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Suhayr Imraan Khalid is the definition of hotheaded sassy lady filled with bags of sarcasm, a real badass. Her small clothing brand passed down to her by her mother is about to get demolished so she took a drastic step to earn more than she's lost. She got married to the person claiming to want her shop. The infuriated wealthy man have the audacity to offer some cash for her to give up her own company. Worst of all, the government are behind his decision like the leeches they've always been. They hated her anyway, there is no way they are going to support her. She married him to make his life a living hell and damn right she did so but then, she got messed into some unknown emotions rendering her weak.

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89 Chapters
N'DJAMENA, CHAD."Treasure what you have, time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grief, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, Time is Eternity. For all you out there with someone special in your heart, cherish that person, cherish every moment that you spend together that special someone, for in life, anything can happen anytime. You may painfully regret, only to realize that it is too late. Do not value the things you have in your life. But value who you have in your life."Like every other day, Suhayr remembered what her foster mother had said to her on her death bed. Like a broken recorder, she replays it whenever she feels down and when she is facing hardship. She's loved that woman like she would her mother and she misses her terribly, everyday. She was like her own oxygen, her life an
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BORNO EMIRATE COUNCIL."Make it quick." Came his cold reply making the maid in plum and parchment coloured outfit to tremble, her intestines shaking in fear of being the man's presence. Or the man he has become for the past month."Here is your tea, your Highness." She kept the small mug and saucer on the golden coffee chair her master is sitting on then move back behind to stand like a guard in case if he wants her to add sugar or he wants milk which is rare.If not for the fact that he is royalty and must act like one, he would've told them that he is no disabled and can do everything himself. That was the man he was a month before not thus snappy, techy and frigid person he has become. They don't enjoy working in the chamber anymore, they despise it actually.The sigh of relief that left her mouth c
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N'DJAMENA, CHAD."Lale, Hello!" Her best friend, Tasneem greeted as soon as she opened the door for her to come into their beautiful homey yet cold house painted in orange and cream. The weather is getting way too chilly for any of Suhayr's coats, she needs to get some new cheap ones.Her best friend Tasneem Da'ood is really a beautiful lady standing five ft six, way taller than Suhayr would want but she manage to pull off that look. With her slender body shaped into rectangle upsidedown with lack of extra curves unlike Suhayr. Her curves are just the same way as her body, not much more that she would love which result to her exercising to get the body. She loves the way she is but accepted the challenge from Suhayr one blessed evening.Right from her dark onyx long hair that is now tied in a messy ponytail, to her full brow
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N'DJAMENA, CHAD. She could hear the melodious sound of birds chirping outside her window, reminding her just how much of a good soul she is. She always tries to feed them each morning with water, grains and bread crumbs, she enjoys doing that all the time as it takes her mind away from so many problems. The fact that they don't leave the place till after being full makes this prodigious amount of happiness to swarm in her chest every morning.  She is doing something good for once. That peace got shattered as soon as her sleaze phone rang from the bedside table reminding her she didn't put it on airplane mood the night before. She knew about her meeting bit she wants to delay it as much as she could to piss t
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N'DJAMENA, CHAD."I won't argue with you on that seeing I'm starving and peckish, for money. But, I don't think you have enough to offer me now so I suggest you keep your mouth sealed." Suhayr lectured to Sa'eed who could only place his right hand under the right side of his cheek grazing his little gruff by the side in thought, tickling his palm in process."You can't ask for too much money when you don't own an empire. It's just a small company and an apartment but you are making a gigantic fuss." The hotheaded man had to butt his head in again eliciting a groan from her mouth in anger. She should really keep that man in his sit before he makes her all more pissed. She lets her cool face stay there though, she won't give him the satisfaction."I don't know about you, but this company is my life. And if you dare to demean t
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N'DJAMENA, CHAD."That doesn't matter but for your information, I'm nineteen. We are going to get married right now in the mosque." She stood up with nonchalance seeing as Sa'eed stared at her as though she's hit her head somewhere and is now mentally unstable.Not that she cared what he thinks of her at that time, no scratch that, at anytime. She needs to have her plan set in motion, she hates delaying when she feels like something is important and now her priority is getting married to this rich El-Kanemi guy.She can't afford letting him slip off her finger, he looks as cunning and sly as she is. One wrong move from her, her plan will fall and follow the drain, that she can't afford. She needs that last name to her name as soon as possible, she doesn't care in what way. Whether legal or illegal, wholeheartedly or selfishly, she needs that royal name related to he
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N'DJAMENA, CHAD.Suhayr immediately left the mosque to go call the two people she knew would not hesitate to come and help her if she gives them some money, not that they won't without the money. They are her customers and like buying their stuff from her shop because she always makes discount for them, that is all because her mother respects them for some unknown reason, she also does. If her mother loves an ant, Suhayr would definitely respect that ant for the rest of her life.They liked her and always tells her that when she gets married, she should make sure they are there. Now they are needed and without any hesitation, she knew they are going to come in addition to their house not being far away from the mosque. This come in handy for her, she don't want to change her mind or let that man change his, this is what she needs at the moment.

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N'DJAMENA, CHAD."Why not ask Ms. Khalid to help us with one of her bedrooms? I heard she has two bedrooms in her apartment. She won't mind us squatting there for the night huh?" His tone was serious making Sa'eed worried that his friend swallowed something poisonous. He is never serious during his first wife's burial."I don't think that is a good idea." He muttered stealing a glance at Suhayr who is busy staring at the photos of their wedding which one of her so called Uncles took earlier. If he doesn't know any better, he'd think she is fan girling inside."Why no- don't tell me you have killed her already?" The voice took another dramatic turn after the first sentence. That is what Sa'eed has been avoiding, the drama that always comes after he gets serious."Don't be stupid. I'll talk to her about it." He saw her perked u
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N'DJAMENA, CHAD. "I'm leaving for my room and don't come in now or you might see something you can't resist. And you'll have to sleep uneasily the whole night." She released a naughty smile then ambled to her room all the while boiling in anger. What he's said hasn't wore off till then, she don't have the energy or she would've made his night as uncomfortable as she could. The man had the nerve to say nothing could turn him on from her body? He doesn't know what he is getting himself into but she will give him time, she will take him unforeseen. She hates sharing her bedroom nor her bed, no, she hates sharing her apartment in general. If the rooms don't have their bathrooms, she wouldn't have allowed them to grace their presence in
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N'DJAMENA, CHAD. Due to Tasneem's shriek, her sister awoke and so does her mother Urshia and sister Thuraiya looking horrified at the duo. Suhayr is getting the beat of her life by Tasneem so they only shook their heads and help Suhayr or she gets bruises on that sensitive skin of hers. They are used to Tasneem's quick hands, she likes beating people for littlest mistakes but her beating Suhayr means something big which they are very much anticipating to know. What has she done for her friend to hit her like a lunatic? "What is going on here, young ladies?" Urshia demanded after settling Tasneem on the bed while Suhayr is placed on Thuraiya's bed, they are watching them weirdly. Tasneem is still glaring at a
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