Moth On The Flame

Moth On The Flame

By:  Encre  Ongoing
Language: English_tagalog
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An aged old vendetta between Le Havre and Dela Huerta the two prominent families in Tierra Veloz ignite into bloodshed when the young rebel Alas Prian Le Havre fall in love instantly with the young innocent Elizabeth Lemonine Dela Huerta because of a sudden encounter that leads to first glance, first talk and first love. A modern Romeo and Juliet story that will prove the inevitability of fate. Testing how far these two youngsters willing to take a risk. But will these two youngsters resolve the feud between their families? Or will they also end up burnt to their own flame of desire? Let's witness the bittersweet love story that is full of secret glances, secret love letters, sneaking out, forbidden nights meet up, and lies while unfolding the real reason of the old family rivalry that takes over their lives. "Maybe we are both a naive moth, and the desires of love that we feel to each other is the fire that we cannot resist"

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22 chapters
Alas Prian's Point Of View She is like a beautiful flame that shines every day and night, and I was like a naive moth who keep on lingering around the corner tempted to touch her. She is like a forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, and I'm the fool Adan who tempted to have a taste of her. Although I know the consequence of my foolishness, I still dare to cross the path between us. And I'm more than willing to die a martyr for the love that I had for her."She's a Dela Huerta, Alas"I frown when I heard what Sideros told me. I'm aware of that fact, but what can I do? Cupid hit me so hard. I was like a fucking moth who's so tempted to touch a fire, and Elizabeth Lemonine Dela Huerta is a fire that could burn me alive and yet I still want her. Putangina lang pero gustong gusto ko siya, kahit na alam kung ako mismo ang papaso sa sarili ko kapag sinubukan kong malunod sa kanya."You have been warned by Priam, Abuelo wou
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Chapter 1
Elizabeth Lemonine's Point Of View   "You're going back to Tierra Veloz, Elizabeth" I stilled on my spot when I heard what he said. I was taken aback that I couldn't utter yes instantly. My mind went blank for a couple of seconds wandering on its own not until I heard his strict tone of voice again. "Narinig mo ba ang sinabi ko Elizabeth?" I bit the inside of my mouth upon hearing his menacing tone and nervously nod my head although he can't see me. "Yes father, I did hear you," I said softly and shook my head. "Good" he murmured on the other line "Tomorrow is your flight, your Yaya Rita will accompany you so don't worry" he added. I bit my lower lip "Okay Dad" I paused "By the way, I already take an entrance examination for fine arts-" "You will stay here in the Philippines for good Elizabeth" he cut me off "And who says you will take fine arts program? Business administration Eli
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Chapter 2
A surprise was evident on their faces, halatang nagulat sila dahil sa biglaan kong pag pasok at pag sabat sa kanilang usapan. I know it's rude to interject on their conversation but I just can't stand there knowing na baka mauwi sa away ang mainit nilang sagutan. I look at the two when they didn't utter a word, so instead of forcing them to answer me- I stretch my lips into a smile. "Dad didn't force me Kuya, everything is fine with me. As matter of fact, I am happy because I'm finally living with you all" I smilingly said to assure my brother that everything is fine with me. Dad suddenly claps his hand na kinagulat ko and then he laughed. "See? Your sister understands me more than you understand me Redniz" he said proudly and walk towards my direction spreading his both arms "Come here my daughter, give your father a hug" he said to me while smiling. I suddenly felt a genuine happiness when I saw his smile and move my feet to approach him. Ni
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Chapter 3
"Eline?"I flinch and immediately turn around dahil sa gulat. Agad naman akong ngumiti when I saw my Nana Rita approaching me while holding a glass of milk."Bakit nakatayo ka pa rito?" She queries and glances at the frame I'm holding.I immediately return it and scratch my left cheek "I notice something Nana" I voice out and train my gaze again to those picture frames before I look at her again "There's no picture of my mother displayed on those frames" I utter.I saw how her eyes widened and then she suddenly pulled me and drag me towards my room without saying anything. I confusingly look at her not expecting that sudden move.What's the problem? May nasabi ba akong mali?"Huwag ka na ulit mag tatanong tungkol sa bagay na yun Eline" pagalit niyang sabi sa akin causing my brows to furrow."What's wrong?" naguguluhan kong tanong "I didn't saw Mom's face since I was a kid. And Abuela told me that Dad has a lot of pictures of my Mom, s
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Chapter 4
"Curious, curious about how beautiful you are," he said that made me stunned on my spot.The wind blows and time seems to stop for a second as I felt his intense stare at me. My lips parted a bit surprised with his reason. I blink my eyes and slowly a genuine smile form on my lips amused with him.I mentally laugh. I didn't know it was my fault."Tara na sa loob Eline" Nana Rita suddenly said and held my arm that pulled me back to my senses.I slowly nod my head and let Nana guide me as we walk inside the house. I didn't look back, but my mind wanders on its own."Do you know those young men Nana?" I query while we're walking upstairs."Hindi ko nga masyadong familiar dahil madilim. Pero malalagot talaga sa akin ang mga yun kapag inulit pa nila" may bahid nang inis na sabi niya making me laugh softly."Kuya Red and Kuya Vinzon was like that too when they were still at my age. I still can remember- Dad send Kuya Red to Spain to ground
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Chapter 5
"Bye Eline! See you tomorrow!" Gia exclaimed when I was about to leave the art room.I stop walking and my gaze turns at her. I smile when I saw her waving her hand at me with a big friendly smile plastered on her lips."See you tomorrow" I mouthed and also wave my hand.I slightly giggle when Axel, Gia's boyfriend gives me a salute teasing me. I shake my head and finally left the room. For almost a month of studying here at Velonzon University, I only have two friends that I really get along with- and that is Gia and Axel. Time really flies fast, hindi ko man lang namalayan na medyo matagal na rin simula nang dumating ako dito sa Tierra Veloz.Everything change, most students here in Velonzon are aloof with me which I don't know why. Some students tried to approach me, but whenever I introduce myself to them they suddenly become distant or they suddenly become awkward to me which is really odd. Good thing Gia and Axel are different, they were fun to be w
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Chapter 6
"Alam kong gwapo ako" he arrogantly remarks "Pero iba naman ang mukha ng gwapo sa mukha ng mabait. Hindi naman ako mukhang mabait, Binibini" he speaks grinning from ear to ear.I step back and tilt my head eyeing him intently. My gaze transfixed to his face and I mentally nod my head. Yes, he's indeed a handsome guy that is oozing with sex appeal. His eyes, his nose, his jawline, and his lips- they are all perfectly combined. Kahit na medyo madilim ang kinatatayuan namin, his good looks still visible in my eyes na para bang hindi yun kayang takpan ng dilim. Funny- he's the first man I praise like this.Hindi naman siya mukhang mabait, as a matter of fact, he looks so bad actually. His badass look is kinda intimidating but I find him more attractive because of it.I smile at him again "You don't look kind, but you also don't look like someone who had a bad intention or something " I suppose ignoring his teasing smirk.Amusement dance in his eyes and the co
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Chapter 7
"Is Dad home already?" I ask softly while we're walking inside. "Wala pa ang Daddy mo, pero nag alala ako dahil sabi ni Tobias umuwi ka mag isa" sagot nito at bakas sa boses niya ang pag aalala with a hint of irritation. I just don't know if she is irritated with me or to Kuya Tobias because he didn't fetch me on time and I end up going home alone. "I don't want to go home late" I explain. "Maiintindihan naman yun nang Daddy mo hija, sana nag antay ka na lang sa school. Lalaki pa talaga ang nag hatid sayo dito" I bit my lower lip because of what she said. I know it's really inappropriate for her na lalaki ang nag hatid sa akin. My family is really overprotective to me kaya naman kahit sila Nana Rita ay ganon din. I understand, nag iisang babae ako sa pamilya ng mga Dela Huerta. And I am also the youngest. "You know Daddy, Nana" I whisper softly as we stop in the doorway "He's not gonna accept any explanation once you break his rules. A
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Chapter 8
I smile at the lady who greeted me when I step out of the room. I puffed out a breath and check the time on my wristwatch. Operation Management is my last subject for today because my professor in my Philippine History subject had an emergency that's why the class was canceled this morning. It's still 4:54 in the afternoon, 6 more minutes before 5. I still have enough time to pass my case study report on one of my major subjects. Hinawi ko ang ilang hibla ng buhok ko sa mukha and then I start walking while I'm hugging the folders I'm holding. I did my very best to avoid those stares that are fixed on me. I pretend as if I didn't notice them, it's better in that way. Dahil kung lilingunin ko sila, they would just look away and pretend as if they didn't look at me. As I said, most students here in Velonzon are aloof and distant to me. I don't know why, as far as I can remember- I'm always approachable and kind to everyone. Yung iba naman bumabati sa akin but they never
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Chapter 9
"Sensya na sa mga kaibigan ko, ang gugulo" he chuckle lowly and let go of my elbow.I smile politely and shake my head "It's alright, I don't quite understand them though" I honestly said and lift my head to see his face making me saw how the corner of his lips twitch into a grin while looking at me with amusement in his eyes."You should stop giving me a teasing smile" I can't help to say earning a low laugh from him.I purse my lips and look away because he's obviously trying to suppress his loud laugh."Saan tayo kakain?" I query when he didn't say anything.I look up on him at sinalubong namang ako nang nakakaloko niyang ngiti."Doon" he replied still smirking.I bit my lower lip because he's obviously making fun of my tagalog. But what can I do right? I can understand tagalog and for a month of staying here in Tierra Veloz, I learn more tagalog words. It's just that, I couldn't pronounce it correctly. I couldn't straighten my ton
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