Price Of Pryce

Price Of Pryce

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(The Queen And The Freak Sequel, BUT... Can be read in your comfort.) *** The hybrid mates, Blair and Pryce, have just woken up from sleeping and are surprised to know that thirty years have passed since the last time they were awake. Things were about to change in their lives as they had to cope with the things in the new era. Old-looking old friends and new people to meet, new ways of living, new schools, new status, new powers, new roles, new problems, and new almost everything. How can they survive if their new lives are about to be destroyed by old enemies?

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Back To Life
*Blair’s Point of View* --- A familiar painful yet rejuvenating sensation made me hastily open my eyes, and I noticed that all I can see is darkness. But surely, I already have opened my eyes. "Fudge it!" I cursed in surprise as I had carelessly sat up, and my face met a hard surface that made me lie down on my back again while rubbing my forehead. I will undoubtedly have a bruise because of it. Bruise? No way. Where the heck am I anyway? Wait... What happened? Puzzled, confused, and all other sh*tty emotions, I tried to touch my surroundings and hoped that I could find answers. Why can't I see? Am I not in my vampire form? I think I am. I still have my wishing necklace around my neck.
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Chapter 2 - Lifeless
*Blair’s Point of View* --- I gritted my teeth in anger when I felt that there were no signs of life that I could feel below the ground, where my Pryce is buried. This can't be. She is not gone! There is no way! Then I felt my whole being become weaker when I remembered clearly the events that happened before I blacked out. She saved me from being the one that should die. She died because of me. It's all my fault. I should be the one to blame. No, I don't believe at all in that bullsh*t prophecy that she should die. I don't want to think that she is gone. I need to get her out. I need to bring her back to life. I need her because I would be broken without her. And, I don't know what to do and what would happen to me, if so. I can't imagine it. And, I am afraid that I would fall out of control of my own s
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Chapter 3 - Please, Come Back!
*Blair’s Point of View* --- How in the world would Drea become a doctor in just a weekend? No. This is not making sense at all. This doctor could have just the same name as that gay girl who is one of my dearest friends back at the academy, but... It is surely Drea's aura. And... Wait... Jordan? Isn't her girlfriend, Leanne, the head cheerleader's last name is Jordan? Hold on a second. My head is aching. Hmm. What, now? Did they get married? No way.  Damn, now this is getting more and more complex. Extensively thinking about unthinkable things is making me weaker. I need blood, and blood bags is what I am here for. I will just deal with this curiosity of mine some other time. I need to revive my mate first, like... right now. Then I decided to go back t
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Chapter 4 - I Am... Where?
*Pryce Winsley's POV* --- Darkness. Darkness is all I see around me. It envelops my whole being to the point that I feel like I am part of it. I don't feel anything, and I can't feel anything around me. Not even my own body, no matter how hard I try to touch anything. Where am I? Why am I unable to see? Have I not opened my eyes? I think I did. Am I in somebody's room where the lights are off? Where is everybody, anyway? Oh, my Blair! Where is she? Where is that freak?  While I felt my mind so confused and clueless, I tried to talk, "Hello? Anyone?".  I think I need to call for help. What if I am captured again by the...? Werewolves. Yeah, werewolves! They... There were so many of them. I was... I am... one of them. Oh, no.
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Chapter 5 - Killing Time
*Pryce Winsley's POV* --- "Pryce, you're back. Hi!" She greeted me with her face in relief and joy mixed, and she attempted to go near the bed to touch me. And I went to look at her from head to toe, not that I am checking her out, but I kinda really am. Well, doesn't she realize that she is on fire? She could have, right? "Oh, yeah, right. Fudge it! Oh, shit. Why is this not coming off?" She mumbled when she finally saw her situation; while she's been patting the parts of her clothes that have been on fire, yet her hands are also on fire. Nice one, my freak. Then, I just stared in wonder at my mate, who has been panicking while busy trying to kill the flame that surrounds her body. I actually don't know what I should do to help her out. Cheer? Hmm.
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Chapter 6 - I Am... What?
*Pryce Winsley's POV* --- "What do you mean, I'm a vampire?" I asked Blair in confusion as I am puzzled as heck about why she would say such a thing. I mean, I know being a half-werewolf is quite shocking already, now what more is an additional one? The more, the merrier? Maybe. And the response of my great mate is just pointing at her mouth. What does she mean by that? Kiss? Make out? Hmm? Then she pointed to her eyes, next. What now? She what? Stare at me? Oh, stalks on me! I know, she always does before. She is just a freak being one, you know.  Finally, she pointed to her left forearm with her right middle and index fingers. What is it this time? Her fingers? Oh, yeah, they are nice as heck. And, please, green mind, leave me
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Chapter 7 - Dad
*Blair Claudette Cavanaugh's POV* --- "Dad, how are we both alive?" I asked the man before me with my bewildered, curious mind, and he went to sit down on the couch. I just want to know because I remembered that my mother has mentioned that we are cursed. One of us should be dead for the other to be alive. And now, we both are living. "Death. I guess that's what broke it, Claude. I died, you died. I think that is it. That was great lighting that woke you up, was it?" He answered, and he seemed to have a point.  I held my mate's left hand in mine and led her to the bed to sit down as this conversation with the King of the Vampires is not gonna be a quick one. "Yeah, it was. I really don't know why I came to life because of it. Ch
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Chapter 8 - Cassandra
*Pryce Winsley's POV* --- "Hey, are you ready?" My grinning mate asked me as she held my left hand with her right one, and I took a deep breath and nodded my head in response. "I don't know if I'm nervous or excited, Blair," I uttered and turned my head to look at her pretty face, and the girl chuckled. "Well, I guess you are nercited then." She replied that it made me let out a soft laugh. Yeah, indeed. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, I found myself standing outside a huge wooden double door. It's Cassie's porch. Damn, I can't imagine what she looks like now, or if she has a family of her own, what her job is, and everything else that I have missed for the last thirty years. That was surely longer than the years that I hav
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Chapter 9 - Meet And Greet
*Blair Claudette Cavanaugh's POV* --- Tears fell from her warm blue eyes... As expected. And damn! She looks different from the last time that I saw her. Her hair was in a ponytail, and now, it's down. Different, right? "Tell me I'm not dreaming." She began while slowly walking where Pryce and I are, and I cleared my throat as l will be the one to tell her since my mate here is also bawling her eyes out but smiling. "Sander, you are not dreaming," I told her as she said, and I went to sit on the headrest of the couch to get a better view of them. It's just a magnificent sight to see two very close friends reunited again. For Pryce, it was just yesterday, but for my cousin, it was an eternity.
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Chapter 10 - Proclamation
*Pryce Winsley's POV* --- After meeting my best friend's family, with which we shed tears, and knowing a few important details about the things that Blair and I have missed about them, here are the two Northern Witches now discussing magical crystals of their race. "You do have your Octavia's Crystal, don't you, Blairie?" Cassie asked the inquisitive hybrid, and Blair took out her necklace to show it and replied, "Yeah." "That one makes you human if you wish to be because of the spell in it. It hides your supernatural auras and form. And it works for witches only, whether Northern or Southern. While this Mirak's Crystal, which I have acquired by the moment I turned twenty-one and was given to me by my mom, lets any witch travel to places by creating a portal if you wish to do so.
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