The Six Elements

The Six Elements

By:  Janelle Suministrado  Ongoing
Language: English
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Reaching adulthood, Pax then ends up in Chicago being an unregistered and unknown chemist living in a place resembling a garage; not planning to change anything of his lifestyle, until he met someone who was able to help him with an unknown chemical substance made only in his knowledge. In cause of his mental incapacity at several points of his living, the said project resulted in a disaster, causing some of its built evaporated elements open to other people without their awareness of the possibility of obtaining them. With that supposed substance running around within the air, it then goes in the way of people who are proved worthy of them to be obtained. Scattered along the country, they find their way to each other, desperate to learn control with what they have possibly acquired.

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15 chapters
Pax Lysander
CHAPTER IPax Lysander“I’ll name him Pax...” a woman said, her sweet ginger hair falling onto her shoulders as she held her son. She then looked up at her husband and smiled sweetly. The baby looked adorable and calm, sleeping dearly within her grasp. Thin lips, aw I’m spotting that he’ll have freckles in his cheeks just like Kruze. She thought, imagining the memories they’re going to remember their whole lifetime.“Well, welcome to the world little Pax Lysander.” he was sitting next to her as she lay on the hospital bed. He touched his son’s forehead and gave it a soft kiss. His smile, existing in her watery beautiful eyes.“Oh, he is going to be a great kid, Kruze. I already see it.” The baby slept peacefully in his mother’s arms. It was the greatest thing the couple had ever encountered.“Fawn, sweetheart, I assure you he will be. He’s gonna get
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Sunflower Seeds Orphanage For Kids
CHAPTER IISunflower Seeds Orphanage for KidsAfter a few days, the Lysanders went back to their beloved house, and Kruze’s head was aching, for millions of thoughts was stuck in it for so long.        “Are you okay Sweet? Want to talk about something?” asked his loving wife,      “Actually yes…” he answered,      The couple sat down on the couch, and started discussing about all matters,      “Darling, there’s a war. That’s why the government’s looking for military soldiers. I just need t
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Aida O' Mara
CHAPTER IIIAida O’ Mara Pax was lonelier than he ever was, ever since Alexa left. He barely talked to anyone at the orphanage. As few days passed, he didn’t notice any kid he knew around. He was left there all alone, just waiting to be adopted. All the kids from his batch were already wanted as each person’s child. Nobody wanted him. He was saying to himself, “Nobody wants you, Pax. You’re just a messy, nerd. You’re useless for sure. Why would somebody adopt you?” His thinking was intervened by the creak of a door.      “I suggest you adopt this kid instead, his name’s Pax, Pax Lysander. He’s just at the age of 11. He’s
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Pax's Plan
CHAPTER IVPax’s Plan Pax quickly sat up his bed. Frightened by his horrifying memories. The alarm was ringing repeatedly on his phone, labeled as Wake up from the horrifying dreams please.     He stood up, rubbing his eyes. He pressed the stop button from his phone and thought about getting ready. He switched the light of the room. And was blinded by it. Until, when he got used to it for a few seconds, he saw a rather unexpected visitor sitting at his chair.      He jumped of surprise and it made his back bang the wall. Read more
Months Spent
CHAPTER VMonths SpentThe two were gathering the things needed for their experiment. Pax made a checklist for Layla, and she just bought some other needs from the grocery. Pax, meanwhile, was preparing all his tools and equipment in his lab.    “Hey Pax, when exactly is this experiment finished?” Layla dropped all her grocery bags after making an entrance to Pax’s lab. She held her knees gasping for breath,     “Really Layla? Was is that heavy?” Pax said going to different spots of his lab. After grabbing 5 or more beakers from the kitchen shelves, he placed them all carefully on the table and said, “I
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Element of Dreams
CHAPTER VIThe Element of Dreams Layla woke up with a bright light that shone on her face.     “Woah... God? Am I in heaven?” she said, covering the light with her arms, “Don’t send me to hell even though I’m working with a thief scientist please.”She rose from where she was lying and was frightened by a voice. Apparently, It wasn’t God’s.“I heard that, Layla.” Said a familiar voice. She heard the man’s footsteps come to her and he adjusted the lamp so she could see normally. Pax. Of course, it was Pax, I just fainted.
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The 6 Elements
CHAPTER VIIThe Six Elements Layla walked for nearly 10 minutes now. Looking down is the best she can do. She was afraid she might lift a garbage dump, and a police officer would be hanging out in an alley and seem suspicious about her and the officer will arrest Pax too. Stop Thinking like that, that’s crazy. She thought. So Pax said it’s just like the streets. So that means I need to follow the same directions to go to him. That’s a left, right, right, and I can see an alley that has two parallel doors with a chain and padlock. Okay, I got this.Walking to Pax’s what-she-called “Secret Lair” was easy now that she’d gotten used
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Element of Fire
CHAPTER VIIIThe Element of FireAs the six unusual substance of gas divided itself and went for different directions, the two elements that shares its power continued the quest together. The two elements of fire. Of course, this type of gas can travel more than 10 feet per second, according to Pax. And since the mixtures they made had enough energy, those gas particles can travel light speed at it’s best. They can go on whatever country they want, as long as they spot the special one who gets to inhale the gas for themselves. The element of fire traveled from Chicago, U.S.A to City of London, U.K. In a normal apartment somewhere in Ilford.     “Roxced! Come here would ya?” yelled Roxenne, a ginger girl that died her hair black because she was too cool
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Element of Water
CHAPTER IXThe Element of WaterThe element of water roamed around by itself, hunting for a special person. It didn’t go to other countries, but it went to somewhere quiet. From the city lights and hustling of Chicago, it came to a beautiful quiet community. Neskowin, Oregon. Somewhere, in a small house near the secluded beach, is a lady named…     “Pearl, I didn’t mean to I was dr-”“Just go…leave.” She mumbled. “LEAVE!” “Aight, okay! I still love you bab-““You don’t!” Now she stood up from the wooden chair. “Leave!” she held
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Element of Wind
CHAPTER XThe Element of Wind Two more elements were left roaming around the land, the element of wind, and the element that gives you ability to go to places without moving, when you desire. The element of wind went a long way, but it didn’t leave the country. It went somewhere peaceful and loud at the same time. It went to the Big Easy. New Orleans, Louisiana.      At the famous Bourbon Street, where people often find men and women celebrating with whiskey in clasped in their hands, clinking glasses can be heard even from the ones living in the second story building. There was this special day were people would walk and dance in the middle of the street with masks filled with purple, gold, and silver glitter, some even wear purple necklaces and carry s
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