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TAKEN. She found it hard to resist him and neither did her wedding ring. People called it cheating, she called him a meaningful tool. A blissful marriage with a masculine attraction. What a distraction! "No one has to know" he said to her too.

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Author's Note. This book is a work of fiction, but a beautiful reminder of complex situations in a relationship. Some might relate deeply to this piece and some are looking forward to learn from it. Either reasons for clicking on this book,i'm glad to announce that it was worth it.Bringing smiles on my readers face is my main priority. One of my favorite chapters of this story is ALL, so don't miss any! I love you all! Pens down!   Note: You are not allowed to copy, post this book without the author's permission. Giving credits are appreciably allowed. From: HEDIMAHLO
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Prologue "I love how you make me feel" she held him tightly not allowing him to leave the room and also in a way that made her vulnurable. He wanted to push her away, but he was being careful, he didn't want to hurt her too. He cried for help inside of him like he would receive any answer. Yes. he kind of caught feelings on the way, but he couldn't handle this anymore. He was tired. This wasn't right. It hadn't felt right from the start.     "You're taken!" he bellowed at her. His sudden outburst made her stiff at first, but when his countenance became softer, she relaxed. He blamed himself for not saying this words earlier, for making her take advantage of him, for not setting standards from the onset. But looking at her again, he shook his head, she was also not the person to take a fall or flinch for a shout. She started the game with him because she was ready.   Presently, she felt weak. She looked at her hand and pu
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TAKEN one Fèw-mønths-êárlïēr ~~~~It was late night. Lightening sparked through the sky and thunder rumbled louder as more showers of rain dropped on the already wet ground. She stood at the front of the house as the rain poured on her silky night wear sticking the material to her body revealing her magnificent feminine stature. Her nipples rose with anxiety and her lips shivered in anticipation. She moaned at the sensation she received from the cold rain dripping between her laps and less concerned about more rain outburst, she touched herself and smiled.     The headlight from the car approaching the house shone on her and she squinted her eyes due to the rays and slowly opened them when it went off. The car had stopped but no one was coming down from it. She gulped silently at the nervousness that gripped her and rubbed her hands together. When the masculine figure got down from the car, her heart skipped. Even from afar she co
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TAKEN two   Allen jam the door of his room in outrage. He knew what he was upset about but he didnt know how, what or who to pass his anger on. He also didnt know if he should take the blame. He was tempted too long. Too long. In the same house.He felt guilty. He had touched her. Touched Stella.     His brother's wife!     "You have to go. I don't like when Stella is home alone. Moreover, its an heavy rain"These were the words he hearkened to. He would never think of coming home when Stella was home alone. He has been strong for months now and would always push her away when she comes. But yesterday?. He was desirably weak. He couldn't resist her any longer.He knew he was doomed when he got down from the car last night and saw her wet in that cloth, his body was ready but he tried his best to control it. And when she touched his chest down to his waist, he felt aroused but gripped he
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TAKEN three
TAKEN three   He couldn't figure out the right words to use for Stella. But 'pretender' was definitely a part. He gave her stances to use yesterday, styles he hasn't tried out for months and she ran to Marcus like she's been craving for a kiss for years. He wasn't jealous, but he was furious, it annoyed every cell in him. That welcoming face she gave her husband was a top notch act. How could someone who did the unsaid be so free with the victim. Talking about the victim, he was going to take it as he was raped only that its sounds so untrue hearing from someone that took over the lady in bed yester-night.   Master craft.   " You made the love shape!"Marcus grinned as he saw his food from afar served neatly and beautifully on the plate. His stomach grumbled at the sumptuous looking food. Stella helped him with his bag and left the dining room while Marcus moved to the dining to eat his food. "How's th
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TAKEN four
TAKEN four. Allen heard a knock on his door and stood up, he stopped at the door before trying to open it. He was not expecting anyone this late. He recalled the couple flirting their way into the room. And there were no helps in the house. He was rather annoyed than surprised when he saw Stella at his door. This was his brother's wife who left him at the dining few hours ago to the room. He didn't know why she came but was angered by her guts. This wouldn't be as easy as he thought, she was pestering him more than he imagined.   Such disrespect for my brother" he spat at her.   "C'mon, he's asleep"she said with a short devious smile. They stared at each other for some time, while he tried to figure why he should let her in and why he should throw her out. He had answers to both. He could let her in and give in to their new found relationship and he could throw her out and give room for more problem for him in the house.<
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TAKEN five
TAKEN five ~~~ A sleek exotic ride pull into the compound 30 minutes after Allen and Marcus left. Stella's ecstatic smile was enough to welcome the 'stranger' into the house. But when the figure come down from the car, she let out some resentment.   "We need to talk!" she said walking into her house giving acceptance of entrance to the stranger behind her. Following her, this person could not help but admire her feminine hygiene and also her charisma. Stella possessed one thing, and that was the confidence she had, whether good or bad, she was confident about it and looking at the position 'he' was in her life, he liked that side of her.   Immediately she closed the room door behind him, he carried her on his waist and wrapped her legs round him kissing her neck forth and back, she groans distastefully and tried pushing him away. "I said we need to talk" she grunts her word. He paused for a moment and then dropped her gently.
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TAKEN six   "Its just you?" Stella asked with a hint of delight on her face,her cheek puffed into a big smile and her eyeball grew. She looked around again and peeped over Allen's shoulders to check if Marcus was behind him. He wasn't."Its just you!" she exclaimed cheerfully and drag him into the house turning the key behind her. "Where's Marcus?" she managed to ask   "He would be home in an hour time" Allen bitterly said   "That's such a long time" she laughed and packed her hair up. "Allen.." she called him and moved to him, he moved back so she wouldn't touch him and held out his hands to stop her.   "What? You haven't made a decision yet? You have no choice Allen!"   "No one is going to know?" he gathered all his courage and asked   She became giddy all of a sudden "Definitely!" there was so much assurance in her words and tone. He was certain they bo
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TAKEN seven
TAKEN seven He couldn't miss his appointment this morning neither could he tell Allen or Stella who he had an appointment with. He just needed to be there, and yes this early. It was this important. After getting home late at night, he met Stella sleeping but he never tried to disturb her, what was he supposed to do again, lure her to an unwanted sex? No, it was also a stressful day for him so he needed rest. They both had a peaceful sleep.   He didn't say much to her this morning too, he had woken up early and he didn't dress up for work. He was just casual. It upset Stella he didn't tell her where he was heading to. He didn't like the mood he left Stella this morning and he knew he would definetely be questioned when he gets back but he needed to meet up this early and he also knew how proud Stella would be if she finds out what he was up to. He could feel her rage presently at home, but he promised himself to buy her a bribe on his way
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TAKEN eight
TAKEN eight   Stella drove into Rose's compound with full speed and as she got down from her car, she dashed to Rose's room which was wide opened. Sometimes she wondered why Rose husband doesn't come home by this time.   "Rose!" she shouted her name with more urgency and shock glaring at the position she was on the bed. "He's just an house boy!" she spat. Stella was happy she didn't see the boy naked. If she had, she would literally beat him out of the room like that. She always told Rose not to deal with people that would disrespect her, but her friend wanted young blood anyways. Thank goodness it was just Rose's upper body that was naked and the boy was under the bed spread with only his head popping out.   "A boy with big property... girl you just ruined the moment, why didn't you even knock?"Rose grunts. Privacy was not included in their friendship rules, this wasn't something to hide. Rose probably just said it
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