SOS: Love on the line

SOS: Love on the line

By:  Isabella laye  Ongoing
Language: English
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Victoria Carson is 17 and in love with Bruce Wayne and Thera nothing that could make her happier. That is till a summer mistake threatens the he dreams and hopes for a brighter future. Could she ever be able to face Bruce? Or will she keep this a secret even if it's driving a wedge between her and her future? Bruce Wayne just couldn't be happier, finally coming home to his beautiful girlfriend, the love of his life. He is confused and hurt when she starts to ignore him, frustrated Bruce is set on finding the cause of her strange behavior. But is he ready for the truth? As it shakes the very foundation of their relationship, will they ever be able to get through this,or is their love doomed to fail?

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1
It's been a month since I last saw him, a month since I felt his warm hugs, a month since I saw his dazzling smile. Today I am going to see him again and I can't help but feel scared and on edge, will he be able to tell that something has changed?My name is Victoria Carson and I'm the worst girlfriend in the world. "Honey if you keep staying up there I won't be able to take you to school today" my mum's voice rang through the house. "I'm coming mum" but I hadn't even moved an inch as I stared at my reflection in the mirror, making sure I looked perfect and nothing was out of place. Today had to go smoothly to avoid Bruce finding out."Tori!!!!! Don't you dare make me late, five more minutes or I'm leaving you" you could hear the impatience in her voice and this time I was sure she meant every word. With a roll of my eyes and one final look in the mirror I left my room, going straight for the front door, passing the kitchen on my way "oh gosh, why do you have to be so
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Chapter 2
As I made my way through the crowd of people in search of my friends I kept practicing the perfect smile to give. "Oh finally you are here, if I had to listen to Bruce yap about how much he missed you one more time I'll have died"  and that's my best friend Gloria, very energetic and a complete drama queen but I love her either way, Gloria is what you'll describe as a typical cheerleader, with the strawberry blond locks that touches her shoulders, the fairest skin I could only dream of, she had this sweetheart face that made her look even cuter and when you add that to her blue eyes, tan, in shape five-nine frame you have one of the hottest guys in the academy. Which was no surprise when she told me she was dating the captain of the troops, they are the academy's pride and joy."well hello Glow, good morning to you too and don't you look lovely in that cute number" was my cheery reply, before I knew it I was being squeezed to death by her"oh Toria you have no idea how much I mis
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Chapter 3
"Lunch, break finally, I thought I was going to die of hunger" Gloria is always hungry, which is surprising because she's always eating. "Didn't have breakfast this morning??" I asked even when I knew the answer she was going to give "of course I ate, if not I'll have died after first period" she said as we made our way to a bench in the cafeteria, food in hand of course."So spill how did you spend the summer, I know you didn't go anywhere but you must have had fun" Gloria asked when we took a seat, today her mum had made for her a burger with grilled fish, I've never seen a woman who cooks like her. I remember back when we were ten and her mum made for us a very delicious three course meal to celebrate our turning ten, even though our birthdays had passed."Nothing much actually, all I did was stay at home and miss you guys, I think I only met up with Kayle once all through summer" I told her, I was just trying to get her off my back. I should have known it won't wor
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Chapter 4
The sound of the bell, it had become my favourite tune to here in school in the academy. I was finally free to go home. My hatred for school has remained unmatched, I couldn’t wait to leave thi8s hell hole. Leaving my class I quickly sent a text to my mum letting her know I won’t be waiting for her to pick me up as I made my way to the school gate to meet up with my friends.Another down side to the academy was the fact that no student was allowed to bring any means of transportation to school, students are to either walk to school or follow their parents to school. They claim to want to remove discrimination and strengthen unity, so basically, the council believes that vehicles and material things have a way of creating a wedge between students, so no class or hierarchy on school grounds. ‘Yo Vic I’m over here’ Kyle called my attention to his brooding form standing by the gate, I quickly made my way to him squeeze my way through  m
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Chapter 5
‘I’m coming, I’m coming’ I had shouted for the hundredth time, I ran from the kitchen after turning off the cooker with the spaghetti on it. ‘Who  is it’ I asked once at the door ‘ it’s the Grinch, who else would it be knocking on your door, open up, its freaking cold out here’ shaking my head I open the door to see none other than my  crazy best friend with a suitcase in  her hand. ‘Look swho we have here, if it isn’t the Grinch,  oh and she came  with luggage too’ I said with a  huge smile on my face, ‘I thought you were only staying for one night, what’s with the suitcase. Please don’t tell me you’ve moved out’ I said with a pointed look towards her direction as she dragged her things inside the house. ‘No nothing like hat, I just that my parents travelled again, I got back home to see a later from them telling me they had to go for a business
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Chapter 6
  Tomorrow is finally here, I woke up this morning to the smell of bacon and eggs being fried, mum must be home, I stretch in bed before getting up and making my way to the kitchen, to my surprise its Gloria cooking. ‘your mum said she had to sleep over at work but shell come to pick us up, the boys are also coming over, they said they’ll need a ride, I told your mum about that too’ she said while flipping an egg over  and checking on the bacon. She seemed okay today, it didn’t look like she was upset with me I thought while I took a piece of bacon and throw it into my mouth  ‘Oww, what did you do that for?’ I asked, she just hit me with the spatula and it hurt like hell, ‘no eating till you are ready for school, that’s my house rule and the guys will soon be here so you best be on your way young lady’ I laughed and ran to take a shower, I guess I didn’t need to worry, Glow has already forgiven me. I had my b
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Chapter 7
Two weeks, it's been two weeks since I last saw Gloria. I mean we've fought several times but never about anything serious, especially not for this long, she avoids me at every turn and it's driving me nuts. Glow only has three friends, Bruce, Kyle and I, no one else. I'm worried her avoiding me might be making her lonely. "hey there gorgeous, how were classes today? Bruce was at the table with Kyle, those two never wait for me before they start eating," same old same old, I just couldn't wait to see see you" my voice got husky at the end as I leaned in to give him a kiss. "Ahem.." the sound of Kyle's dry cough interrupted us before our lips could even touch "could you guys please keep it PG 13 here? Some of us are trying to eat, I might just puke watching you go down each other's throats" he made a face like he just might."Oh don't be a drama queen" I rolled my eyes, giving Bruce a chaste kiss before turning to face Kyle "and when did you start getting weird around Bruce and
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