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Men Of Manhattan #2. Who'd say that Alex Hardy's destiny was on an island in the Atlantic? But he discovered it in the most incredible way, by getting into Diego Gómez's shady affairs when he wakes up on a remote and almost desert island in the middle of nowhere, with an angelic-looking stranger above him, staring at him with extreme curiosity. A short time later, he learned that Abigail Ward meant trouble in capital letters. Of course, she wasn't some heavenly angel or anything like that, she was the devil.

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36 chapters
At that moment, everything was magical. There was no pain. There were no tortuous memories. Nothing existed. There was only the great and plump mouth of the brunette with green eyes that was kneeling in front of me and the pleasure that it gave me. “Come on, baby, I know you can take me deeper” I took her head and tilted it up so I could look at her as she swallowed it “You have beautiful eyes, like those of a jealous cat...” I groaned, throwing my head back, when I felt her throat vibrate. I loved it. That moment when you were in limbo of pleasure. When you were just one step away from orgasm and you forgot even your name. Of course, that was a double-edged sword, because, although that feeling made you feel catatonic and exultant; It also left you vulnerable to the actions of others. One moment I was in heaven for the most carnal pleasures, and the next I was lying face down, with one knee on my back a
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I had died. I had to have died and entered heaven. How else would it be explained that I had the most beautiful angel with blond hair over me? Her hair was messy, sure, shot in all directions, but she was beautiful and she looked so innocent... Although it seemed strange to me. According to my filthy file, I should be burning in the fifth pile of hell. Unless the devil was a woman and by the way, incredibly exquisite. She was looking at me with her huge green eyes, brimming with curiosity and intrigue. Suddenly she smiled, showing me all her teeth and I felt my chest throb and my fly tighten. But it didn't last long. As soon as she opened her mouth all the charm ended. "Oh,” sighed the angel. “I thought you were dead, but your chest was moving. That's why I covered your mouth and nose, to see if you would react with that, but you started to move like crazy and I had to let you go, but at least you woke u
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“So, this is where the boxes come?” I asked turning to look at her. "Yes” see nodded and ran towards the shore until she stopped a few feet from me. "Right here I always get them." “And you take them to the cabin?” I questioned incredulously. “It’s at least a mile there.” That box weighed at least 30 pounds; I did not think such a feat possible coming from such a small person. "Of course, I do it silly,” she replied laughing, "Who else if not?" “And how do you do it?” "I drag them up the slope and put in several banana leaves. The biggest I can get!” She exclaimed excitedly, "And then it's easier that way...” “What about the porch steps?” She laughed again, spinning around me in circles. “Well, I'm turning it step by step until I have it on top, some are heavier than others because they contain clothes, books and other things, but I always manage to climb them.” I got dizzy turning with her so I could se
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"And then he told me to have some dignity... How am I supposed to act, Peter?" My feathery friend flapped his wings in response. "Yeah, I know I haven't shown my best attitude, but he makes me nervous, you know? Every time I see his eyes, my hands shake and my thoughts divide.” I explained confused. Peter jumped off my legs and started running while cheering loudly, making me laugh even as frustrated as I felt. "I would like to understand what you say, maybe that would be the answer I need...” I snuggled into the trunk of the apple tree on which my back was leaned, and bit my dinner, while my thoughts continued on the man who had arrived in the morning. Alex was... Very handsome. I blushed remembering what it felt like when we hugged in the river cave, and tried better to focus on what came next. It reminded me of the past, when I was nine years old and visiting my grandfather. He would always scold me even for
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“Alex, I think I'll die...” "Hold on, I know we will make it." "It hurts a lot, Alex..." "Hush honey, here they come." “It doesn't matter, I'm already dead...” I woke up with a start, a product of the lightning that echoed in the darkness of the room. The nightmare left me confused by not remembering where I was, but soon my mind cleared. I was in Abbie's cabin, and she wasn't in her bed. I sat up, still trying to normalize my breathing, and scanned the room for the owner. Another flash of lightning lit up the room, making the cabin shudder and I could see a shadow in front of the window overlooking the beach. “Abbie?” I got up and went over to her, since she apparently hadn't heard me when I called her. “Abbie?” She startled when I took her by her shoulders to turn her, "What's wrong, little one? You can’t sleep?” "No,” she murmured with her e
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I heard Alex scream as soon as I emerged from the water and took a breath. I visualized him a few feet away from me, so I got off Flipper's back, and swam up to him. “Alex? What's going on?” He turned around, showing me his super surprised face, and the next thing I knew, he was locking me in his arms and holding me tightly. It was fifty percent painful and another fifty percent suffocating. “You’re alive!” He screamed, hugging me even more, and then releasing me as if it burned him to touch me, "But how? I saw it! I saw how it got closer to you!” He lifted me up without letting me respond and the next thing I knew, his hands were touching me all over my body. “What are you looking for?” I asked puzzled, "I'm naked, you don't like me naked." "The bite,” he answered, concentrating on my legs even with frantic eyes. I laughed at the tickling of his hands behind my knees. “What bite? “The shark one!
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“Abbie!” I screamed as I started down the path I saw her take minutes ago. I know, I know! I was a complete fool for having insulted her once again, for something as silly as her way of drinking coffee, but it's just... Oh my god! That was what pushed me to verbally attack her. The way she threw her head back, closed her eyes and moaned... I had managed to lower my erection talking about food and other banal topics, and that little demon comes and takes my arousal to the top in just two seconds. It had led me to remember what minutes before we had been doing. With what I was about to do to her... I was sweating just remembering that I had finally caressed her chest, it was just a slight touch, I hadn't even gotten to squeeze her nipple or suck and bite it as I had actually wanted, but it had made me feel like a mad puberty touching a body for the first time feminine. I don't know what was wrong
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“Miss.” I turned my head toward Gil’s voice, one of the servants from Arthur's house. “Your grandfather sent me to inform you that the special dinner he mentioned a few days ago will be served in an hour.” "Thank you, Gil,” I replied with a tight smile, "I'll take that into account." The girl who looked younger than me, withdrew with a shy smile and closed again. Leaving me once again, locked in the room Arthur assigned me a week ago when we arrived from Brazil. I turned my head back to the only window in my room that looked out onto the back garden of the mansion. The only beautiful thing about that place, since being in the industrial area of ​​Denver, there were not many beautiful things to see. There were no green areas beyond the garden, everything was gray, dry and dull. Nothing to do with my island. "Trust me" Alex's words echoed in my mind but, should I really have trusted him?Read more
“Why the hell is it taking so long?” I asked frustrated, rubbing my face with my hands. "He doesn't want to be seen,” replied Pierre at my side, "But you already know that...” Of course, I knew. But with this case, I couldn't keep a cool head. It had been a week since I had last seen Abigail, since I left her with her grandfather. A week without hearing from her. A week since she had been locked in that room without even letting her breathe some fresh air. So I had been having a fucking shitty week, barely sleeping like five hours top, completely worried about that girl. I knew that confinement was withering her after having had so much freedom for herself before I arrived on that island. The remorse of making her live that ordeal had made me work even harder, until I became an unbearable tyrant with my team. We had infiltrated two of our men into the house as part of the service, managing to have microphones an
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How had it come to this? I looked down at the blond head resting against my shoulder and asked the same question again. How the hell had it come to this? The recognition of what was coming from now on hit me squarely with its clenched fist. I mean, I, a fully independent grown man, now had to take care of a woman I met on an island. And I didn't know how to do it. I wasn't a fucking babysitter. I was the kind of man who within 24 hours of meeting a woman had his cock buried deep in her throat. Although the last one did not count since it had been a trap of Gomez. And I had stung easily and now I paid the consequences of my stupidity. I looked back at the mass of blond hair that did not allow me to see the owner's face, and ironically, I noticed how physical the situation was. Abbie had grown too fond of me, and that wasn’t good. I didn't deal with emotional bullshit like the rest of the
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