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She's given him a baby... An IVF clinic mix-up means eternally single Michaela 'Misha' Roberts is now carrying the child - no, the ROYAL heir - of Massimiliano ‘Maxim’ Federico Arturo di Montbéliard, Prince of Carpathia! Now he'll take her for his wife! Maxim gave up on the hope of fatherhood a long time ago, but now the ruthless ruler will seize this surprise second chance. However, tradition is high on the Prince's agenda, and he'll never stand for an illegitimate heir... Michaela is about to find out that royal marriage is a command, not a choice! Maxim placed his hand over her belly again. His expression was pretty intense. “This is my baby that you carry, Michaela. Our baby. I couldn’t feel it more if you had conceived in my .” His accent was thicker than she’d ever heard it, and his voice had a husky rasp that made her pulse pound. “The attraction between us is very… convenient.” “Convenient?” Michaela's felt thick and clumsy, her mind still clouded by passion. “Of course. How could it not be convenient for me to feel desire for my future wife?”

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“Oh, please, don’t do this to me now. We really have to do this, so be a little patient, sweetheart.”          Michaela Roberts put her hand over her belly and tried to suppress the sense of rising nausea that was threatening her with immediate action if she didn’t get a hold of some saltine crackers or a bottle of cranberry juice.          Lately, morning sickness was draining all her energies, and it was even worse when it lasted the entire day. Worse still now when she was about to tell a man she didn’t know he was going to be a father of her baby…          She parked her car and took a deep breath, almost relieved to discover a roadblock in her path. The wrought-iron gates that divided the massive mansion from the rest of the world looked impenetrable.    &nb
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          Her face heated. This arrogant prick just called her a promiscuous woman?  For the first time since she was there, in his mansion, in front of him, Michaela felt the strong desire to slap him hard. But she knew she had to go all the way with this reveal.           She swallowed hard, breathed deep, and gave him a wry smile. “Mr. di Montbéliard, for your information, the field of medicine is a lot more advanced and there are other ways to conceive a child than sexual intercourse, a method you know pretty well. When Johanna from ‘Genesis Labs’ called, she implied that I worked there but I’m a…”           Michaela stopped for a second. ‘It’s now or never,’ she toughed.  “I am a client of the clinic.”           He froze his expressio
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          She was taking her time to reply and Maxim decided to wait patiently. His gaze stopped on her hands. They were delicate, feminine hands, void of jewelry and flashy nail polish. It was far too easy to imagine how soft those hands would feel on his body, how pale they would look against the dark skin of his chest.          A pang of lust hit Maxim low in the gut. Michaela Roberts was a beautiful woman, there was no denying that. Much less adorned than the type of woman he was accustomed to.          Her face had only the bare minimum of makeup, showing flawless ivory skin, her copper eyes slightly emphasized by colored eyeshadow. Her full lips had just a bit of pale pink gloss on them that wouldn’t take long to kiss right off.          Her long, light-brown hair was st
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          Suddenly, it was horrifyingly clear why he’d looked familiar when she’d first seen him. He wasn’t just Maxim de Montbéliard. She had seen him before. On the news, in the tabloids. He and his wife had been paparazzi favorites.          They were royal and beautiful, and, by all accounts, extremely happy. Every single magazine was paved with their photos… Hollywood, White House, vacations in Europe in all the luxurious places… Then, two years ago, he’d been in the news for his personal tragedy. The loss of his wife.          Michaela was thankful she was sitting or she would’ve collapsed. His dark eyebrows snapped together and she registered concern in his eyes before her vision blurred slightly.“Are you all right, Michaela?”    
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          Again, her sweet voice broke his train of thoughts. This time this bothered him a lot. Thinking about her in a certain way was… amazing. “I’m thinking of taking legal action against the clinic,” Michaela said softly. “I’m a lawyer and I’m certain we would have an extremely strong case.” “I’m certain we would, too, despite the fact that I don’t have a law degree,” Maxim replied wryly. “But that would mean a lot of press.”           The media circus would be out of control. Sensational headlines for a world that loved nothing more than scandal. And his wife’s fertility issues, his marriage, all of it would be thrust into the spotlight.           It was the last thing he wanted, both for Antonia’s sake and his own. There was no point in tearing down her memory… not now that she was gone. Some things were best left buried, and the f
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          Embarrassed by her uncharacteristic behavior, Michaela lowered her eyes. She honestly couldn’t remember ever looking at a man there before. Not on purpose, anyway. She tried to tell herself it was nerves making her heart pound and her pulse flutter. She couldn’t quite convince herself. Michaela knew that it was all because of the powerful presence of the man coming towards her.          Maxim approached her and took his sunglasses off, tucking them in the neck of his shirt. Again, totally without permission, her eyes followed the motion and she was transfixed by the slight dusting of dark hair she could see on the tanned slice of chest that was revealed by the open collar of his shirt.“Glad to see you made it,” he said.          He seemed totally unmoved by the fact that he’d just had a
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          She should’ve been extremely content with him as her baby’s father. First and foremost, he was royal and extremely wealthy. He was to be the next king of Carpathia and along with that would receive an inheritance worth billion, coupled with the personal fortune he’d amassed with his hugely successful corporation.          His chain of luxury hotels and casinos was popular with the rich and famous, both on the island of Carpathia, and in almost every other major tourist spot in the world. In the eyes of most women, he would be the golden chalice. A ticket to status and riches beyond most people’s imaginations.          And yet Miss Michaela Roberts had acted as though carrying his baby was equivalent to being sentenced to the royal dungeon, which they didn’t have at the palace, regardless of what
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          Her first glimpse of Carpathia stole her breath. The island was a jewel set in the bright Mediterranean Sea. Gleaming white rock faces houses dotted the pale sanded coastline. The beach faded into lush greenery, and set into the tallest visible mountainside was a stone castle with masculine angles that gleamed gold in the late-afternoon light.“Oh, God… This place is absolutely magnificent.”          Magnificent, and yet untamed. Sort of like its master. For all of Maxim’s urbane sophistication, there was something about him that was raw and almost primitive. It appealed to her on a basic level she’d hardly been aware of before she’d seen him descending the stairs of his elegant mansion.          The entire flight had been thick with tension, at least on her end. Maxim seemed total
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          She ignored Maxim, thrusting her chin up and trying to look unaffected by him, his presence, and his insinuations. Maxim gripped her hand and stopped her from walking, drawing her close to him. Her heart began to pound so hard she was certain he must be able to hear it.          Standing this close to him, Michaela could feel the heat coming from his body, smell the intoxicating, masculine scent that was one hundred percent raw, sexual man. One hundred percent Maxim, the man, not Maxim, the prince.          Michaela slightly shook her head. Since when had she noticed how a man smelled? Unless she was at the gym and it was in a negative connotation, she didn’t think she ever had.          So why did Maxim’s smell appeal to her like this? Why did it make her puls
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“I don’t need you to put me up. I’m perfectly capable of getting my own accommodations.”          There you have it, mister! Michaela smiled slightly. He was so arrogant… Being supremely confident and used to hear only yes, Maxim thought he could convince Michaela to change her mind.“I have no doubt, Michaela” he replied, flashing her a wry smile. “I imagine your extensive education has left you more than capable of booking your own room. But you’re pregnant with my child and I don’t want you staying at some hotel by yourself.”“I was under the impression that are no shabby hotels in Carpathia…” she continued in a sarcastic tone.“There are not,” Maxim established, dismissing her statement with a wave of his hand. “But that doesn’t mean I will allow you to…”    
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