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Until I met Ronin, the love of my life, life had never been fair to me. Everything changed for me once he turned my life upside down. He swept me off my feet, like a breath of fresh air. He became a source of light for me, guiding me away from my darkest and most wretched road. My life is not a fairytale love story; it is about my strength, courage, struggle, happiness and joy, pain and sadness, memories, willpower, survival to fight, endearment, abuses I have experienced throughout my life, light and hope I have in me, and determination to improve my life. So follow me on my adventure of life survival and how I became the person I am today.

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REMARKS"Ocean is strong powerOcean is our lifeIf you won't be able toSurvive against its waveYou die"****************************** is not a fairytale love story; rather, it is a story about a girl's strength, courage, struggle, happiness and joy, pain and sorrow, memories, willpower, survival to fight, endearment, abuses she has experienced throughout her life, light and hope she has in her, and determination to improve her life.So accompany her on her life's journey to see how she became the powerful alpha woman she is now, despite the pain she endured during her childhood and adolescence.Let's dive into it, shall we?
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"Family is supposed to Be our haven Very often, it's the Place where we find The deepest heartache" - Iyanle Vanzant *********** Aiyla POV Sighing, I thought back to the life I had and all the things I went through throughout my life. The memory still haunts me, sometimes all the pain I went through because of my family's cruelty was enough for me to be strong and stand up for myself and fight for the life I deserved. So many things have happened in my life with lots of ups and downs and coming across those hard times was brutal for me. Looking back at old times and memories now I feel so proud of myself and of what I have become today. It is that of my dark past that I have become so successful and achieved so much in my life. Life is claimed to give you your biggest lesson, and that is exactly what happened to me; life taught me my greatest lesson and showed me the harsh reality of so-called "Life." Real-life is not like a fairytale story; real life is full of thorns, pai
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¶Aiyla PoV¶ Everyone needs a house to lie in. but a supportive familyis what builds a home. - Anthony Liccione * * * * * * * * Every child wants a happy family, a place where she can feel secure, protected and in the warmth of their loved ones. A place where she can live a happy, playful and carefree life where she knows she is loved and cared for without being insecure. A place where she can speak her mind without being judged and a place where she feels protected and safe from the harshness of society. Just like any other girl I was happy to live in my own small world playing and enjoying life to the fullest. I guess that was the best feeling I ever had without being able to worry about anything. I never had to think and fret about all the evil things that exist my life was simple and fun. What else a girl needed when she had loving parents, a loving brother, an adorable grand dad and all the luxury she was showered with. I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world.
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Shattering News
¶Aiyla PoV¶" You can't underestimatehow traumatic divorceIs for the children"-Isla Fisher* * * * * * * * *After spending days and months in Little Angels boarding school; it was time of the day for us to go back home for summer holidays back to our family. It was a nice summer day waiting for our parents to come and pick us up. We were waiting eagerly and the moment I saw my dad I was so happy full of joy running towards him to hold me running and at the same time my eyes also started looking for my mom when I did not see her, I realised it was only my dad who came to pick us up. I was disappointed but nevertheless I was happy to see my dad. The moment he was carrying me I asked my dad about my mom. He told me she is at home and we will talk there but what I did not know was, it was the day that would change our lives forever.I was content upon reaching home to my sweet home; a home where I was born and brought up where I had spent my days and nights being naughty, spoiled, lo
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  Who am I now the girl questions her identity and this is the quote that describes her the best. The broken Bond of her parents made her question; though she is small but she was smart to understand everything and  she kept questioning who she is even while growing up without her family support; without her mother; will she ever find the happiness again in her or the dark cloud will break her apart!                     "Am I a broken Bond                      A starving soul or                              The love that's gone                     The smell of flowers                        The rainy breeze     &nbs
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Broken Family
¶Aiyla PoV¶"When you inherit a brokenFamily, you can't throw itAway and get a new oneWhat you can do isFind People and situationsThat provide for youWhat your family cannot"Iyanla Vanzant**************The separation of my parents changed our lives in a 90 degree angle where we had to live with criticism, sympathy and pity for us in people's eye. My dad literally became the mother and father for both of us.. he started taking care of us and our needs. He became the mother who would bathe us, cook for us, be there when we fall and hurt ourselves, and he became our anchor in life. Though he was hurt and broken from inside after what happened between my mum and dad he actually never showed it to us and became strong for us.I had always heard a story of my parents' great love and how they fought against the family to be with each other and when my grandparents did not agree for their marriage they eloped and got married and how my uncle and aunt's sheltered them. It was only af
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¶Aiyla PoV¶"Once the bond is broken it can't mend like before".... Neha Maurya******************Like the Quotes says " Once the bond is broken it can't be mend like before"... It was for me. The bond that was broken with my family was hard to mend no matter how much you tried, I knew my family was never going to be the same. My parents divorce was a harsh reality that left a deep impact in our life. Our life was never going to be the same again with a broken heart. We knew somehow we had to live a life without our mother. Though it was so hard to believe and accept the reality at first we were in denial and we kept on trying to bring our mother back but it was useless it was like mum did not want to be with us and we saw that she was happy with her life, she was happy by being free and why wouldn't she be right! There was no responsibility, she was free from family bonds and she was living the life like she wanted to. I was just six yrs old when my parents got divorced at the te
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Life Goes On
¶Aiyla PoV¶" If You Can't DoAnything about ittHeN let it go. Don'tBe a prisoner to thingsYou can't change"- Tony Gaskins*********Growing up without your mother by your side was certainly the hardest thing in life, but like the phrase says" if you can't do anything about it then let it go" this quote is true and right but it was so wrong for me. I could never let go of the fact that our mother abandoned us. It was really hard for me to accept the truth and move was like I was stuck there at that moment but I still moved on cause I knew somewhere this truth will always be my shadow and it will be following me. But still I knew I had to move on.move on with the family I had been left with i.e. my father, brother and grand dad, move on to live a healthy life..move on to complete my school moving on was the right thing to do for me but I also knew deep down that moving on would be the hardest for me.I could never move on, I was stuck in that deep dark hole but still I kep
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Good Memories
¶Aiyla PoV¶"Good times becomeGood memoriesAndBad time becomeGood lessons"..* * * * * * * * * * * *Good memories and bad memories are parallel to each other. If you have good memories on one side to cherish then u also have bad memories which i desperately want to forget.Sometimes those memories also become your worst nightmare. It depends on you how and where you want these memories to be placed in life and mind. Good memories will always be adored and be our strength while bad memories become our lessons of life. Things end but only those memories will last forever and also become your brawn and will to fight for who you are or want to be in life.Remembering my happy childhood days still brings a smile to my face. I love those random memories and these are the memories "good and bad" have kept me strong and going all these years. There are so many good memories I wanna hold onto somehow it always lights me up in my gloomy days and gives me new hope and energy.Taking a tri
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ThE bEgInNiNg Of CrUeL fAiTH
"behind my smile is a broken heart, behind my laugh I'm falling apart. behind my eyes are tears at night, behind my body is a soul trying tofight"*******My cursed fate began from the day my dad got married to a woman named Polly, a woman who was already married before and got divorced just like my dad; somehow my dad thought me and my brother Rylan needed a so called mother to look after us cause he alone was not being able to look after us. It was a joke people were laughing behind our back cause my so called dad was getting married again but what I did not know was from this day onwards my life was going to take whole 90 degree angle  change; from this day onward my life was going to turn into hell and complete nightmare; from this day onwards my cursed fate would began; this was the day everything in our lives changed and it was nothing what we went through; this was the very sa
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