The CEO's Rebellious Woman

The CEO's Rebellious Woman

By:  AraBella  Completed
Language: English
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Evina Chen is a young career woman who is not afraid to defy her superiors. She would even risk her personal life to defend her colleagues from tyrannical bosses. Meanwhile, Gabriel Yang is a ruthless, dominant CEO who would sacrifice anything for the sake of the growth of their company. He would crush anyone who would dare stand in his way. She hates authorities. He hates rebels. But both would learn the true meaning of love in each other's arms. The question is, will their love for one another be enough to overcome the power struggles along the way? ****** NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: > Photo is not mine. > Forgive me in advance for the mistakes. I don't have an editor yet. :') > Feel free to get in touch with me at @7arabella7 > Thank you for giving this story a chance. I hope you like it! :*

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90 Chapters
I am 'THE' Boss
WARNING: Both leads are strong and ruthless. They will change later on. So fasten your seatbelt and let's enjoy the ride! :)“Go on and fire me! I’m not afraid of you!" Evina barked as she marched out of the Sapphire Co. building to the parking lot.At that moment, her contempt for Director Zhou's vile actions overpowered her desire to stay at the company.The sun outside was so scorching hot that one could fry an egg just by cracking it in the ground. But Evina didn't mind as she tramped on it while carrying a heavy box. The box contained her belongings, which she had packed as soon as she left the Director's room. They had a heated discussion which resulted in her early termination.Her hands were trembling in rage so much that she intentionally threw down the carton on the ground with a loud thud. "I hope all you greedy executives go bankrupt. Or better yet, you should rot in jail for the rest of your life!" she screamed at the top of h
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The Feisty Type
  A beep coming from a remote car lock could be heard from where they are. There were other people in the parking lot already. But the owner of the luxury car was not planning to let her go off the hook that easily. He stood there like he was an oversized cat cornering his tiny mouse. His rich green eyes narrowed as he scrutinized his prey. The lady in front of her has an ordinary height with an ordinary figure wearing an ordinary office uniform. However, her fiery red hair and defiant gaze were declaring otherwise. She is not a typical kind of woman. Somehow, Gabriel couldn’t take his eyes off her. “This is a Lamborghini Sian which is worth 3,000 times the average monthly wage,” he said in a composed manner as he continued to observe how she would react, “So that would be - Wait, how are you planning to pay me when you were just laid off?” The lady’s long eyelashes fluttered rapidly as her eyes bulged wide in response. She must h
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A Woman Named R-E-B-E-L
Three hours ago... "They must have an idea that your very existence is already an act of rebellion," Maria scoffed at her younger sister, Evina. It is a working hour for both of them. Maria was in the fields working as a landscape designer while Evina was a new employee at Sapphire Co. She was discussing something to her client when she got a text message from Evina. A message that could ruin her career again. Her coworkers asked for her younger sister's help in submitting a complaint against a director of their company for his dismissal. "You have just started to rebuild your life again after getting fired from your previous job, Evie." she continued to scold Evina, like she used to when they were still younger. Evina was always the unruly one even when they were children. She was the one who went against the rules, whether it was the household orders or the school regulations. Maria would always reprimand her, but Evina's stu
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You're Going Down With Me
  Everything came to a stand still. One could even hear the birds cawing outside the window as they flew in the sky.In shock, Evina turned her head away with her hand covering her mouth as she thought, “No wonder Cynthia couldn’t speak up.”Her stomach tightened as she imagined what the Director could have done to this poor girl. She clenched her fist as she controlled herself from confronting Director Zhou right then and there.“At first I thought he was just being extra friendly. But then he started touching me. I refused, Cynthia continued on narrating her story, “but he told me I would get fired if I didn’t give in.” She wrung her arm as she grimaced while sharing her experience with Evina. Every fiber of Evina’s muscles burned in anger, “I’m sorry to say this, Cynthia. But I think you should have chosen to be fired.”It is what she would do if she was in that situation. No one could ever touch her body without her consen
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The Ruthless CEO
Present time... “Evina Chen,” Gabriel’s lips curled up as he flipped the card. He put it in the inner pocket of his coat while he walked towards the Sapphire Co. Building. It was noonday, and he was expecting the CEO of Sapphire Co. to have free hours during his surprise visit. But he was the one who was stunned to encounter a feisty young woman who seemed to have gotten on the nerves of her superiors. He was furious at her for wrecking his car and attempting to kick his shin. But there seemed to be something in her that made him want to see her again. “Or not,” he resolved to himself as he stretched his sturdy shoulders. He then entered the main door of the building. **** Some employees were on the reception couch when one of them noticed him. He immediately bolted up. “It’s Mr. Yang!” he slapped his forehead in response. “This spells trouble,” he whispered to his colleague. “How could he be trouble?” his cowor
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The Angel With Two Horns
"So this is where she works," Gabriel's fingers tapped on the table as he continued to observe the structure of the Sapphire Co. Building. It has simplistic designs compared with The Elysian Co. But the windows offered a beautiful view of the landscape of the area, which is captivating to those who have been used to living in the metropolis. "Is that issue enough ground for her to abandon this place just like that?" He contemplated as he recalled why Mr. Li left the boardroom. Even though he was still irritated at her, he was curious about her reason for rebelling against this company. "Here it is, sir." Mr. Li came back in a flash, giving him a folder that contained the answer to his questions. Then he stepped back to allow him to read it by himself. "They were not investigated yet, though. We don't know if they were facts or just mere speculations," Mr. Li defended Director Zhou. Gabriel just nodded his head, pretending to agree with
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A Secretary or A Wife
“I apologize for being late, boss.” Paul bowed to Gabriel as he caught his breath. He immediately opened the door of the passenger’s seat of his master’s car. Paul was Gabriel’s driver and personal assistant. He doesn’t usually leave his employer’s side. But today, he asked to take a leave to assist a family member to a hospital. “What happened to your car, if I may ask, boss?” Paul touched the dent in the executive’s newly bought vehicle. “Don’t ask me again,” Gabriel let out a deep sigh as he recalled his unfortunate mishap with Evina Chen. A flicker of thought came to him, wondering how she was doing after that. But then he immediately shook it off his head after he recalled how she tried to kick his bollocks. “I already called for service. How is your mother?” Gabriel answered, distracting him from asking more about it. He then laid his head on the headrest of the seat. Paul had already started the car. In a few minutes, they were already
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Family Time
Meanwhile… "I'll be there in ten minutes. Hold on, Evie." Maria comforted Evina as she honked her car horn like crazy. She had received the news that her younger sister just got fired. Without even saying goodbye to her colleagues, she immediately left her current location to meet with her. They were on the phone as she drove to where she was. "Take your time, Iya. It's not the end of the world," Evina replied to her older sister in a cheerful way. "Don't pull my leg. I know you too much, Evina Chen," Maria rolled her eyes, making Evina snort at the other end of the line. "Fine. Thanks, Jiejie. I appreciate it," Evina said sincerely before they dropped the call. Evina then picked up the iced tea in front of her to calm down her aching heart. Maria was right. She was devastated with the outcome of what she had done. Even though she believed that she just did the right thing, she was also concerned about her career. She let out a
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Shut Up, Get a Job
Ring! Ring! Ring! Evina immediately sat up in bed. She hurriedly stood up, put on her slippers and grabbed on her towel. Like her usual morning routine, she was about to take a bath. It was until she realized that she had nowhere to go. “It must be my body clock or something. You’re now officially a bum, Evina. Welcome to your new life.” She tapped her head three times, making sure it would work properly. She went back to her bed and slumped back to her soft pillows before picking up her phone to check on her news feeds. Now she has all the time in the world to do so. As she was scanning her social media account, she saw that her former classmate just posted pictures of herself on stage with a thousand likes and hearts. She was recently promoted by the company that she was working for. “I’m sure she just licked her boss’ feet.” Evina rolled her eyes. She continued to scroll up her phone some more. As she did so, her face which was prev
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Evina immediately searched for The Elysian Inc on the internet. She was familiar with the giant corporation, but she was unacquainted with the people behind the hierarchy. She must have vast knowledge of the company if she wants to be a part of it. “The Elysian Inc. offers a huge choice of software for many purposes. Their software is by far the most used operating system in the country. With an acquired revenue of $107.8 million, the dominating software industry remains The Elysian Inc. The company was founded in 1965 by founder Chairman Rafael Yang.” “Pretty impressive,” Evina nodded her head as she scrolled down the page. However, what caught her eye was the picture of the founder of the remarkable corporation. “I think he looks familiar,” She zoomed in to the picture of Chairman Yang, which was also in the webpage that she was looking at. He looks very attractive for a man his age. His aquiline nose was very prominent over his chiseled, angular fa
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