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Complete Me

By:  Gwihan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Catherine is a young woman blessed with everything a girl ever wants. Beautiful, exotic cars, designer wears and jewelry. Regardless of these she feels incomplete, like something is missing to make her life perfect. On her quest to find the answer, she found Adam. Her handsome, cold hearted, and arrogant boss. Could this cold hearted beast be her missing part, or is it something else?

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55 Chapters
   Resting on the balcony in my bedroom, I watch in amazement observing the view. Regardless of how many times I sit here I am always amazed, the view is so beautiful. From my balcony, I can see everything clearly from the tall buildings in the city, to the beautiful sunset, down to passers by walking. As I continued gazing, my eyes fell on a mother and her child, a middle aged man and a married couple laughing while strolling.    I couldn't resist the smile that came to my face. I felt a longing, The yearning so deep my eyes began to water, but not the type that causes alarm. A happy and sad one, it is more like a mixed emotion.     I wiped the tears from my eyes quickly, afraid that someone might see since my sisters are always entering my room. My name is Catherine, but my friends and family call me Cathy. I turned 22 last month, June 24 to be precise. I am done with college, graduated from Harvard University
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   In the dining room having dinner with our guest. I observe how my family and Anderson's chat happily over dinner. Eating, I sit quietly listening to their conversation which I found boring. Taking my mind off the present I slowly drifted in my thoughts. A place I call Dreamland, where my life is so perfect. Sadly my thought was interrupted.   "Cathy, Are you okay?"     Looking at everyone, I realized their gaze was on me.   "Uhm, yeah dad"    "Are you sure because you've been smiling at yourself for the past 3 minutes and you didn't seem to notice Mrs Anderson talking to you"    "Oh, so sorry about that. Was Just remembering something funny I read from a book" I lied.   "Oh really, why don't you share it with us?" He said smiling   "Uhm,.. yeah it about.."   
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   Waking up to the annoying sound of my alarm, I turned it off. Can't believe it is Monday already, it's my first day. I will be working as the personal assistant to the CEO of Rutherford oil and gas petroleum limited. I am excited and upset at the same time. I am excited because I have a job and upset because I have to wake up so early now. Working with my dad has made me lazy.     I can always work for my dad again but that will mean limiting myself to the same people I have always known all my life. I want to explore, and meet new people. Hoping this will help me find meaning to my life. I know it won't be easy, always being a daddy's girl, getting everything I want in a platter of gold.    Getting off my queen size bed I went to freshen up, and wash my hair with my all natural shampoo and conditioner I got from the store last week Tuesday after my interview. So excited I was selected, the company is worth multi-billio
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   Getting to the dinning hall, my family were already seated having breakfast.    "Welcome sweety, you look stunning"     "Thank you Dad, Good morning"      I smile at him, giving my mom and dad a tender kiss on their cheek before taking my seat.    "Morning. My baby is now a grown woman."    "Aww, tank you Mom. I love you"     "Love you too. Hope you slept well?"     My mom asked, concern evident on her beautiful face. She always worries too much, even when there is no cause for alarm. I don't know why she does that.   "Yes I did, you don't have to look so worried mom"     "Can we eat now I am starving"      Everyone laughed at Patricia's impatience. S
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**CATHERINE**      Unfortunately for me I couldn't come up with anything as a result of the continuous knock on the glass window that never seems to end. With the side of my left eye I could see that the intruder is a man wearing something that looks like a gray suit. He must be one of those good for nothing looking for naive women to mess around with. Sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart, this fine wine has no time for cheap men like you. Out of frustration I wined my glass down, enough for the intruder to hear me clearly                   "Hello, excuse me? I am not interested in you so please take your sweet talk somewhere else"       Feeling happy that I finally got the alone time I need to think because time seems not to be on my side, something I have noticed lately. Hmm, why?  I wondered, as I raised my shoulders in defeat, giving up on the tho
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**ADAM**        She was talking to me, saying something I didn't understand. Excuse me,.. interested..., Somewhere else. So  confused, I raised my brow questioningly trying to put meaning into her words but failed. So I asked    "Urhm, what?"       Her curly hair is the most beautiful I have seen. I kept staring at it as I wondered what it would feel like if I touched it, and what the color of her eyes would be as realization dawned on me that I am yet to see her face, just her side view.      "Well mister..."    she broke off, mouth wide open, she began to stutter. Must be because I was staring at her and she found it rude, but I don't care I continued staring. She is so beautiful, looks like an Egyptian goddess. The urge to kiss her became so strong, as my eyes fell on her tempting lips.  
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CHAPTER SEVEN   **CATHERINE**        Stepping out of the elevator I stopped on my track, looking at the beautiful scene before me.  This floor is decorated with the finest qualities, from the colours of the wall, and the furniture setting is so beautiful. Everything in here cost a fortune, my father's life savings.          The setting is a combination of furniture that befits royalties, white walls, art designs and a very huge sparkling golden chandelier located at the center of the floor in-between my desk. I kept looking in amazement. As I continued staring, my attention shifted to the desk that seemed to be mine.    I feel some kind of peace as I lo
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   The  day went by smoothly, the only difficulty was the aspect of getting Adam breakfast. I forgot to ask him what he would like for breakfast, especially after all the drama we had to face this morning, so I just used my initiative and got him a sandwich. You can never go wrong with a sandwich. But, that isn't the part that stressed me out. It was the part of locating the cafeteria.   At first, I tried finding it myself thinking it was an easy thing, but no that is not what happened. The structure of this build is not only beautiful but complex, the architect who drew the plan needs to be given accolades. Like damn, this person is too good.        After walking aimlessly for about ten minutes without finding the cafeteria, a male staff member was kind enough to help me. He showed me a map of the company that has the direction o
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  "To what do I owe this visit Adam?" Raymond asked in his usual sarcastic tone as we entered my study room.      Raising my eyebrow I looked at him, he always has a way of getting on my nerves.    "You know you don't have to be so sarcastic all the time," I said, sitting on a chair crossing my legs.   Laughing, he took his seat too. "Come on Adam, I am sure you didn't call me here just to tell me that" he said.   "Yes you are right. I need you to do research on someone, she is.."   " Your mother, not again Adam. So tell me what did you do to  make your sweet mother run away?" he exclaimed.   "Will
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    I covered my ears with my pillow, always hating the sound of the alarm. Can't believe it is 5am already, so soon! It wasn't long before I went to bed. Turning off the alarm I coiled back to bed,  sleeping for a few more minutes before getting off the bed.     With sleepy eyes I staggered, finding my way to my bathroom still feeling sleepy. Why did I come up with this stupid plan, I wonder. Remembering the good old days when I worked for Dad, I smiled. Working for him was pure bliss, I resume by 10am and close by 2pm. Didn't have to put up with this stress.     Closing my eyes, I let the water rush down my body, letting out a sigh of relief.I love this newly installed artificial intelligence that has been installed, I don't have to put on the shower before the water starts rushing.   
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