My Psychopath Alpha

My Psychopath Alpha

By:  Yona Birdy  Ongoing
Language: English
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I vividly remember sometimes, remember that I run from someone " I did that in order to survive, They always treated me like a monster" I remember his words that he shouted clearly in my mind, but who said that ? And why? Why he was running after me?

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34 chapters
I Like This Creepiness
" KILL HIM !! "" KILL THE MONSTER! "he was running fast, couldn't change to his wolf form, wounded because of many arrows inside his body." You Slaughtered Our People! "" We Will Burn You Alive! "................." The crops came out nicely "A young woman called Hazel was washing the crops by the river.She has beautiful brown hair like her name.A beautiful face with a gorgeous smile.She is a farmer like her family in their small village.Their world was peaceful and calm.Suddenly she sensed someone staring at her from her side.She turned quickly to find a man, badly injured staring at her.He was extremely taller than her, has shining Silver-eyes, and tall black hair, and his clothes were ripped." W, what in the world? "She said as the crops fell off her shaken hands.He stared at her for a minute before he fall unconscious on his face in the river." Hey, hey, are you alright? "She screamed trying to pull him with her thin arms.She succeeds and puts him on the ground.
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Abandon Family
Hazel's POV " Come here daughter, let's talk alone " My dad grabbed my hand carefully and went inside the yield. " I know these few months I was extremely angry at you, but you know why? " " No, I don't!" I said in confusion and he was looking outside in fear. " I know you always taking his side instead of me but please hear me out " My dad said while speaking quietly, and by 'He', he means Umera. " Your previous fiances, not just disappeared, they were found out killed" " What!" " Shhh, and all of them died before a day from the marriage, does it make any sense to you?" He asked me and I widened my eyes in shock. " I can't believe it! you blame Umera for a thing he didn't do !!, LOOK AT HIM! He is an innocent man! " I opened the yielding door and we saw him play with the children of the other villages while laughing out loud. " He is a man with a kid's mind! I never met s
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Rage Takes Control
Hazel's POV " Umera, Umera? " I called his name, many times already but he was looking at my face, silent. I shook his hand, and he finally smiled. " Sorry, I was thinking of something " He said then covered me gently under the blanket. " Please rest, I'll guard you until you fall asleep" He said then grabbed the plate, spoon and began to feed me. I smiled then ate what he gave me. I was so tired, suddenly I slept. ............... The next morning " Good morning my sunflower " I felt Umera kiss on my forehead that I wake up smiling. I smell his great cooking, my stomach begging me for some food. " I can eat by myself " I said half smiling, I like to be fed by him actually. " I like feeding you" He simply said with his great smiling face. After I finished my meal he grabbed me into his hug, placed a kiss on my hair. " I love y
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Castle life
Hazel's POV   " The Prince wants his apple pie right now, why are you so slow? "   " Right away Madam Xenia "   I tried to get the pie tray but it was so hot.   I almost burn my hand again.   Umera came from nowhere to grab it and served it so Madam Xenia can take it.   " I don't know how you know such a disaster Umera, Try to learn something useful from him "   She harshly said then left, Umera grabbed my hands to check on them.   " Don't worry, I didn't burn them this time "   I said half laughing half crying.   " I'm a complete disaster, aren't I ? "   I said while my eyes become blurry.   " You're perfect Hazel, don't mind her "   Umera said while hugging me.   Umera is my lover, &n
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Kill For Me
Hazel's POV   " My prince, please, I want to sit down for a bit "   I said while feeling him slightly touching my back but not that sure, My body is so heavy, I started to wear my clothes again, feeling numb in my arms.   " Call me Alex, alright?"   He said while looking at me differently.   His eyes start to glow, it was pure red.   I couldn't talk nor move like I was stunned.   " Alex, d, did you drug me? "   He pushed me at the chair fast that I gasped, I didn't even notice his move, he grabbed my leg to his arm to look at my injury.   " You poor thing had to suffer while running from all these people "   He said after throwing my leg again then cornered me to look closely at my eyes.   " People?"   " My spy told me, there's a beaut
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It was a mistake
Hazel's POV " I can do that for you " Umera told me with serious eyes, I was still crying, but he made me stop. " Umera what are you saying? Did you spy on me? Did you hear our conversation? " I'm slightly angry, knowing he means well and he always protected me. " I was worried Hazel, I can't let you go there without guarding you " With a calm voice, he said looking deeply into my eyes. Did he not hear that the prince is a vampire and drank from my blood? I won't mention that, Umera's eyes are weird right now. The moon is reflecting on his eyes made it more silver, more terrifying. " Let's sleep now, we will run away tomorrow okay? We don't have to kill anyone, I will leave this past behind me, and you're not a killer " I told him and went under the blanket, I don't know why he suggested something like that. Was he my crime partner? Maybe we're killing together, Ugh, I don't want
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Beast Among The Beasts
Hazel's POV " What did you do to Umera? " I asked the prince trying to contain my anger. " Oh, I didn't know you can be this strong " His eyes become redder, his fangs begin to be seen. " Umera is safe, as long as you obey me " He said getting away from me to sit on my bed. I don't feel comfortable around him, but I know he was coming after me anytime. " Come sit beside me, dear Hazel " I don't know what he did to Umera, he has the upper hand. I'll play along for now. I went slowly to sit beside him, in a second he is already sucking my blood from my neck. I tried to hold on but after 40 seconds I pushed him. He smiled at me with stained lips with my blood. "You have the greatest taste Hazel, that's why many people wanted to marry a villager like you" He said after wiping my blood with his handkerchief. " If I were a villager, there's nothing wrong to be a
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Trust Me
Hazel's POV Umera is looking at me for a while now. " Wow " He just said that then smiled. " I have never seen someone this beautiful " He is drunk. He stood up while swaying. " My heart, where is it " He was looking around him, the women around us kept laughing. " Oh, here it is " He pointed at me, I heard Alex giggle, I couldn't laugh. Now I'm in a room with five vampires and an idiot drunk head cheating on me. " We have to leave " I told him trying to grab his hand but he snatched it. " No no, I'm not, loving you anymore " I looked around me, how can I drag him out. " What are you saying? We have to leave! " I told him again trying to hug him to push him towards the door. "Hazel, I'm not going with you, I'm a bad person, leave me " He kept screaming, I was dragging him by his hair, good he recognizes me. " Where are you dr
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The butcher's home
Hazel's POV I don't know what happened yesterday, Umera's made me smell some kind of gas,, I just slept. The next morning I was on Umera's back, he's taking us somewhere. He is in his human form, I don't know why he doesn't like being a wolf that much, he would be a lot faster, stronger. I was looking around me and we're approaching a village nearby. " Are you hungry? " He asked me and I hugged him. " No, what happened yesterday?" " I marked you" I don't know what that's even meant. I stood on my feet looking around me as we're inside a village. They were making clothes, a lot of them. " I, I don't know, would they accept us here? I don't know how to make clothes" I told him and he points at a butcher. " Look, there's a butcher there, we can work for him, hunting animals and preparing them, take so much time " I just nodded as we approached him together. "
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The Orphanage
" Umera! You should know, what you did is bad, very very bad"The mother told her son while sending him to the orphanage." Should I let him pull my eyes? Cursing you? Hitting you? You know he is the bad one, I was only defending myself!"They were at the orphanage's doors." So you pulled his eyes instead? You? Twelve years old tried to kill your stepfather, made him blind! They insist to send you to the prison, but I saved you from that destiny "Umera didn't know why his mother yelling at him, why she's sending him away." mother please, Don't abandon me, I'll, I'll apologies to him, I'll try to handle him, please don't send me away, I'm begging you"Umera starts crying while his mom pushed him away." I warned you time and time to behave, you ended up pulling his eyes, treating your teachers badly, you're not meant to live between humans, I'm not even your mother "Umera wiped his tears, looked at her, doesn't believe her." What are you saying? You
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