The Day And The Night

The Day And The Night

By:  Aeonian  Ongoing
Language: English
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The day she met him, reminded him of the night he saw her The day she lost her everything, resulted, in the night he got her for a lifetime The day she got a new life, that night snatched his everything The day she made her dream come true, that night, his everything became a nightmare. Everyone assumes that if they get the chance to replay the past, they can play everything right. But is it possible to rewrite fate?! The king of the mafia world! The biggest businesswoman in the technical world! Can there be any possibility for these two to meet each other?! Even if that happened, will the world accept it? What will happen when fate itself is on the path to play, with both these two and the ones surrounding them. What will happen when it is all a déjà vu for everyone, still, they ended up making it worse than before. The day tried to hide every secret, but the night unveiled them all. It is said that we all have a turning point in our lives. For them, it was, “THE DAY AND THE NIGHT”. !!A story where the side roles will write the story of the ones in lead!!

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9 chapters
“Goodbye”.Said a pair of trembling lips on the verge of cracking their voice, served by pearls leaving the orbs amidst the pair of eyes so red that could pour blood instead of those crystal pearls, if possible. All those visions could earn was another pair of orbs, agonizing a stare so warm as that of a sauna.Two physiques standing a couple of feet apart, unswerving. But only if one could peep inside those iron seeming towers, it was nothing more than a vapid, abandoned arrangement of bones which once was a home of lively souls. No matter how much desire those figures were carrying for the last touch, there was something which might be called invisible to others, but was so opaque to these visions, standing firmly, forbidding their last desire to come true. No matter how willing they were to feel each other, some invisible manacles were there, holding both of them apart.The sky was dark but still belonged to the morning, as it was an early hour st
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Life Or Death
The road again hid in that old deafening silence, and nothing could be heard, except the sound of some fumes of fire burning themselves to avoid the encounter of that insufferable sight.Five minutes have passed since they both lost their consciousness. The patrolling cars must be coming any minute.At last, the cars reached there, and now they are being taken to a hospital, which may be the nearest to that road. One of the police decided to accompany these injured bodies in the ambulance and the patrol cars followed.The faces were so covered in wounds that identification was not possible. The policeman sitting inside the ambulance delved their belongings and found identification cards of both.Seeing those faces on that identification card suddenly made his mind stop processing. The words return next to the photos which people usually consider to be names of the ID card’s owner was not so usual at that moment. After seeing those identities, he kne
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The Past
a/n povTill now, some of you must be experiencing sorrow, most must be experiencing confusion, but the only thing common in all must be the eagerness to know,what the hell is going on here?who on earth are those two bodies lying unconscious inside the operation theatre, swinging between life and death?and, who are the two persons, sitting outside waiting for them to wake up?To know this all, you all need to use your power of imagination and follow me to the past. So, let’s go…SIX YEARS BACK“Leave me…somebody saves me………HELP!”, a man tied with thick ropes cried out loud while sitting on a chair. The chair was placed in a gloomy room.There was a horrifying pin drop silence. Nothing else could be heard except his yells. It seemed like the room was located at some abundant place since no sound of cars rushing and no horns of bulky trucks
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Introduction 1
“I am sorry”, she apologized as soon as the realization of her mistake struck her. “It takes time, you know. To come out of that seductive character”, she added, putting on a convincing face. “I am letting it go this time. But you better be careful ahead.”, he sounded more like warning her, but this cannot be considered as his true emotions since the clouds of his cold face were making it a bit hard for her to judge whether that was a warning or a reminder of the rules to talk with her boss. Due to all this, she became confused and could not decide any other emotions rather than passing a confusing but still agreeing with a smile kind-of expressions, making it look nothing more than weird on her flawless lips painted red. The boss said nothing and made himself drift to a comfortable position and swung his eyes in the direction of the half-opened window, manifesting the beauty of the early morning. Since there was still time to reach home, both of them decided
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Introduction 1 (continued)
As soon as the yell reached the ears of Dae-Seong, he immediately turned his face and walked in the direction of the sound. The moment he reached there, his face transformed the looks from a cold gesture to a confused one.Meanwhile, Hae-Won was weirdly sitting on the floor, adjusting her glittering pair of stilettos, out of which one was still in her foot, and then another one occupied her hand as it was broke.Now Dae-Seong could understand, what happened and went near Man-Hae and stood in front of her, watching her actions in disbelief.As soon as Man-Hae sensed the presence of someone in front of her, she quickly lifted her head and looked for the face of that presence. Now she could see Dae-Seong standing in front of her, pulling on a weird-still-cold face. She knew what he must be thinking, so, before Dae-Seong could say anything, she decided to give a reply to the assumed would-be question herself, and said, “Yeah, Yeah, Stop right there! I know you
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Introduction 2
It is six in the morning now.  The sky is all covered in the fresh beauty of a new day, hugged by the thin layers of clouds, wrapped in the old yet mesmerizing shades of yellow, patiently waiting for its companion- the sun. The city is pretty silent for now as all the noisy beasts, or the machines in modern language, are resting.  The god of the underworld must be done with his work since he is adjusting himself in between the fine silk sheets, covering the imported mattress over the luxurious bed. The same goes with Man-Hae, as she is also done with her breakfast and is now having a nice rest in the soothing warmth of the rising sun with more chirruping of birds, which is though, nothing more than a lullaby to them for now. The natural sound is having no interruption of foreign man-made vis
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Introduction 2 (continued)
“Young Jae!”, she spoke in a breathy voice.“Yeah, it's me. Are you ok?”, he said while patting her back and handing her a glass of water.The girl grabbed the glass and drank the water.Yes, you are right! The person who is not in love with hearing his name from someone else’s mouth was just being called by that, and he did not object to it. Why? Because it is her. And with this, I guess here is the time for the proper introduction of our new character…Meet Kim Iseul, the only exception in the lives of many people and at many places. Read more
What the world sees
Inside a building… Overlapping sounds of different voices uttering meaningful yet understandable words and the loud sound of footstep filled that building from bottom to top. Every single pair of feet was trembling yet moving at the fastest decent pace, unknowingly adding more to the echoing footsteps sound.    “Be quick. They must be coming any minute.”, ordered someone, receiving a few nods and more fast reactions in return. But these reactions and actions could not last long. The giant massive device covering the most notable and most-watched place of the whole building; the clock, showed something that made all those uneasy paces go numb, all those overworking eyes stuck at one place, and all those reacting hands freeze.  The clock struck 9:00 am, not lacking a second to match its pace with the car that stopped right in front of the building entry.  In just a blink of an eye, every single thing and being was so
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What the world sees (Part 2)
In the mafia’s mansion….. WAKE UP. IT IS NINE IN THE MORNING; screamed a robotic voice from the device placed on the nightstand. After receiving no command to stop, the device repeated the same phrase at a higher volume. But this time, a giant muscular hand landed on the device, switching it off. And that was it. A slight movement of hands putting the alarm off, and the mafia was wide awake.  Giving a light stretch to his body on the bed, he moved the duvet off his body and was soon standing on the floor, stretching his knuckles, neck, and arms, cracking all the walls of laziness in his body. After taking a good look at his tidy room, Dae-Seon
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