My Favorite Bodyguard

My Favorite Bodyguard

By:  NONA DARA  Ongoing
Language: English
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The story of a cold-hearted and cruel bodyguard -Jack Macario- with a scar on his cheek that still dissolves in his misery. His elegy accompanies the death of his wife since five years ago. Lilyana -his wife- died of a serious illnes after giving birth to a little baby. A deep sense of longing for the figure of his wife made Jack slumped. For the sake of killing time, Jack's daily life is only spent getting drunk. That afternoon, fate once again tried to play with Jack's life which was meaningless. An incident occurred, Jack accidentally bumped into a girl at the crossroads. The girl was named Sharren Watson, the daughter of a noble in England. Sharren was badly injured, and almost died. However, a bit of luck came to Sharren woke up in a hospital with both legs paralyzed. Because of the reason paralyzed the fiance named Robert Chayton decided to leave her. The predicate 'spinster' is now attached to Sharren. Immediately hatred took over Sharren's mind, she intended to take revenge on Jack. However, her heart betrayed, unconciously, Sharren has fallen in love with Jack. Will Jack be able to receive from Sharren, the spinster? Then what about Jack's five-year-old daughter? Meanwhile, since childhood, Eleanor was close to Deasy, the younger sister of the late Lilyana, who also had feelings for Jack.

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15 chapters
Chapter 1 - The Beginning Of The Story
Tirana is the capital city of Albania. A beautiful city with a million natural beauties. However, behind all its beauty, the city holds a deep wound for a man named Jack Macario. A 30-year-old man who since childhood has tasted the bitterness of life, and until now Jack is still friends with sadness. Likewise today, destiny intends to take what Jack loves and cares for the most.  Dert ... Deert. The loud ringing of the cell phone was barely audible by Jack, who was welding metal pillars in a building. From inside his trouser pocket the phone kept vibrating, but Jack was still serious about his work. Not long after, a 40-year-old man came out of a room and shouted for Jack from downstairs. The man is the foreman where Jack works named Paul.  Jack … Jack!” Paul was still screaming for Jack.  However, again Jack did not hear the call from the foreman. The loud thumping of construction tools at work overpowered Paul's screams. For a moment Paul int
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Chapter 2 - Premonition
A maroon BMW type 325i is driving at high speed on a paved road. As if it didn't want anything to get in its way, the car overtook every vehicle in front of it without hesitation. Jack-the man with the wound on his face was seen sitting in the front seat. His hands gripped tightly on the steering wheel of the car he was driving. His eagle eyes stared intently at the path he was walking, but his mind was lost in thought. Jack reached for the cell phone that was in his pocket, then he looked at the phone screen while driving. There were several unanswered calls from her father-in-law. "Why do you keep calling me? Has something happened to Lilyana?" Jack then called back his father-in-law, but now he is not answering his calls.For some reason, during the trip Jack felt uneasy, there was a sudden sadness that came to his heart. However, he tries to always think positively by dismissing all the feelings that weigh him down. The air that was a little stuffy made Jack
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Chapter 3 - Letting You Go
Lilyana gave her husband a smile, but Jack didn't respond. It's not that Jack doesn't want to return a sincere smile from his wife, but his heart feels empty when he sees his wife lying helpless. "What's with her? Why does her face look so pale, when this morning she looks healthy?" Jack said in his heart. Jack didn't understand what was happening to Lilyana. Inside the hospital room Jack felt a deep sadness. Jack's eyes stared sadly at his wife who was lying on the bed. The thick-haired man was really confused, he didn't know who to ask. Jack drew closer to his wife, his hand gently stroking Lilyana's hair. Many questions were running through his mind now, but not a single word came out. Jack's mouth was tightly closed, only his gaze continued to trace every inch of Lilyana's body. Lilyana's face looked deathly pale, her eyes seemed to be dim and as if there was no more light of life. For a moment Jack stared at his wife in such a weak condition. The man w
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Chapter 4 - Accident
Sadness still clings to the heart of a man named Jack Macario. The loss of Lilyana-the lover made him really helpless. It's hard to accept the reality of life,make it even worse. Running to escape, but the shadows of the past are always chasing. Burying all the memories in a faraway city, it didn't take away the pain in the slightest. It even creates a thirst that so demands its presence. Jack doesn't know how to let go the shackles of love that hurts him so much. Until he unwittingly has forgotten and neglected his happiness. An ambulance with a loud siren arrived right in front of the wide open ER door. Then one officer came out of it while pulling a gurney. After that followed by Jack, a man who is now anxiously hoping for a miracle. Without being asked the other two men swiftly took the gurney to the hospital. They were all in such a hurry because the patient's condition looked very critical. Behind them Jack followed, he followed wherever the gurney was taken. It w
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Chapter 5 - Destiny
"Okay, done. To recover your strength, you'd better take rest for a while, Sir." The female nurse spoke while pulling out the needle that had pierced Jack's skin.  Then she gives Jack a small wad of cotton that had been laced with alcohol.  "Thank you, Nurse," said Jack as he pressed the needle that had pierced on his hand, "Sorry to bother you earlier, Nurse." Jack felt embarrassed for the nurse standing beside him, because just a moment ago he had been so forcing the nurse to draw his blood.  "You're welcome, sir. It's okay I also understand your current condition," said the nurse and then she left.  A few minutes ago the female nurse took a bag of blood from Jack's body. Jack's blood type A negative became a helper for the victim who had been hit by his car. It was a very strange coincidence when he thought back on all of this. Because usually the hospital always has a lot of stock type A blood to many pockets. However, currentl
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Chapter 6 - Guilt
Due to heavy blood loss, just a moment ago the girl was still in critical condition in the operating room. However, a bag of blood given by Jack can help her. Several hours had passed with so much struggle. The doctor and several other surgeons have now finished their work on the operating table. They have all done and given their best for the patient. However, Jack did not know what had happened in the operating room. Until suddenly several officers wearing uniforms came to him and immediately took him to the police station.  Jack left the hospital with handcuffs wrapped around his hands. He felt really unwilling when his feet stepped away from there. It's not that he wants to avoid all charges, but Jack still finds it hard to leave a victim which is not known for sure. However, he did not want to make matters worse, and went with the officers.  At the police station.  When Jack arrived at the police station, he was asked many things by an off
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Chapter 7 - Remembering You
"How is it? If I stay here, I won't know how it is!" Jack then hit hard on the iron bars in front of him. "Hey, watch yourself!" one officer shouted at Jack. Guilt and anger became one in Jack's heart, but he couldn't do anything else. For a moment he was silent, because Jack himself understood that he must be held accountable for all his actions at the police station. However, Jack didn't know how long the police would keep him in this place. Not long after. In the police station, which had been quiet for a moment, was suddenly bustling with two adult men fighting. The two of them were still trying to hit each other, even though the police officers had tried to get away. The two of them were still arguing as if they didn't care if they were at the police station. "It's all your fault, if you had just let me go first, I wouldn't have bumped into your fancy car!" said one of the men wearing a red shirt. "My fault? Why is it my fault
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Chapter 8 - The Reality of Life
"Jack Macario," called a police officer from behind bars.  However, Jack did not answer the police officer's call, until the police officer called his name again, "Hey, Jack. Wake up!" Police officers tried to wake Jack by hitting the bars of the holding cell. The sound of police batons clashing with iron cells sounded so loud, "Come on, wake up quickly from your sleep. A man has come to guarantee your freedom!" The officer tried to wake Jack who seemed still closed his eyes.  "Yeah, wait a minute," Jack said softly as he rubbed his face roughly.  For a moment Jack thought about all that had happened to him. Actually he still wanted to be in his sweet dream, but the reality of life called him back.  "Mr Macario, can you hear me?" The police officer then unlocked the iron railing door, and occasionally the officer looked at Jack.  "Yes, I hear you. Please give me just five minutes. I still want to be here, Officer!
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Chapter 9 - A Glimmer of Hope
It is true that the fate of the poor and the rich is very different from what everyone sees. For example, Jack, a poor man who is currently involved in a serious problem. Previously the police officer had been so rude to Jack, because Jack had nothing and was only a hired bodyguard. However, the attitude and behavior of the police officer was far different from Jack's employer, completely opposite to Jack. Jack's employer, who was known to be one of the most respected people in London, made the police officers feel very shy and reluctant to the rich man. "Thank you, Officer." Jack received his ID card from the hand of a police officer, and then Jack immediately put it in his wallet. "Get out of here as soon as possible, because there are still many things that I haven't had time to do so far," the officer rebuked. "Fine, I'll be leaving soon." Jack seemed so used to everyone's harsh treatment of him that he didn't feel angry or off
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Chapter 10 - Cunning Plans
"Nurse, we have to make a plan." Jack saw the situation around him, he stopped his step.  "Huh, plan? What do you mean, Sir?" asked the nurse not understanding.  "Yes, a plan. Don't we have to go into Miss Sharren's ward without anyone knowing," Jack explained.  "Yes, you're right. I didn't think like that before. So what's your plan, Sir?" The nurse walked a little closer to Jack.  "Go to the storage room. Then take some items that the patient usually wears. Then after that we'll take the items to Miss Sharren's room. Isn't it normal at times like this that the guards in front of her room take turns." Jack pointed at the door that says storage space on it.  "Yes, you are right. But how do you know, Sir? Whereas you have never come to this place!" the nurse inquired.  "I don't have time to explain everything to you, so don't think about it, Nurse. It will only make you dizzy," Jack said without looking at
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