. Damn bastard Nate!   "Plus a hottie who's just moved in, and we're still i
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(Ian POV) The next day I went to school early, 7:30 am. After rechecking the products and leaving them to the staff I headed straight to the Crown. In the morning I'm at the Crown, going home in the afternoon straight to Nate and in the evening business first, that's how the smuggler usually negotiates at night. I turned around when I saw Zaki entering our room, so I quickly entered another open room. TSK. I'm not ready for him. I know that man will tickle me again. Likewise, I sat down first at the bottom of the shelf and hugged my knees. "Why hiding in this kind of place? Why are you avoiding me, Ian?" I stand up and pull back. Damn, he noticed me! "From whom?" I said acting innocent. "I was looking for you after class. I saw you with your boyfriend." He said and put his hand in his pocket. "He is not my boyfriend!" "Really? That's great." He stammered. I stood up to leave, but he block
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(Ian POV)   I opened the handouts of my schoolmates while they were talking to Nate.   "Hooooo, it's good that they're leaving. It's really hard for you to catch you up." Nate said as his fangirls walked away.   I felt his hardness rubbing my thigh.   "Stop that. There are many looking at you Nate!" I murmured and forced a smile.   "They're just staring at my face." He said.   I removed his hand.   "Go to the bathroom and jerk yourself to death!"   "Come with me! Come on!"   "I don't like to, it's 8:30!"   "You're so mean Ian!"   "Get out! "   "Kiss me then. I'm leaving."   "GO TO HELL IDIOT."   "If you kiss me, I'll go. If you don't, I'm not going to leave." He said leaning back in the chair a
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(Ian POV)   When Nate came out of the bathroom he just looked at me. His eyes are cold.   Maybe I should say sorry, he is about to make love with me, and he is way too excited, and I ruined it. I hurt his ego because I called Zaki's name when he is about to start the fire of desire.   I approached him.   "Go home, Ian!" He stammered weakly.   I approached him and knelt in front of him. Nate's eyebrows furrowed.   He was so surprised when I hold his private and move my tongue around it.   I just thought of doing this, you subconsciously reduce his anger towards me.   “You don’t have that talent.” He said.   I looked at him badly. TSK, like him. He should be thankful because it's such an effort. Sucking his dick argh I admitted it, I have no blowjob talent, he said ee.   Read more
(Ian POV)   =The Next Day=   I entered school at 9 am. I bring a lunch box, so I wouldn't have to buy and eat at the canteen. I don’t want Nate and the others to see me. Furthermore, I want to be alone again.   When I arrive the class is about to start. ! I should be in school at 8 am.   I just listened and took down notes about the lesson.   Likewise, I tried not to look at Zaki.   The bell rang, lunch break. I quickly went to my hideaway where there were only a few students.   This area of ​​the Crown is not very crowded, it's a garden, with many plants and flowers. Have a bench and small table where I put my lunch to eat.   I heard the birds. This place is great. The taste of loneliness. I'm always really alone even though I have a lot of staff.   "Can I join you?" The male voice in my back sai
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