The Woman Alpha

The Woman Alpha

By:  Ciara  Ongoing
Language: English
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Minerva is the Alpha of one of the largest, strongest packs in the United States. After facing her own tragedy, she now is helping the Wiccan community with theirs. What happens when she finds out who is really behind it and how she can keep her second chance mate from being involved?

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21 Chapters
Chapter ONE: A Kidnapping
All I hear is screaming surrounding me as I lay on the ground next to my dead father, mate, and son.  Rouges had attacked our pack when we were the weakest.  Half of the pack including most the warriors were attending a mating ball at the next territory over.  We were outnumbered, which lead to most of those left, dead.  I was beaten and bruised and left as the rouges cleared out after killing who they were after.  My family.  What they didn’t realize is that when they left, I was still alive and already making my plan on how to avenge my family.  It was only two days after the attack that I was made Alpha and my journey as the first woman to be Alpha of the Lunar Moon Pack and run the pack without a mate at my side.  That was four years ago and now I have the largest, strongest pack in the nation all because I lost everything I loved the most.These nightmares have continued every night since my family was killed.  The screa
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Chapter TWO: Meeting the Alpha
4:30 was early but the pack has to train and what good of an Alpha would I be if I was late to our 5 am training session?  As I got out of bed I remembered I needed to make a phone call and schedule a meeting with Alpha Thomas of the Red Moon pack.  I changed quickly to just a black sports bra and a pair of grey training pants then splashed water on my face and brushed my teeth.  While I was braiding my hair back, I thought to myself, "Today should be one for the books".  I rushed outside to the training field and met up with Henry.“Last night or well should I this morning was rather interesting,” stated Henry.“Yes it was I am curious though why they came to me instead of going ahead with taking us out,” I replied.“I am not sure to why they asked this of you, but why did you say yes when you know witches hate us?”“Well Henry, you know what happened  to me and why I became the Alpha.&nb
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Chapter THREE: The Meeting
1:00 o’clock rolled around and I’m getting tired of sitting and staring at paperwork, when realizing I haven’t eaten at all today which is really a normal thing.  With not having a mate to help me things are rather difficult to keep up with sometimes.  “One day,” I mused to myself as I made my way down to the kitchen.  My head Omega, Kelly was cleaning the kitchen. “Hello Alpha.  I see you missed lunch as always,” Kelly said smiling at me.  Normally I don’t let my pack speak to me in such ways but as she had pretty much helped my father raise me after my mother died in childbirth, I let her comment slide as I always do. “Hi Kelly”, I said smirking at her, “at least I am down here now.”“Very true. What would you like me to make?” she asked.“Hmm… can you whip me up one of your pizzas?  I know you have some of your crus
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Chapter FOUR: Getting Ready
I was getting out of the shower when I heard a knock on my door.  I ignored it and went to start drying off when I heard the knock get louder.  I wrapped my towel around me and went to open the door.  Low and behold it was Alpha Thomas of course.“It seems like forever since I’ve seen you in nothing but a towel,” he said with a smirk on his face.“What do you want Thomas, I am obviously busy,” I said snarky tone.“Let’s have a quickie before we leave,” was Thomas’s reply as his eye darkened with lust.“No, I have to get ready Thomas, you know that it takes me a bit to get club ready.”“Come on Minerva, it’s been awhile and it will help you relax some and focus on what’s coming,” he replied coming closer only inches apart.“Fine,” I said as I let the towel drop and kissed Thomas while he picked me up by my ass to wrap my legs a
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Chapter FIVE: Bearly
As I pulled into Bearly, I started to get this antsy feeling. Something really didn't feel right with coming here.   "Hey you okay?" Henry linked me.   "Yeah just got a weird feeling is all," I linked back.  We walked up to the bouncer who was letting people in.  "What do you lot want?" said the tiger.  "Obviously we want in," was Stephan's reply.  "Well I don't recognize the lot of you so I can't let you in." I have never really been the person to tell no to and this really aggravated me with everything going on, so I grabbed the tiger by the throat and asked him through gritted teeth, "Do you know who you are talking to, pet?"  "" was the gurgle reply.  "I am Alpha Minerva and this is Alpha Thomas, you will let us in or I will make sure you will never walk again. Do I make myself cle
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Chapter SIX: The Coven
I woke up at 4:30 with my alarm screaming at me.  Sometimes I hate having training but I know it is necessary for my pack so we can stay sharp in case of attack.  I stroll to my bathroom thinking of the new nightmare that I had.  Thomas standing with a knife covered in blood.  My blood.  What did this mean?  I thought Thomas was on my side so why would I start dreaming he is the one behind all of this? I washed my face and brushed my teeth.  Wiping my face off, I stare in the mirror.  Who am I really to be out though so much and now have someone trying to kill me.  Sighing I walked to my closet to get ready for training.  Throwing on a red sports bra and black training pants, I make my way down stairs heading to the training field when I ran into Stephan. "Good morning Alpha, I hope you don't mind my Alpha and I joining you and your warriors for training?" "Of course not Beta Stephan come on."Read more
Chapter SEVEN: Planning
Walking in on Thomas in my office really made my mood more terrible than what it was.  With everything going on and then the Lunar Pack is holding the mating ball, I really wasn't in the mood for his snarky attitude."Why are you in my office Thomas?" I questioned through gritted teeth."Well dearest I am waiting on you to get back from the coven so we can decide on the next move.""The next move is for you to get out of my chair and go back to your pack.  I have nothing new to tell you.""Really Minerva?  Are you really going to kick me off your territory for nothing?""You have your own pack to run Thomas and I need to prep for the mating ball that I am hosting on Saturday.  So get off my territory. Henry show him out, his stay is not welcome at this time.""Yes Alpha," replied Henry.I watch Thomas get up and walk towards the door when he stopped and looked at me. "You know Minerva, you can't do this alone."&nbs
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Chapter EIGHT: Planning Part 2
Thomas made it to my bed and of course didn't disappoint.  I was dreading the hour of sleep I got for training this morning.  Groaning at my alarm I turned it off and pushed Thomas off the bed.  "What the fuck was that for?" Thomas groaned from the floor. "Keeping me up late when I have to be up at 4:30." I replied. "Now get up we have training." I heard some mumble from the other side of the bed as I got up for my morning routine.  I went to bathroom and started brushing my teeth when Thomas sauntered in.  I watched him in the mirror while I was brushing my teeth.  He acted like he normally has over the last few years but I still felt that something was off with him. I finished up and headed to my closet.  I pulled out an orange sports bra and royal blue workout shorts. I was walking out when he walked in. "You still have some of my clothes in
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Chapter NINE: Planning Part 3
---Thomas POV---I made it to Minerva's bed and tried to make it a night worth her time.  I have been dying for her to bring up us being together and merging the packs, but she just won't budge.  I fell asleep with her against me dreaming of what it would be like with her all the time if she would agree so I wouldn't have to kill her.  ---I hear the alarm going off and Minerva reached to turn it off.  When she turned it off I was greeted with a shove off the bed. "What the fuck was that for." I groaned out."Keeping me up late when I have to be up at 4:30." she replied. "Now get up we have training."I mumbled under my breath about how much of a bitch move that was as she made her way to the bathroom.  I stood up looking around and grabbed my phone to check if there was anything to be concerned about."Call when you can.  The child is getting sick."I groaned and put my phone away.  I walked to the
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Chapter TEN: Alpha Xavier
I woke up with a start. I keep having the same nightmare or vision as it was put, about Thomas killing me. I have to some how change course of action to change this vision but I don't even know of his plans.  I slowly got up and head to do my business before going to training. I brush out my hair and french braid it. It's cardio day so nothing has to be tight or form fitting, so I head to my closet and put on a lime green sports bra, loose royal tank top and a loose pair of black workout shorts. I emerge and put on my running shoes and head out to the track to start stretching when I see Thomas and Stephan in a very serious conversation. They hadn't seen me walking through so with my supernatural hearing I caught some of what they were saying. "I hear you Thomas but you know some packs show up early.  There's no way to attack her then." "I have to or this won't work and the child will die f
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