Found An Angel

Found An Angel

By:  Saloni Hasija  Ongoing
Language: English
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Tyler Demon Hunter- the beast. He is the ruthless bastard, who has killed people as ants. The mafia leader of his clan, Italian billionaire. The world is afraid of his power, his rage but not the Angel. Angel Rose, the simple innocent soul, who has struggled all her life to meet the ends. She is a brave soul, all alone in the world, working as a waitress and a florist, in the streets of Italy, earning barely enough to achieve her dreams of becoming a psychologist one day. She is the most beautiful girl you’d ever see, but life has never been as easy for her. Never! What happens when the beast falls in love with the beauty? Beauty needs no worldly affairs and the beast has no other option to shower his worldly love, cause he has not known anything else ever. They will be tied in a knot. Happily ever after in the scene, but how? She is an angelic beauty and he is a ruthless beast. He loves her but she hates him. What happens when two completely poles apart meet?

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11 chapters
Author's Note
Dear Readers, I am so delighted to inform you that, I gave a try on the GOODNOVEL to explore the beautiful journey of books here. I really hope you are gonna love me as you all did on my other platforms. My first book here, is a mafia love story, which will be loved by everyone. It's a dark romance where a demon will fall for an angel. His ways of showering his undivine love will be much different from the general love stories we read. Those who have read my other books know how mysterious my stories could be. The story is completely my work, written by me all alone. Hence, the copyrights are reserved. Do not Copy my work. TRIGGER WARNINGThe story is a dark romance, hence it is meant for adult audience as it contains mature content. Kindly, read further only if you are 18+ or just skip the chapters with mature
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Prologue- The Mafias
Hunter’s PoV “Kill” I ordered my men to finally shoot the traitor, the bastard was an informant, living under my premises but working for the Russians. I would’ve killed him the day I got to know he was planning something against me, but I waited for a week to get to the main cause of the trouble. The Russian mafia was second in lead after us, the Salvatores, who were, are and will always be our revels, are now trying to overtake us. Ofcourse, that’s impossible because of multiple reasons, like they are into things that are not acceptable in our world. They are into human trafficking, too much into drugs, weapon smuggling and what not. As for us, we are into only drugs and weapon dealing, no human harm, girl exporting, slavery, etc. is my thing. We are totally into the business of clubs here in Italy. The mafia is a side business, illegal, but that’s what we are taught.&n
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Chapter One
    Angel’s PoV I was dragged into the locker room by my friend, Shea, her eyes were shining excitedly. “Fuck him, girl. He is the hottest man alive” she whisper-yelled, chuckling thereafter. I rolled my eyes, took off the apron, and started pulling my hair in a messy bun, I was damn tired of my multiple jobs. All night I was awake studying a few thesis of psychology, the project on which I am working is taking away all my peace.  I really need a break from my studies and my jobs. Living all alone since a very young age is way difficult for anyone. Mine was much more difficult than everyone. I have lived in foster homes ever since I remember. I don't know what happened to my birth parents, but I know that they never tried contacting me. Moreover, no one in the foster homes had any information about us. I grabbed the paper towel and wiped my
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Chapter Two
                                                         Angel’s PoV I gulped loudly, he grabbed me gently, pulling me in his arms, I shivered when his touch felt differently calm. But why? His touch should not give me warmth, rather should be disgusting. I don’t want to feel better in his arms but somehow I feel exactly that, protected.  “My Angel, come with me, please, baby” I nodded, following him as if he had my leash in his hands, and I were a pet to be wagged.  He smiled widely, gently pulling me towards a room at the far end of the hall. When we were both in confidive walls, he left me, kissing my forehead, he whispered
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Chapter Three
Hunter's PoV It's been a few hours since Mia left after checking upon my angel. According to her she has undergone some panic attacks which could be a normal thing for such situations. She even explained it must have triggered some past that caused it or it even could be just the situation I put her in.  My baby is innocent as a flower. She couldn't even see the dead body in front of her. Shit! I just hope she gets up soon.  I hugged her back, pulling her into my chest, lying her head softly on my chest, kissing her forehead softly. She was fast asleep and calm. I didn't know when I must've lured into a deep sleep, cooing loving profinities in her ears.  Luke's PoV I entered the room, tired, to even knock at the door before enterin
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Chapter Four
Angel's PoV I turned around sharply at the sound of someone entering the room, my eyes scanned the person from head to toe, he was lean, handsome and tall. I have seen him before but couldn't remember where I shrugged ignoring him. "Ms. Rose, you are requested in the meeting room by Mr. Hunter" he murmured looking at me skeptically. I glanced at him and the similarity in his features hit me hard this time, my eyes widened, "You...your brother, he was your bro...ther?" I stuttered, stumbling on my feet. He simply nodded, with a stony look, as if, it's ok if his brother died by the same hunter he was working for.  "Ms. Rose, I am ordered to take you with me as soon as possible" I nodded, following him without any further delay. "What's your name?" I asked, walking timidly by his side. "Francis" he answered, stolidly. "I am
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Chapter Five
Angel's PoV I shuffled in bed, the brightness in the room making it difficult to open my eyes. Blinking back a few more times, I finally fluttered my eyes open, smiling dreamily. A faint memory of the last night came flushing down in my inward eye. My eyes widened on its own accord as soon as the realisation hit me. I could still remember the night but only a bit of glimpses of it. We did things we shouldn't have done.  Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I didn't just fucked up this time.  My eyes dragged itself on my naked self in the duvet, covered in love bites, shit! Did he take my v-card! I was so shocked and so hurt with myself that I couldn't control my tears. Read more
Chapter Six
Angel's PoV I yelped loudly as soon as his hands touched me, his touch sparking an unrecognizable electrifier within me. I hate to be so pathetically out of control when he is around, and lately he is always around me. His eyes are mesmerizing, sparking with the brightest light ever, and the thing that makes me go all afraid is the love that liquefies everything around him when he looks at me.  I am always awed at that look, but somehow, I know this look is for my body not for me, and even if it is for me, it has the power to destroy me from my very core. I can see the love in his eyes for me whenever he looks at me but the love he knows is an obsession for many. He wants me because he can't get me, I won't let him in and that's why he wants in.  Love is an endearment or a feeling that we acquire just b
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Chapter Seven
Angel’s PoV “You can’t do this, you fucking bastard” I pushed him harder, scorling at his smirk. He chuckled at my grim attempts to free myself. “I swear Tyler, if you don't stop now, I am gonna kill you” I scoffed, angrily. He zipped his lips, with a smile of a saint on his face. I rolled my eyes, walking past him as soon as his grip on me loosened.  “Angel, I can afford it, you know that. You just have to tell me what you like.” he said walking up to me. I grimace at his words, of course. Why did I just think to reason with him, anyway?. I ignored him completely, walking into Shea’s suite. Apparently, Shea and her 10 year old son, Edward, are staying in a suite here, with Taylor for a month. Yup, it's been a month since we were here, in this bloody mansion. She and Taylor have come along this past month. They have made their “friends with benefits” an official anno
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Chapter Eight
                        TRIGGER WARNING - MATURE CONTENT AHEAD                                                          Luke’s  PoV I pushed the gun out of her hands pulling her up off the bed, roughly, “What fuck are you doing? Ti, have you lost your fucking mind?” I yelled. Her tears were streaming down her face, a look of defeat in her eyes, that was killing me. “I fucking love you, Ti, you can’t do this” I said, my eyes turning red with rage. I grabbed her face in my hands, crashing my lips on hers. Interweaving our passionate tongues in an instant. Her lips turned animalistic coaxing with mine, blended in love. She pushed herself away for a millisecond, trailing seductive kisses dow
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