Mafia's Vice

Mafia's Vice

By:  J. Tarr  Completed
Language: English
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Part 1: Dante and Sienna - Revenge Part 2: Domenico and Sylvana - Retribution Part 3: Dario and Serena - Resentment Dante 'il Drago' Dragonetti ruled New York's underbelly with an iron fist. With his brothers, Domenico and Dario, ruling at his side as his most trusted men, the mafia family thrived in infamy - no one dared to cross them. Until they met their match in three pairs of blue eyes. Sienna, the bride given and used as a tool of revenge. Sylvana, the mafia boss with bad blood running deep into her family roots. Serena, the mafia heiress sent to spy and kill. Will the Dragonetti Beasts be tamed, or will they all crash and burn? **This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.**

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67 Chapters
Part 1 Prologue - Dante Dragonetti
She’s late. Our first meeting and she was already 5 minutes late. If this didn’t signify the Vincenzo family’s slack way of dealing with the problem at hand, then I don’t know what did. I pick up my glass of bourbon and my eyes scan the restaurant; high end and extravagant, as to be expected. Politicians wooing investors, wealthy married couples on dates hoping to maintain public appearances; yes this was the perfect place to do a deal with the devil. When Aldo Vincenzo called me earlier in the week with suggestions of an accord, I must admit that I was surprised. New York and Chicago have long been at one another’s throats, but now we have a common enemy; The Russian Bratva was taking more and more of our territory, and we needed to bring an end to them. “I am so sorry for being late, Dante. We certainly were not prepared for New York traffic!” The whirlwind that was Sienna Vincenzo says and snaps me out of my thoughts as she takes a spot opposite me. I look at her with interest.
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Chapter 1: Hello, Principessa
Sienna In two months’ time, I would be Dante Dragonetti’s wife, and this ring on my finger served as nothing but a $50,000 shackle. My mother had prepared me for this all my life, prepared me to be a Mafia Bride, but it didn’t hurt any less that they only saw me as a bargaining chip. My father hasn’t been able to look me in the eye since I returned from New York a few months ago; I think the guilt is eating at him. Before my father sent me into the meeting with Dante a few months ago, I had done research on him; and to this day I wish I had been ignorant. He was a monster, a stone unfeeling monster who saw no difference in killing children and women if they stood in his way. Dante became a Made Man at age 15 after he killed those responsible for the murder of his parents. He took over as Capo at 20, at 23 he became the Dragonetti Capo Dei Capi and ruled his territories with an iron fist. Two years ago, he sent his Capos into Las Vegas territ
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Chapter 2: Your Husband Is Not Pure
Sienna I look up into the green eyes of Dante Dragonetti, and my heart stops beating. What was he doing in my room? And why was he holding me up against my bedroom door? “D-Dante? What are you doing?” I stutter out and catch the grin forming on his face as he licks his lips. “Am I not allowed to see my intended bride?” He asks, running his fingers down my cheek, and I tremble at his touch. “Of course, you may, I am yours,” I tell him, almost adding that this was inappropriate - he should not be in my room alone. He chuckles and draws his face closer to mine. “Then why are you so terrified of me?” He whispers in my ear, his breath on my neck sending a shiver down my spine. What kind of question was that? Did he not know that he put the fear of God in everyone he meets? “I am not… You merely surprised me, that’s all. I didn’t expect to find you in my room when you are only due to arrive tomorrow.” I managed to get out, m
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Chapter 3: Vincenzo Fire
Sienna I feel physically sick at the display in front of me and turn around again. Peering up at Carmella, I offer her a sad smile. “He’s a Capo Dei Capi, he can do whatever he wants. Being engaged to a nobody like me shouldn’t change that.” I say sadly, but for some reason, I am hurt. “Would you like to leave? We could go to The Greenhouse and spend some time with the flowers?” She asks me, and I perk up at the mention of flowers. My Pappa built the Greenhouse for my 18th birthday. It was a safe haven for me and Carmella as the space brought the both of us calm. Floriculture was my passion and I could easily spend a day amongst the flowers and be happy. If it were up to me, I would own a small cottage in the forest with nothing but flowers surrounding me. That would be my Nirvana. I nod and smile at her, then we grab our things and walk towards the door. I pull out my phone to call my Mamma to inform her of o
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Chapter 4: The Dragonetti Bride
SiennaSunday - It was the morning of my wedding and I have been up since 3 am pacing my bedroom floor. This was it. The time had finally arrived, and I was a nervous wreck. I could hear Mama as she paced the floor above me, seemingly as nervous as I was. We had landed in New York the day before because the wedding reception was taking place at Dragonetti Mansion, a vast estate that once belonged to Dante’s parents.My family and I are currently staying at Dante’s guesthouse, because of the old tradition of the bridegroom not being allowed to see the bride before the wedding.I got up from my bed and walked towards my wedding gown as it stood on the mannequin. It was a magnificent work of art made of silk and lace, embellished with a diamond bodice and an illusion Sabrina neckline adorned with scattered Swarovski crystal beading. It had an open screen back as well. Running my fingers over the bodice, my thoughts go straight to today
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Chapter 5: Forged In Fire, Forged In Blood
Sienna My father has his hand on my knee as he stares out of the limousine window with his gun drawn. He was in New York, Dragonetti Famiglia territory and on high alert, the irony being that he was basically handing me over to the man he did not trust. We spent the car ride in silence all the way to the church; my father did not once glance my way, and it left me with an uneasy feeling in my heart. I was his only daughter, and yet he had nothing to say to me on my wedding day. The limousine pulls up outside of the church, and I could already tell the place was filled with what I could only assume were mafia families - Both Famiglia and Outfit acquaintances. My father gets out after his men and scours the area with his eyes before walking over to my side and opening the door. He holds out his hand for me to take, and he leads me by the arm to the inside of the enormous cathedral. It was finally sinking in; I was getting married to a r
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Chapter 6: Lies and Truths
Sienna The Dragonetti estate was a sight to behold! Dante’s parents had impeccable tastes and you could see it by the opulent architecture, art and perfectly manicured gardens. “You have a beautiful home, Dante,” I say as I take everything in. “Thank you, but it will be your home too from today forward.” He says and we arrive at the reception to greetings from our fellow friends and family members. As per custom, we greet everyone individually as they give us their good wishes and felicitations. “Brother, you have a beautiful bride,” came the voice of the man who accompanied Dante to my parent's home back in Chicago. This man was lean and well built, with the same intense green eyes and dark hair as Dante, and I recall him being Dante’s best man. He picks up my hand in his and kisses the back. “Bella,” he says and I blush at his compliment. “Thank you,” I say as a smile plays on my lips and he winks at me. “Are you flirting with my wife, Nico?” Dante asks him, but the man named
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Chapter 7: Wedding Night
Sienna I was seated at our table when I saw Carmella rushing out of the mansion and heading straight to her father’s parked Mercedes. A few seconds later, the car speeds away. My mother had prepared me to be a mafia wife, she raised me not to talk back and to speak when spoken to, but what my mother didn’t prepare me for were the betrayal and heartbreak. Carmella had been seeing Dante behind my back all this time. That was probably how he knew we would be at that specific café where he waltzed in with the blonde. They had played me for a fool and I was none the wiser. My heart might as well be made of glass because the one person I trusted irrevocably shattered it. Trusted even more so than my own mother. And yet, no tears came. Is this what absolute heartbreak felt like; a numbness in your chest and difficulty breathing? Because that is what I feel like right now. First, my father hands me over to one of our world’s most brutal mob bosses, my mother ignoring my pleas for help, an
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Chapter 8: I Will Break Her
Dante *Trigger Warning - Sexual Violence*What was I doing? Why was I being so gentle with her? Her body belonged to me by right and I could destroy any chance of her ever enjoying sex again, but that look she gave me before I kissed her had done something to me. It was the look of a virgin knowing she had no other choice but to submit to her husband, and then she had to go and say what I had been thinking. For some reason, I wanted Sienna to enjoy what I was about to do to her and what she was doing to me. Her body was gorgeous and bent to my every touch and caress, it was said the Vincenzo Princessa was beautiful; but whoever said that had clearly never seen her naked. No words could express how gorgeous her naked body was - and it was all mine. Her pure body and soul were mine. I nudge her legs open and look down at the gift presented to me; and how exquisite it was. Her virginal scent clouded my mind, and I could tell she was aroused by the faint wetness at her entrance. I had t
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Chapter 9: A Lost Alice Serving Breakfast
Sienna He tricked me. He allowed me to let my guard down and tricked me. I watch Dante leave, and as soon as the door closes, I rush to the bathroom and clutch my abdomen in pain. Reaching the shower, I open it on full blast and get underneath the freezing water. What had happened to Dante just now? It was like he snapped and then didn’t care if he hurt me or not. Why did he tell me he would be gentle with me, only to completely ruin me in the end? It was as if his plans were for me to let my guard down just so he could tear me in two. And that’s exactly how it felt; I felt the tearing as he thrust into me gently at first, then without abandon. Did he truly want to hurt and ruin me that badly? I still do not know what I did to him to deserve his malice. If he wanted me to hate him, well, he succeeded with flying colours. I take care when I wash myself down below and finish up in the bathroom, then head to what I assume was our shared walk-in closet. The one I had back home was noth
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