Lone The Rogue King

Lone The Rogue King

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WARNING : contains Matured Content ********18+************ Lone was an omega who got banished by Alpha Alexandra for his weakness with no where left to go, he took refuge in the dark forest and stumbled into the dark side of the underworld with vampires,spirits,fairies ,witches ,magic spell's ,demons ,dry bones and dark elixir. He returns an all powerful demi god ,an alpha killing machine, he is a sworn enemy to the alpha's only ,what happens when he meets his next Alpha target and she's a she wolf and his mate, and daughter to His fathers killer Will he send his mate down to Hell's very depth ,or mark her to get her eternal love . For a wolf turned evil by the darkness of the underworld and dark elixir will love make any meaning to him . "You want me baby I know you do , I look in your eyes and I can tell you wanna kill me with pleasure .send me to heaven ,hell the underworld or wherever you want baby and I'll go as long as I'm with you ,I'll always be happy following your every command , you are my alpha and king ". "Shut up your mouth rosa and stop talking nonsense ,trying to seduce me to spare your life isn't going to work at all ,between you and me there's only one destined end

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41 Chapters
Chapter one
LoneHe had his eyes fixed upon me ,as he kept moving around me in circles ,like a predator looking at his prey ,teasing it slowly just before it tears it apart.The problem with Alexandra, well Alpha Alexandra is that he has always underestimated me ,he thinks I'm still the same little lone ,the omega wolf he banished some years ago ,if only he knew how dangerous I have become lately ,and how many worlds I have conquered .I have conquered packs,kingdom's and different realms of supernatural creatures , the whole world is practically kneeling before me paying me homage.It was I who invaded the kingdom of darkness ,destroyed it in fourteen days and took ninety nine thousand demons hostage ,it was still I who killed the guardian fairy and took away the nine dimensions keystone from him .I defeated emperor chakachaka in a battle to the death and i divided his soul
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Chapter Two
Lone pov;And yet again I have destroyed another pack ,many more to go .My eyes were blood red just like that of my dragon and i was pleased with the destruction i had just wrought forth. pouring out a blaze of my anger upon the fire wolf pack had me feeling nothing but pure power and might .The sky laid down a blanket of sadness and darkness although it was still mid day the thick heavy clouds shaded over the luminous sun and it looked like mid night ,as l flew in the skies on my mighty double headed dragon scar .Scar has been my dragon since forever ,this mighty fire breathing beast, very intelligent and extremely powerful creature, i admire him a lot .I found him in one of the underworld lost caves when I went looking for a sacred weapon ,I didn't expect to see him there that day ,he was the guardian to the cave<
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Chapters Three
Lone pov The sky was cold and lonely with no cloud in sight ,as scar and i flew over the hills heading for the red witches coven its been a while I've been there ,with nothing special planed ,it wouldn't be such a bad idea if i visited now and lay low over there for a while until master juju summons me for a clearer message .The red witches coven is located at the top of the cliff at the end of the dark forest , totally invisible from the wizard hills as it is still very much far away ,separated by pure darkness , a little stream in between the hills and the mountains off course , it is invisible until you get much closer .The white clouds formed by the mountain dews and extreme humidity gradually begins to appear slowly as scar gradually descends from the hills ,he didn't think twice about slicing through the clouds ,finally making the coven visibleI hopped down from spikes back
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Chapter four
LONE ::: A witch badge into the kitchen ,and says Your Highness they are some strange men requesting to see you ,they said they are from the shadow clan . The shadow clan I repeated ,off course the shadow clan ,after such a good screw with Adria I almost forgot I was their overall commander ,let them in I said to the witch,and she leaves to go bring them in ,this witch was much older, than the rest of the other witches I see often ,I've never seen her before since I started coming to visit this coven ,I guess she's one of those witches Adria told me usually go on long astral journeys to improve their powers that takes multiple months and years before their return ,but she seemed nice though ,at least she knows I'm in charge here . Finally some three masked ninja warrior's walk in ,I immediately recognise them .Kumara ,Lee and fly ,they walk up towards me and bow down in respect to their overal
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Chapter five
LONE::: "I  didn't say who's the most beautiful little girl in this pack, neither did I say I'll like to meet Cinderella i said who the fuck is in charge here". This time I say it with a glare to intimidate and throw her off balance. " i told you I am the one in charge here, I am alpha Rosa who are you people and what do you want from my pack ." she says as she gets aggressive already and her wolf bodyguards growl loudly at us ,making all five of us burst into laughter . "Sweetie don't you have make up to go put on or a bed to go warm or  something ,anything better to do ,instead of standing here before me trying to do a mans job ,you look pathetic ."I say to her, she gives me a mad look ,but it makes me smile ,I kind of like it when she gets angry . How dare you insult me right in my pack house you must have nerve's of some sort . she raises up her right hand and p
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Chapter six
Rosa::: I stood there,with baby ray in my arms staring at him watching his every move ,I didn't take my eyes off him until he finally left with his girlfriend and scary dragon . What guts  I can't believe the nerve of that man, he intruded into my pack land without invitation and he stands in front of my face and insult's me ,he has the guts to label me as his prisoner,wow I must be dreaming, I can't believe I did nothing about this ,its not my fault though he took me by surprise next time its not going to be this easy, to insult me and walk away without being taught a lesson . The way his men took out mine was quite amazing I must admit ,it  really made me weak in the knees ,my useless pack guards showed how weak and feeble they are ,to do anything to defend this noble pack. Useless set of imbeciles, I wished I had his men as the pack warrior's of my forest green pack instead ,then I'll definitely be able to
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Chapter seven
Rosa ::: We kept staring at each other all three of us in absolute silence when  lone finally lands with his dragon and  breaks the silence . He leaps off his dragon's back showing off his fitness and agility ,he turns around and taps his dragon on its back and he immediately takes off back into the sky sending out very strong winds after first releasing a breath of fire ,yet again sending chills down my spine, dragons are a really scary creaturet,besides they are not a very familia sight here in the south gate this is the second time im seeing one after the first time he came around spreading terror and causing havoc ,im still getting used to the idea of seeing a dragon more frequently, why exactly is he here again was he really here to kill me ,I pounder in my mind . Kumara immediately bows his head in greeting to him as the other two masked men run over our direction ,they must have seen him land ,they do t
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Chapter eight
Rosa ::: I finally open up my eyes and i slowly sit up in an upright position i can barely see a thing right now, the whole room is totally dim ,and without enough light ,i take a while for my brain to reboot ,it takes a while for me and i finally realise I'm in my room, i get up from my bed and walk towards the switch and put on the light ,its too bright for me ,i think i prefer it just the way it was before ,i turn the light back off ,I'll rather use my werewolf vision instead ,i take a walk into my bathroom,i take off the bra and panties i have on just before turning on the shower ,i let my hair loose as i raise my face up facing the shower directly and the water splashes directly on my face . Wait a minute how did i get in my underwear ,who the fuck undressed me ,i run my hands through my body ,my boobs and you already know where ,making sure my virginity is still intact thank God it is, as i breath in relief ,i decided not to think
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Chapter nine
Rosa ::: Talk to me gamma Rex  whats  the update from the south gate meeting ,i ask giving him a straight look . "Nothing really special alpha Rosa ,the final decision by the alphas and south gate top officials was that ,we'll send alpha Tyler the leader of  the blood mood pack alpha a final warning in a written letter ,to keep is pack under control ,any further slip off from them then the drum of war shall be beaten ,we shall show the blood moon pack that the fact we are tolerant with their troublesome attitude ,doesn't mean we are afraid of them ,they could be the most populated pack in the south but if we all come together as one we sure shall outnumber them, this is the final warning ,if there are further complain by any of the packs then the next meeting would be one for the war preparation ,each pack are expected to donate a number of warriors and  troops depending on the number of pack warriors they have ,it sh
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Chapter ten
Rosa :::My goodness i can't believe Julie has low key figured out my feelings for lone, the one thing I've been trying to avoid the most has finally happened, the worst part is its already a gossip going around the pack already and i had no idea, i wonder who else has also figured this out ,even worst i wonder if lone has figured this out too with the way i passed out in my office . i get comfortable back on my alpha chair  folding my hands behind my head .I take a look around my office ,i can't believe it was in this very room all that happened between lone and i ,i feel so embarrassed right now ,i cant belief my wolf could ever embarrass me like this ,that's why i don't like giving her control .  i wonder how I'm going to be able to look him in the eyes by the time he gets back here with kumara , kumara would no longer be under his command legally, that means lone isn't entitled to be here during the mating ceremony ,but i have a gut feel
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