Hidden dragon son in law

Hidden dragon son in law

By:  Invincible sword  Ongoing
Language: English
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Leo feng who is humiliated by his wife’s family due to his easy-going behavior and his poor financial status. Due to it even his wife eva is bullied and looked down by her own relatives

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9 chapters
Black family
A luxurious banquet is being held at the mansion of one of the most prominent Families of the Northern City black family. Many people dressed extravagantly. Only one person dressed is dressed poorly. He is the son-in-law of the Black family due to his poor Financial condition and lack of power and Authority which could increase the family's P or wealth, he is looked down on by them. Even though Leo was always pointing of ridicule and sarcasm o the members of the family but he was always calm if speaking with them would sully his mouth. today was 80 the birthday of the family head of the black family. The main seat was occupied by the grandma black who was enjoying her birthday .even though she was old dignity and pressure could be felt by others from her. Beside her, the seats were arranged according to the authorities one possessed inside the family. Leo was seated at last with his wife and her mother and father. David( ava's father) one of the l
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Birthday presents
Grandma black announced the beginning of the party. Emily ava's second uncle's daughter who was holding a small box suddenly stood up from her seat and said in a loud voice: attention everyone I would like to present my grandmother this jade buddha which costs half a million. Everyone started to flatter her that she was very filial. Emily continued by saying that: no no it not like that it is my duty as a granddaughter to present something like this which would be suitable according to her prestige and honor. not like some people who only come with their waste husband to eat free food. Ava was looking pale by hearing such words. Although Ava was already used to the ridicules of her cousin in the company she has never attended any types of family gatherings with Leo in these past two years of marriage. Leo who had never spoken till now opened his mouth and said: you mean you say that a grandma is a materialistic person she organized this party to get the gifts not to meet and see her
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Defending her dignity
Leo who saw the wronged look in his wife look felt a pang of guilt. he calmly said to the old lady without any fear on his face: you can say that I am wrong without looking at any evidence but at least now you know that your granddaughter didn't achieve anything because your favorite son didn't even give her a chance to work in any major project. The old lady was very annoyed by the repeated rebuttal of this waste son in law but she looked at ava’s face and felt a little bit guilty. The grandma black then said in an authoritative voice: attention everyone, from tomorrow onwards ava would be in charge of the project related to rising groups. Chris who was looking pleased just now was making a face as he has eaten a fly. Chris with an ugly look on his face said: mom but that project was going to be lead by me and you know it is a very difficult and important project for our company. The old lady who was already in bad mood due to the words of Leo now fa
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Deals made in dark
When the party was about to end one person with a scar on the face came inside the party. He had ferocious air around him. he scanned his gaze around the hall and when he saw ava his eyes lit up. he in a dasing manner directly walked in front of the grandma black and said: good evening grandma and happy birthday 🎂. Grandma black also said looked at the youth and said thank you Mr. Dorman for your wish. Dorman was the dog of Akainu who was the young master of the saukizi family which was a very powerful underground family. Even though the wealthy disdained underground bosses but saukizi family was different. After chatting with the old lady. Dorman said something to Chris in a low voice which shocked Chris and made him happy. our young master would like to invest 80 million in your family. Chris who was in business for many years knew that there was no free meal in this world. So he asked and what is the condition for it?? Dorman said: there are no conditions the only condition is t
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After ending the party ava and Leo returned home with David and Emma. just when Leo was about to change his shoes with a slipper. Emma loudly said: you waste why you have to offend Chris. You would be the reason for the doom of our family. first, my daughter has to face criticism of the whole city now due to you my daughter may even lose her job. Then Emma looked towards her daughter and said: my daughter why don't you divorce him and marry zang su. He is young handsome rich and loves you. Unlike this waste who cannot give you anything and most of all today he dared to offend Emily Chris and even refuted old madam. You should immediately divorce him. David was used to his wife ranting so he just didn't care to look and respond to her words and let her be while ava who always remained silent to her mother words surprisingly spoke today and said: mom, today he only offended the second uncle because he stood up for me and I won't divorce him . even we divorc
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Dragon of the dragon country
Nobody knew the real identity of Leo if any of the people who knew the real identity of Leo would probably kill themself. He was the biggest protector of the dragon country who was respected as the war god of the country and the most famous title among his enemy was the dragon of the dragon country. He was only 26 years but his achievement on the battlefield can be regarded as legendary. The number of enemies killed by Leo in his 6 years military carrier can't be imagined by the common person. He was regarded as the devil by his enemies and an angel by his brothers in arms and solider. The last battle he fought was two years ago when millions of lives were destroyed 20 countries united army attacked dragon country but they failed to win against the dragon country because of l strategy and ability to command his more solid perfectly and unpredictably. The invincible battalion under which only listened to Leo's command was also one of the main reasons for t
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Beautiful morning
In the morning Leo woke before ava and cooked breakfast for her. Ava was pleasantly surprised when she found breakfast was brought by Leo. Even though Leo used to do house chores but he never brought food for her in their bedroom. Leo smiled and said go fresh up fast than eat breakfast otherwise it would be cold. Ava was dazed seeing Leo's smile because he never had smiled this brilliantly before her in these two years. Leo again said the same thing after seeing ava unmoved. ava blushed and turned her face away from Leo. After bathing, she came to the bedroom to find Leo who was waiting for her to eat breakfast. Leo looked straight at ava's eyes and said with a warm smile on his face: ava I am sorry for these two years but from today's onwards I would protect you and would make any person suffer who dares to hurt or bullies you.Even though ava didn't know why he sud
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Emma’s ranting
Ava who didn't wanted to escalate the matter said: mom we are just having a conversation about work. Emma made a face like she had heard the world's funniest joke. And said: what work this soft rice eater had ever done so that he can discuss with you. Ava replied with a helpless expression: he wants to go to work search for a job. Emma said: this waste talking about the work. Don't be fooled by him, my dear daughter. He just wants to achieve success through the shortcut. Now you are selected for an important project. He just wants to pretend to work so that you won't divorce him and he can fool you for money.Ava replied: mom, it's not like what you think but he wants to work independently. It's a good idea I can find a suitable job for him. It can save time for Leo to search for a job. Emma instantly refused and said: you aren't going to search job for him. If you think of me as your mom then you won't give him a
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After thinking about her daughter's personality Emma said: you can search job for him but you have to make sure that he works outside the company. Ava finally decided to accept such an arrangement because she knew if she didn't accept her mother's conditions she would continuously complain and make difficulties for Leo.Leo who didn't care about such things was just watching his wife with amusement. Ava who was ignorant of Leo's gaze thought for a while and said: okay mom as your wish. Emma who was finally calmed down said while smiling: then take care and remember you have a date tonight with Zhang Su. Ava who was speechless with her mother's words said:  why I didn't remember agreeing to date him?? And mom I am a married woman.Emma replied with a smiling face: I agreed to him on your behalf yesterday when you weren't at home, he even gave me the millions worth of gifts and what married woman you are still untouched and soon to be divorced. Ava became very angry
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