Ruin the Plot- Her Bully

Ruin the Plot- Her Bully

By:  Thorns  Ongoing
Language: English
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I'm reading a book about a boy who bullies a girl, but they end up in love? Screw that; if it were me, I'd ruin the plot.

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6 Chapters
Chapter 1
NygeriaI awoke to the sound of moans echoing in my room. I groaned, annoyed, as I roll over to check the time on my glow-in-the-dark clock on my desk. It’s 4:00 on a school night; you’ve got to be kidding me. She knows I have to get up in the morning for class.I let out an exasperated sigh before stuffing my face back in my pillow, trying to drown out the noise. Asking them to be quiet was not an option; I tried that once. Stephanie, my roommate, and the school’s resident mattress had laughed at me then proceeded to turn on the light and have sex right in the middle of the room. I learned that night to keep my mouth shut and suffer in silence.At least I only have to deal with this for 7 more months until I graduate from this hell hole. My only friend transferred out last year, so now I’m stuck at this prestigious boarding all alone. I’m the school’s punching bag, courtesy o
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Chapter 2
___   Present   My alarm beeps at 7:45, I jump up, damn, I hit snooze too many times, and now I’m going to be late for class. I run to the bathroom, quickly shower then head back to my room. When Stephanie walks in, I’m putting on my clothes; I try to hide my body. “Ewww, piggy? Put some clothes on. Nobody wants to see that.” She screams. I quickly pull up my skirt and throw on a top; I’m used to her comments by now. When I moved in two months ago, they used to hurt and would even make me cry, but I made peace with the fact that I was a couple of pounds heavier and my stick-thin roommate was a bitch “I’m borrowing your shoes tonight, the strappy black ones.” I remain silent; it’s not like anything I say will stop her. “What, you don’t want to? You should be thankful your fat ass wears the same size as me. Why should I be grateful that she’s wearing my
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Chapter 3- All roads lead to Noah
Nygeria I feel cold liquid on my skin, pulling me back to consciousness. I look up as the blurry vision comes to focus; Stephanie stands over me, pouring a bottle of water on my face. This has to be a bad dream; this can’t be real. I am not in a novel getting water poured on me by the school slut. I close my eyes again, hoping to wake in my own bed, but I can still feel the water she’s pouring on me. This is real; I’m in a novel. “Stop pretending to sleep, fat bitch; I’m running out of water,” she says with a smirk. If I accept that I am in this novel, she is one of the people who would bully me. However, I am not a pushover, unlike the book version of me. I sit up as she finishes the last drop of water. “Did you call me a slut?” She asks as I am still coming to terms with being in a book. How am I going to get home? “Fat bitch, do you not hear me talking to you.” I don’t respond as I wonder how the hell I’m going to get out of this book. I’ve
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Chapter Four- First meeting
I scowl, walking out of the coffee shop; I stopped to take a moment to examine my surroundings. It looked like any regular street in any Major city in the USA. I look to the right hoping Luciano was in walking distance, relieved to find it right next door. Fist clenched and anger boiling, I prepared myself for the first contact with the enemy. Noah is the rich, perfect guy and Nigeria's worse nightmare. Well, that was until I took over this body; now I will pay back everything he has done to her two folds.While I had no idea what the plot was beyond the first couple chapters, I know that the result was falling in love with Noah as long as I possessed this body that would never happen. Instead, I was planning an all-out assault; this book was no longer a romance novel. No, I would be plotting sweet revenge. Hopefully, kiss and few boys, this never been kiss virgin thing waiting for Noah to acknowledge her wasn’t doing it for me.I straighten my shirt, brush the f
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Chapter 5- The New Nygeria
Nygeria            The weekend passed without Stephanie returning to the dorm, which worked great because I used the uninterrupted time to plan my next move. Of course, the first thing I needed to do was learn about the people at the school, so I spent most of Sunday looking through social media profiles, learning names and faces to add to the memories that the original owner of this body had. The apps here are similar to those in the real world, so finding everyone was relatively easy and lucky for me; she's a loser, so there are no close friends to keep my guard up against. I lay in bed on Sunday reading Noah's profile on a website. I know the most about him since she loves him, but you never know enough about your enemy. I read his hobbies, football, and hiking typical for a jog, although he likes poetry. I remember that was the first chapter of the novel; he liked her poems. If
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Chapter 6- Anyone but You
Noah      I sit at lunch, poking the food on my plate as I replay my last two interactions with Nygeria. She was so cold; I thought things would change after discovering how I felt about her. “Or admit you want to f**k me.” The words play over in my mind again. How does she know this? I mean, I want more than sex. I'm in love with her; I have been for a very long time, but when did she find out? Didn’t I do enough to hide it after that night at the party?            The night she, I close my eyes pushing the painful memories away. Ever since that night, I’ve wanted to hate her, and I wanted her to know that I hate her, but no matter how hard I try, these feelings won’t extinguish. Every time I see her, I want to kiss her, but I can’t, so I bully her. I know better. I’m not five; I shouldn’t bully the girl I have
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