You Are Mine, Maria (English)

You Are Mine, Maria (English)

By:  Sinokmput  Completed
Language: English
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Maxime Jaccob Ainsley, a man who hates women because of his mother's past actions. He always plays women and changes every night. Until one day, he gets a woman as a guaranteed gift from someone. Her rebellious attitude made Jake even more interested in to subduing the woman. Will Jake succeed in luring Maria, or will he be captivated by his slave?

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89 chapters
1. Prologue
A man sits with his hands supporting his head.  He looked embarrassed at the person sitting cross-legged on the floor in his office.  There was silence, there were three of them in this room, but if the man in power didn't give them a chance to speak, they didn't dare to open their mouths.  "In what way did I kill you?"  he said as if he was the god of death who determines destiny.  "Please forgive me, sir, I promise I won't do this again," said Petra, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor.  The man sitting alone smiled sarcastically at Petra, he raised one eyebrow because Petra's words sounded like a joke to him.  "Once you rebel, one day you will rebel again," said the man lazily. Read more
2. Accidental Meeting
Maria came home late from work because the restaurant was busy.  Yes, although she is still a student at a university in this city, she also works part-time to support herself.  She is indeed the daughter of a wealthy person, but she is treated differently by her father because she is only a stepdaughter.  Maria got home late at night, she put her motorbike in the garage, then walked into the house.  She thought maybe everyone in the house was asleep, but she was wrong.  When she opened the door and entered, she saw her father and mother sitting in the living room.  Maria was surprised, she glanced at the clock in her hand and she didn't see it wrong.  It's half past midnight but why aren't her parents sleeping yet, she thought.  "Maria, come here," said her stepfather.Read more
3. Compensation
Maria walked hurriedly into her classroom, she didn't even pay attention to the curses of the person she bumped into.  Her current goal was her class.  She had to hurry in before Miss Claire was there.  But her steps slowed when she saw Miss Claire was already in her class.  She hesitated whether to enter or not, but finally she decided to knock on the slightly door.  Knock ... knock....   The whole class looked at her, including the teacher.  Maria could only smile grimly, her best friend sitting in the corner laughed because he saw Maria's behavior.  The girl who is usually barbaric is afraid of the killer lecturer figure who always lowers her grades if something goes wrong in her eyes.  Miss Claire, a middle-aged w
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4. You...!!!
After the woman left, Jaccob went back to working on some of the paperwork he needed to see.  He looks focused on the sheets of paper in front of him.  Suddenly the door to his room opened and he thought it was a staff employee, to his annoyance.  "Can't you knock on the door first," Jake said without taking his eyes off him.  "Should I come back out and get permission to enter your room," said a man who was no less handsome than Jaccob.  He is almost the same height as Jake, has a broad chest and hands that look muscular.  His slightly long hair was partly ponytailed.  Jake looked away when he recognized this voice, he looked at Sean, one of his best friends besides Kenzo.  They used to study at the same university, taking one
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5. Especially This Time?
Jaccob was also surprised to see the woman currently standing beside Petra.  He smiled, it turned out that luck fell on him.  He had been attracted to Maria at the office earlier, unexpectedly, she was the gift Petra was referring to.  "Good evening, Sir," said Petra, looking down slightly as Jaccob sat on the single sofa in front of him.  Jaccob just nodded his head.  He was still looking ahead, not at Petra, but Maria.  Maria narrowed her eyes when she saw Jaccob's gaze which for her was very perverted.  But she would be silent, assessing the situation first.   "So this is the gift you mean? Interesting too," said Jaccob, smiling sarcastically.  "Yes, Sir, she will be y
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6. Disgusting View
Maria woke up from her sleep when there was a knock on her bedroom door.  She woke up slowly, her head still aching.  Even though she drank a little last night, the impact when Jake pushed her added to the pain in her head.  She opened the locked door, saw Rose, the maid of this house was in front of her.  "Miss, come downstairs. Mr. Jake is waiting for you for breakfast."  said Rose.  "Okay, I'll get ready first,"  said Mary.  She closed the door then moved towards the bathroom and cleaned herself up.  She still remembered how Jake had kissed her last night and it made her uncomfortable.  Not wanting to upset her new boss, Maria immediately finished her shower, walked in
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7. Get to Work
The woman who was on Jake's lap panicked, she immediately stood up and was seen tidying up her clothes. Looking at the woman who was staring at her intently, the woman thought maybe she was one of her boss's women. She didn't want to look for trouble, she was just a small employee in this company, she finally said goodbye and walked out in a hurry. Jake looked relaxed, he leaned back and looked at Maria who had her arms crossed still looking at him. Jake raised an eyebrow without saying anything. Maria walked over and immediately sat on the chair in front of Jake's desk, she leaned back and put her arms around him. "You sent me here quickly just to see you making out?" asked Maria curtly. "If you want to be fondled just say so, don't act jealous like that," said Jake, still looking at Maria. Maria gaped at her boss's words, how could he think that? "Tch, never mind. It doesn't matter, what's my job now?" asked Maria, she didn't want to
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8. Go to Salon
Maria has lived at Jake's house for a week, every morning she always goes to school, and continues to be Jake's secretary in the office.  Maria is getting used to her activities.  And it's been a week since every time they met, they only chatted moderately.  Even now, Maria is still indifferent to Jake, she is quieter than usual who likes to argue.  This morning they were having breakfast, as usual, Jake was busy with his cellphone and Maria was busy eating her breakfast bread.  When she was done Maria was about to get up and leave the dining room but was held back by Jake's words.  "I've been patient enough with you all this time. Do you think that with my silence, you can just go along with it?"  Jake said without taking his eyes off him.  Maria sat back down, silent agai
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9. Jealous
Maria is very beautiful tonight, the natural makeup on her face makes Maria, who is beautiful, look even more beautiful.  Knee-length black dress with an open back.  Her hair was pulled up in a bun, revealing Maria's white and silky back.  Jake was stunned by Maria's appearance, he was silent for a while without taking his eyes off Maria.  "Ahem," Sisi's voice broke Jake's thoughts.  "How? Beautiful, right? My work never disappoints."  said Sisi.  Jake took another detailed look, looked Maria up and down, even telling her to turn around.  His eyes stopped when he saw Maria's exposed back, he frowned and looked at Sisi.  "Just let the hair out, I don't want my woman to be seen
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10. Forcibly taken
Ashley led Maria out of the building. He sat Maria's body on the bench provided there. He took out the handkerchief that was in his pocket, then wiped Maria's wet face. Seeing Maria who was just silent, he was also silent and looked blankly ahead. "You lied to me?" Ashley asked, his voice breaking. He seemed disappointed in Maria. Maria who heard that immediately turned to Ashley, but who was being stared at did not take his eyes off the front. "You said you were doing the work of your father, but why do I see you here? With people who are famous for playing with women," Ashley said again. Maria was surprised to hear Ashley's words. "You know them?" she asked. "You didn't even answer my question," Ashley said, turning to Maria. "I can't tell you yet," Maria said, glancing at Ashley and then turning her head back to the front. "All this time you thought of me or Maria?" said Ashley, shaking Maria's shoulder and forcing Maria to
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