By:  Rita Tetteh  Ongoing
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We all have that one unforgettable ex, the one that showed you an intense and extremely potent love, the one you thought that you were going to spend forever with, until the inevitable split. For Elliott Frost, it was Kain Griffin. After splitting up with him 12 years ago, she considered him a part of her turbulent past, never to be revisited again, she was finally getting her life back again, trying to get her explosive temper under control, but she hadn't been able to get over her immense sexual attraction to him, until he showed up again on the day of her wedding, determined and hell bent on getting her back, and as she knows Kain Griffin never takes no for an answer.

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36 Chapters
Chapter one :A nightmare wedding(part one)
Chapter one     A nightmare wedding.     Elliott.       Today is a brand new day Today, I will be a better person than I was yesterday. Today, I will be ladylike and polite Today, I will try not to imagine ripping someone's head off.       "These morning affirmations are ass." I commented, sinking lower into the brown leather couch I sat on. "You've gotta keep working on them Elliott, just saying it doesn't make them happen" Dr Sybian, my therapist drawled out from across where I sat, folding her long legs, her brilliant green eyes still glued to my dream journal on her lap. "Maybe if you change them, maybe I'll make an effort to be lady like and polite and not want to rip off heads" I muttered under my breath, picking at a loose fray on my jeans. She didn't reply, although I
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Chapter one: A nightmare wedding (Part two)
Continued from the previous part....   "Come in" I said and watched as the door swung inwards, exposing the person behind the door who was most certainly not 'Room service' My mouth immediately went dry, my legs shook underneath me as the ghost of my past strode into my bridal suite and shut the door soildly behind him. What the fuck?! Kain turned to me, a wide smile on his face "Long time no see Elly" From across the room, I could see the changes 12 years had brought on Kain Griffin. He was buffer, more muscular, his pitch black hair curled around his face like a noir curtain, his cold, dark eyes had a few smile lines around them. He still sported that gold nose ring that curved around his left nostril snugly, his cherry red lips pulled back to expose his perfect pearly teeth in a smile that didn't reach his eyes. He took a single step forward, drawing my attention to his clothes. He wore coal bl
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Chapter two : A blast from the past (part one).
Chapter two.     A blast from the past.     Kain.       I blinked at the hand gun pointed between my eyes, raising my hands over my head slowly. The hand that held the gun firmly to my forehead was tanned and petite, definitely feminine. I looked upwards at my captor and immediately I felt my stomach twist. Fiery blue eyes stared down at me unflinchingly out of a face that was angelic but had a touch of the devil. Ash brown hair cut into a severe pixie cut, eyes that shone with blue fire and a pair of ruby lips that were sneering at me right now. Fuck! Those lips. I can imagine them wrapped around my cock. She was easily the best thing I've seen in ages. "Move or make a sound and I'll splatter your brains all over this workshop" She said, her voice husky, a total contrast to her angel face. Who would've thought tha
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Chapter two: A blast from the past (Part two).
 Continued from the previous part.......   Present.   I closed the door firmly behind me and leaned heavily against it, blowing out the breath I held in. Fuck! I felt like hitting something, no someone Preferably the bitch of a man that was about to marry my girl. My Elliott I gritted my teeth and pushed off the door, stalking down the hallway. Fuck! She looked so fucking good, so goddamn good. So damn fuckable. With those red lips......and those tits. I felt my cock stirring and I groaned inwardly. Its been so long. Too fucking long, but she still makes me so horny, like a virgin teenager. A deep buried wave of possession crested and crashed over me and I felt my fists curl. I can't Elliott slip away just when I found her again. I don't care what I have to do, or who I have to kill to keep her. She was mine. Read more
Chapter Three: Things we do for lust (Part one)
Chapter three.   Things we do for lust.   Elliott       Metallica pounded in my ears as my hands and feet moved methodically, skating around the smooth tar, the wheels underneath my feet gliding smoothly as I speared and deposited trash into the black garbage bag I carried. Community service in the height of the South Carolina summer is so wrong, but what’s a bitch to do? Especially when it court mandated community service. I sighed and wiped sweat off my brow, this sucks! Eleven weeks of community service because of that shit Wesley Eckhart and his stupid red Honda. Jesus! When I get my hands on his slimy self, I will rip his fucking balls off and use them as ping pong balls. Fuck him! I speared at an empty plastic bottle hard, imagining Wesley’s disgusting face on it. Yep! Wesley is at the top of my murder list. Number two is the main person who
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Chapter Three: Things we do for lust (Part two).
 Continued from the previous part.....   Elliott   My heart was in my stomach as strode slowly down that flower strewn aisle, not because my future husband was smiling so widely at me from the altar, not even because somehow my shoes were a tad bit unstable and I could fall at any moment, or because everyone in the goddamn hall was staring at me. No, the reason why I felt like throwing up was because my ex-husband, who I have been having really erotic dreams about for almost two months and who just thirty minutes ago, appeared in my bridal suite and more or less told me he wanted me back, was sitting rather regally at the back row in my wedding hall, his black, cold eyes fixed on me with the brightest smile I have ever seen on him stretching his lips. I blinked. He was smiling? He was happy I was about to marry another man infront of him? Was he planni
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Chapter three: Things we do for lust (Part three)
Continued from the previous part.......   The words couldn’t come out of my mouth because my heart raced like the wheels of a sports car but I forced them out “You wouldn’t….you can’t” I swallowed and tried again, this time fear evident in my words  “You can’t kill him” He laughed “I’m sure I can El, I do have a gun now” he paused and motioned to his head with the barrel “and I am psychotic after all” I have to calm him, I have to take that gun from him before he does something drastic that would leave me the newest widow on the block. I stepped towards him, my arms outstretched in a pacifying manner “You need to calm down Kain, please before something happens” He snorted “I’m the calmest I’ve ever been” My eyes darted to the gun he still held tightly, I should never have brought that thing. “Okay then, how about you give me the gun and we’ll talk about this like civilized adults?” He
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Chapter Four: A honeymoon affair(Part one).
Chapter Four A honeymoon affair.   Kain       Fletcher’s gym   I sighed as I continued staring up at the clearly old sign hanging over the decrepit store front. A gym huh? This looked more like a crack house than a gym. Seth said she was here? Here? Was he lying? I shook my head, he wouldn’t lie to me, he knew how important finding her was to me. After the last day of a rather blissful stint of community service with Elliott Frost, she disappeared off the face of the earth. I haven’t seen her since that day she gave me the best blowjob of my life in the bathroom of the courthouse right after signing off with our service officer. Fuck! I can still remember her pretty, full, pink lips wrapped around my cock and that mischievous gl
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Chapter Four: A honeymoon affair(Part two).
 Continued from the previous part.......     Elliott       I sighed and brushed my hair from my face, turning to glance at my sleeping husband beside me. Jeez! How long is this flight gonna to take? I hate being cramped up in planes for too long and it feels like an eternity since we took off from O’hare international airport. I can’t take this for much longer. I glanced at Forrest’s sleeping face again, slightly jealous at his ease. I wish I could sleep during flights. Gosh, I wish I could sleep at all without dreaming about….him Fucking Kain Griffin. I blew out another breath and shook my head at myself, I can’t believe myself. Last night was a mistake and after crying my eyes out in the shower after we got home, I got in bed with my new husband a
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Chapter Five: Consequences for keeping secrets (Part one)
Chapter Five.   Consequences for keeping secrets.   Elliott     I always tapped my feet when I was nervous, or impatient. At this point, leaning against the hood of the Camry I just stole, waiting for Kain to appear, I didn’t know which emotion I felt more. Nervous? Or Impatient? I had the right to feel both because tonight was the night of our official first date. After beating him to an almost literal pulp at the gym, I agreed to go on this date on the condition that I plan everything. Although he did miss out on spending an awesome night with me, maybe if he tried harder and tried dodging my fists a bit more…. He did have a nice form though, and with proper training he could maybe keep up with me. I smiled as the image of his bloodied smile flashed before my eyes, why does he always look so cute when he smiles? Eve
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