Never Let Me Fall

Never Let Me Fall

By:  Yesha Legaspi  Ongoing
Language: English_tagalog
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Yzel Bourgès and Kendrick Yamashita both came from a breakup. Both miserable from their past relationship, they met in a project which made them realized the worth of real love. But there was no perfect love with ups and downs, especially now that Veronica Bolzico, Kendrick's ex-girlfriend was back on the scene. Which love story would be come true, Yzel's or Kendrick's?

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    16 chapters
    Chapter 1
    April 10, 2018. Isa sa mga araw ng buhay ni Yzel na hinding-hindi nya makakalimutan. There would always be a first time on everything, as the saying once said. And this day, were just one of those first-times. April 10. 12th monthsary of their relationship, and who would not get excited for the whole day, when Yzel knew this was a big day. Who would thought na ang mala-aso-at-pusang relationship nila ni Francis ay aabot ng isang taon? Marami ang nagtangkang humadlang at sumira sa relasyon nila, work schedules nila na minsan ay di magtugma, their favorites, life goals nila na hindi rin makapaghintay at beliefs nila na wala talagang magkakapareho. But as the law of attraction was concerned, their relationship proved it all the way. The more you hate, the more you love. With the struggles that they'd been through, kapag patuloy mong pinipili ang taong mahal mo above all of the things that might
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    Chapter 2 (Part 1)
    One, two, three, four, five, six and seven. And one week had gone, and so another week. It had been exactly two weeks since Yzel and Francis broke up, but everything still felt like it was just yesterday. Everything felt like it was still yesterday for her. She was thinking, if she reacted so harshly to the situation that time, if that had added fuel to the fire. What if she reacted so calmly, more calmly, and tried to talk it out, probably they might not end into a breakup? Or if she decided to cool it down first, and talk things out, like they were in a meeting, probably they sorted it out, might they end into a break up? Or if she fought for her feelings all the way, justifying her love for him, would it make him stay?  For the past two weeks, Yzel had cancelled on most of her guestings and invites and never been engaging on
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    Chapter 2 (Part 2)
    The ray of the blazing sun woke Yzel up, as it went through the spaces of her window curtain. Her headaches from getting drunk last night and she felt a tingling sensation coming from the palm of her right hand. Right, she was furious about Francis presscon speaking about their breakup without letting her know or giving her any heads-up. If right after their breakup, Yzel was just a complete stranger to him, Francis should at least respect her as a lady, who would be put in the spotlight. Staring at her bed ceiling, she couldn't tell which hurt the most on her body, her head, the laceration at her palm or her heart, the buzzing vibrations of her phone got her back to her senses. She grabbed it from below her sheets and rose from her bed, as she answered the call. Articles ab
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    Chapter 3
    Love was just a four-letter word but so powerful to put someone's life upside down. It was a word, that could bring great damage to someone else's life, and yet, very comforting for some. Love, was a two-faced feeling that had no definite meaning, as it its own self depended on how it would be use. People could lie, betray, cheat or even worst kill for the sake of love. Others could endure a self-less one sided love, loving someone so much, without minding his lover's affair. Few were blinded and had taken love for punches and bruises all over their body.What was really meant by love?Or at the very least, how was it to love?Some books would say, love should be giving and happiness, it should be pure and honest. But how come there were people who were hurt by love?

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    Chapter 4
    "Alright, job well done sweetie." Stella welcomed Yzel with those words as soon as she got back from the washroom."Thank you for everyone's hard work," she exclaimed praising everyone back for taking good care of her. But above of all, it was her besfriend's plan which help her got through.Moving on was not like wear today and take off later. It was not as simple as it seemed, and not just about forgetting or continuing moving forward, it was more about living yourself, differently from what you used to be. More of giving your own self a rebirth of your own version.Yzel changed back to her attire as everyone packed their stuff for the next guest to use the room. Yzel fixed the hankerchief at her hand, and then made sure that the bleed already stopped. It was an absolute nuisance. St
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    Chapter 5
    The day went so fast for the two drunk people in the late afternoon. Kendrick carried the sleeping beauty of the pub, Yzel, to one of the VIP rooms, and put reserved on it. He called Stella, and told her to come over and picked up Yzel, but still had to have the meeting finished before Stella could drive and picked her up. Kendrick removed his suit off, and put it over Yzel's chest, who was dead asleep and a complete mess.The pub continued its day to day course, accommodating diners, cooking of the menus and serving orders, from the moment it opened, til the last minute it closed. And Kendrick would take a peek to his sleeping guest, who was still knocked off and soundly asleep in the room."It seems like she drank the whole bottle," the manager commented. Kendrick peeked on sleeping Yzel."Not really," Kendrick replied. He turned his back, back on what he was cooking."He just had like a glass of ten," Kendrick added. He made a scooped of soup and some
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    Chapter 6
    April 20, 2018. Everyone was busy in an establishment as the night drew nearer. The pub was swamped by many customers as the weekends were coming. There were waiters coming back and forth to take orders from the newcomers. Some were enjoying their food and busy chit chatting with their acquaintances.    The pub was decorated with lanterns hanging across the porch from the outside. The curtains from the inside were carefully fixed against the big glasses giving the room a classy touch. The glasses were cleaned everyday and it shone back when struck by any light. There were a long  of customers waiting for their turn.   The kitchen was as busy as a bee. The chefs were cooking the foods while the head chef was tasting the foods ready to be served.   
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    Chapter 7
    Veronica Bolcizo, known to be the nation's television goddess, started her career as a makeup artist. She was known for her peachy, cherry-like glow which inspired her to create her own Youtube channel. Just like any beginner, she started her view counts from a small number till she grew her audience to thousands. Since acting was not really her line, she took all the time to enhance her acting through the help of other social media platforms like Tiktok and Musically. Her cute, sweet and innocent vibe gave her a big space on social media, as she made paid and sponsored posts of some makeup and clothing lines. Undeniably attractive, the lady with an hourglass figure, pointed nose, a chestnut like eyes and red glowy lips, definitely could make anyone stop scrolling from their feed and glance at her. Her natural beauty that even made her unexceptional was her brunette hair that was innately wavy, adding a more mermaid-like vibe to her looks. She then go
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    Chapter 8
    Kendrick went home to his place and had the same routine again. He watched the lights of the busy street cars on the national highway, like lights, on and off, around a Christmas tree during winter. He sat on his favorite chair with a bottle of Roe and Co. on his side table and a sculptured glass close to his reach, a small bucket of ice, all together on one tray. He opened the lid of his whiskey, poured it on his glass, added some ice and held it as he calmly watched the lights on the street, from a very crowded one till only a few passed by. Like the same nights, Kendrick stalked Veronica's account, and as the saying went, curiosity kills the rat, he got curious about the guy Veronica's with on most of her recent photos. He checked the taglist and clicked the profile of each person, until he bumped to a profile of a man named Francis Salcedo. Veronica tho, posting mostly group photos, it was very peachy that this guy was always in every picture. He
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    Chapter 9
    "It's a wrap!" sigaw ng director ng set na sinundan ng mga palakpakan ng mga crew at staff. Isang malaking ngiti naman ang ginawa ni Yzel, ngunit buntong-hininga naman kay Kendrick. It was a relief that the show was over, when he couldn't keep up on the talkings.  Kendrick separated the cooked pancake from the pancakes already cooked before the show, and disseminated it to the crew and staff. He also placed one for Yzel, added some strawberries and syrup on top of it. Yzel on the other hand, who was so joyful and having fun across the set showed post-enthusiasm and couldn't stop staring at the batter from the pan. "Yay! We made it!" cheerful na bati ni Yzel habang lumilingon kay Kendrick. "Thanks for guiding me, I almost forgot na piniprito pala ang pancake at hindi ini-steam,
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