Oh My God! Ultimate Revenge System

Oh My God! Ultimate Revenge System

By:  Illonasama  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alya is a successful model who has a long-lost lover whom she cherishes from all her heart. She works hard and studies fervently, thinking of her lover who will come back one day and ask her in marriage. As a woman of talent and grace, she manages to succeed and get fame through the modeling entertainment world. But when that love comes back and becomes CEO, he says having long lost ever since any sort of emotion for her and asks not to see her once again in his life. Heartbroken, she faints and dies wishing she never met him. But well seen and lucky as she was, she reincarnated into a newbie model from the company of her lover. Will she succeed in getting her revenge and take back all those awaiting and wasted years? The image is not mine. Here is the link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/418131146638384944/.

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25 chapters
"Today, we are going to thank one of the most successful models of this city, Miss... ALYA!" She was ecstatic tonight and glanced at the guests who were plenty inside. "Thank you! Thank you!" she said.  The host who was holding the presentation said; "Miss Alya! We are glad about your presence on this platform, tonight!"  Everyone acclaimed and the people clapped all through the platform. "Please if you could permit us we have some questions for you." She smiled and said, "If it is true, I'm willing to hear." "Before you answer any question we have to warn you. It's only the truth here." He continued with the show and said, "The public is aware that you are hardworking and you have a successful career. Some rumors are saying that you might have a lover," He looked glad and the audience watched closely. "Is it true you have a lover?" At hearing this, she was a little shocked and found it too private to
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  "Good morning! If you want information we have what you need. Today it has been reported that the most prominent model of A city has died today from a heart attack at the international airport in front of the public." two journalists presented "Apparently, rumors say she has been on a platform saying she was going to meet a lover, a CEO at the airport. At exactly 1 pm she died and was sent to the hospital by a courageous and brave civilian." A female journalist displayed "The identity of the CEO is still unknown but there is an army of fans who hate him and are performing riots." A male journalist continued  "What an evil person!" the female journalist said with a smirk on her face Tsu Lian's father paid for journalists to remove everything that could implicate his son to the affair and erase all that civilians could have said that day. He made this to protect Tsu Lian's name and that of his company. His father could not afford any
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Chapter 3: WHAT'S YOUR NAME?
"How was your day?" A man asked Lin Zoe was formal and made sure she looked normal.  "Fine, my first day was good." She replied  The man was accompanied by a middle-aged woman who was the mother of Zoe. She thought of her as being her mother and quickly greeted her. "Hello!" she said sweating and smiling. Her mom who was beside looked kind and reserved.  "I'm happy your day was good."  Her mom was a young woman who was in the middle of her 40's. She had friendly looks and was calm and reserved.  "When you get back home you bathe and I will send back your Mom home." the man said  "Okay!" She did not even take the time to see the face of the man talking to her. His voice was sweet like honey and made her feel desired. Not knowing where she was heading to or how will her new home be, she preferred to stay quiet.  The woman smiled at her and held her daughter's hand
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It was a busy day and Lin Zoe was practicing. "I finished the daily exercise I need to go to work," Zoe said as she watched at the time She stretched and then felt her tummy growling. "I'm so hungry, I want some pancakes," she murmured exhausted as she advanced for the  kitchen  She walked on the staircase and reached the main parlor before entering the kitchen.  "It's just now that I realize this house is just modest and normal," she said "He has such a luxury car, the last Bugatti model. He could live in a manor, why this house?" She asked herself confused "Anyway, It's ten times better than living on the streets. This kitchen is so cute, I love it." Zoe praised  "Humm... Let me see what I can find here. Some flour and milk. Perfect! I just need some sugar and spices." At that very moment, Shen Zi entered after waking up from bed.  "Hello! Are you on the breakfast?" Shen Zi sai
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  "I wish you a pleasant descent to hell. I wish I had become a better person who will..." Suddenly Zoe shook her head and sat straight like a stick. "What an awful dream!" She screamed as she got up from her dream It was raining and the night was setting out. The car got wet out by the rain and Shen Zi had on the heater to keep everyone warm.  "I dreamed again of that trash," Zoe murmured angrily  "Sleeping again in the car?" Amy looked at him and frowned; "I'm really tired please excuse me I need to take a nap sometimes," She turned for a second nap and didn't notice where they were going.   "It makes a while that you are dreaming a little bit strangely these days," Shen said as he looked through the window panel and saw his wife sleeping She looked cute and smiled at him.  "Yeah! It's that illness I think you are talking about." She said with her eyes close and smiling "Why
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Chapter 6: Spring Parade
1 week later... "Hi, I have to prepare for the Spring parade," Zoe said quickly rushing to get to work early She had already changed herself and tried to find any quick snack she could get to eat. Shen smiled at her as he sipped his coffee, "I wish you the best. Take care of yourself."  Zoe was rushing and looked everywhere to see if she didn't forget anything. "Calm down, let's have breakfast first!" "What do you want as breakfast for today?" She asked pausing to listen to what he will say He made a hand sign to say 'no mistake', "I want cheese eggs and Chinese pastries with milk, please!" She was willing to cook for her hubby before getting to work and understood his hand sign. "No problem. I will cook them right now with no mistake!" ... Flower May, Region.  The Flower May region was where the parade was to be done. There were cherry trees and it looked soft, pink, and simple in complex
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Chapter 7: Clinking Cups of Wine
6 pm in the evening... Shen entered the house and held the hand of Zoe. "Close your eyes!", he gestured as he placed his hands on her eyes She was closing them and walked through by Shen's movements. As they were strolling, she was feeling afraid and fidgeted across his legs shivering or asking him to stop. It was like a game of trust. Shen will tenderly hold her and accompany her smoothly to gain her confidence. They stopped over an empty space and Zoe wondered why they had suddenly stopped.  "Uh-hmm! Shen why did we stop?" she hummed  As he loosened his arms he replied, "You can open them now." She opened her eyes and was surprised at what she saw.  "Wow!" There was a banner of congratulations with something written as "Congratulations Lin Zoe". The whole house was decorated and well prepared for the arrival of someone. The air was exquisite and candles were set at the table. This all looked pretty with a perfect touch
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Chapter 8: Peaceful Week-end
6:30 am... Yawns*... Zoe yawned as she stretched out from bed Shen Zi was sitting on the bed and gazing at the window. She knew something was wrong with him and was willing to help him. "Hello! You did not sleep well tonight. Can I make you some coffee?" Zoe said worried about Shen "No, I just want to send that guy to thrash." he replied grinning "We will find a solution! And who said there was no way to end this!?" She said  What Amy said had a double meaning. The first one was to destroy him and the second meant to end this love for him and his constant appearing in her thoughts.  "I first have to lure him into my trap and he wall fall inside it blindly." She thought acquainted' She gazed and saw how they were being cute and wished a morning wake up like this more often. "Will we follow this.... cute routine, every day!?" she thought  "It's a series of steps. Every day, there is connection creating and
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Chapter 10: New Enemy 2
After talking with Tsu Lian in his office, Lin Zoe came out of the office fluttering like she was in the skies. That morning, she was wearing a casual suit which was a brown chestnut beret, a short black skirt, and a slim grey shirt with a pair of black high heels. She also wore her golden Givenchy watch on her wrist which she always kept for keeping track of time. she smiled at herself trying to grab her phone from her white handbag. "Let me call Shen Zi right now!" For the time being, Shen Zi was at his office working with the hotel's affairs. He was a very busy person and was very keen on taking care of his figure and work. By his side was his personal manager, Lu Jin who was taking care of meetings, drafting files, and scheduling appointments for Shen. Phone ringing...* "Who is calling?" Shen Zi asked It's miss Lin Zoe, sir! Lu Jin said "Pass her on to me." Shen Zi got up and went to the balcony beside his office. On the balcony, t
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Chapter 9: New Enemy
Monday morning, 7:00 am... Good Morning Boss! I heard that you wanted to take Miss Lin to a new fashion parade? His secretary said turning a cup of coffee to his boss Yes! I think it can be a good idea because I need to make an advertisement once more. He replied sipping his coffee then putting it down It's not to offend, but why do you appreciate her that much? he asked curiously She looks professional! That's the type of model people want. It's a good thing for the company.  Hmm... That is not wrong! She really does look professional! I will ask someone to review her CV and then he will ask her some questions. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A few minutes later when Lin Zoe arrived to work, Yes! Senior, did you called me? she called as she quickly rushed to the room You can call me Laura from now on. I will review your CV. she said calmly Lin Zoe stood politely and gazed at her manager.  Apparently, we
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