Love Hunting

Love Hunting

By:  Vedha Singh  Ongoing
Language: English
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Shama found herself inside a comic. Everything was a big mess. A saga of love and hatered, having thousands mystries to unravel. Different world, Different story. Will she be able to survive this world?

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93 chapters
The Comic Book
The whole forest was covered in darkness. "Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!" A panting voice echoed in the dark forest. “Tap, Tap, Tap” The shoes made noise in the silent night. Shama ran and ran and ran. She was getting out of breath. She was panting heavily. "How... How did I end up this way? How did I get here? Where is this place? Why me? " Her eyes were filled with fear. Blood was dripping down her head. Her clothes were soaked in blood. Her body was trembling. She was running out of energy but she still ran. "I have to get out of here. I... I didn't do that." She turned around to see if someone was chasing behind her. She tumbled on a stone in her way and fainted on the spot. *A few Moments ago... * "Ahhhh... It's so cute. " Shama screamed in excitement. She was lying on her cosy bed with a comic in her hand. Shama was a modern girl living a carefree life. Since kid Shama loved reading comics and novels. It was her 18th birthday. She jumped on her bed while reading the comic.
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I Didn't Kill
With her shaking hands, Shama moved towards the injured girl. Whatever has happened is not important right now. The girl in front of her is going to die. Saving her is the most important thing right now. Shama wore a big gown. She tore a big piece of cloth from her gown. She carefully took out the knife from the girl's stomach. Blood was flowing like a river. She quickly looked around to find some water. Hopefully, there was a big fountain in the centre of the hall. She washed the wound and covered it with the piece of cloth she tore from her gown. “Why do I feel like I have seen her somewhere? Her golden hair and beautiful lips resembles someone. Ugh, I can’t remember. Where have I seen her?” Shama murmured dressing up her wound. Just then the door opened with a great force. A guy was standing there. Shama saw him and couldn't take her eyes off him. She continuously stared at him. He was very handsome. His beautiful red eyes had a killing aura. His cold and fair face had a beaut
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I Am The Villainess?
He stared at Shama who was shaking. Her whole face had an innocent vibe. He frowned his eyebrows confused over her face."Ok, I will let you live. Run far away from here. Don't let me catch you or else you are dead." He said making way for her out of the room. Shama was shocked to hear this. But whatever the reason is, right now she has to run away from here. She looked at him and the guards. They all made way for her out.“Is it a trap?”Shama thought looking at everyone around her.But without wasting a second She ran from there disappearing from there sight within seconds. It was a big forest in front of the Castle. She didn't think of anything and ran away from there. She ran and ran. "Am I really in the comic? Why did everything end up this way? Who am I? Where am I?" Shama murmured panting heavily.“Huff! Huff! Huff!”The silent forest echoed with her panting voice.“How…How did everything turn this way?”Shama murmured.She turned back to see if she was being chased by them
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The Necklace
Shama wore her cloth and went to see herself in the mirror. Her beautiful eyes sparkled like stars. Her long eyelashes gently swayed up and down with the movement of her eyes.Her straight tiny nose was red like a cherry. She added a little red tint to her beautiful lips. Her rosy cheeks looked cute at her fair face. Her long dark hair swayed with the air. Her beautiful gown made her look like a beautiful princess. "Oh my gosh, I look so beautiful." She said praising herself. Shama walked towards the balcony. She opened the door. The cold breeze made her forget all the things that happened in the past.Lush green grasses grew all around the garden in front of her. Beautiful butterflies and tiny bees swarmed over the flower growing there. Tall trees gave cool shade to the animals sitting there. She smiled gently while watching the beautiful scenery."Ahem, Ahem" A voice interrupted her. She turned around and saw Ansh standing there. "Enjoying?"He asked. "What do you mean by that?"
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The Royal Palace
Shama reached the royal palace. She hopped out of the carriage. All the maids and servants were working in the garden. She walked forward. Everyone stared at her for a second and then went back to work. She was shocked. It was a little embarrassing. "Ugh, these servants, can’t they see their princess is standing in front of them? They should show some respect to me. I returned after so much time. They should at least say oh my princess, are you alright? Where were you all this time? Instead, they didn't even pay me respect."Shama said in anger. She calmed herself down. "Maybe they didn't see me." "Ahem, Ahem." Read more
Shanaya- The Villainess
No person is born to be bad. It's time that makes them bad and Shanaya is a living evidence of this statement.Six powerful vampire clans led the vampires peacefully with humans. Shanaya was born in a Royal Family. She was the princess of the most powerful vampire clan who held the power of destruction and creation. Shanaya grew up to be a beautiful and charming girl. Her life was full of happiness. Her brother Raghav always protected her from everything. Her parents gave her anything she wanted. She grew up with lots of love and care.But this happiness wasn't for a long time. At the age of 8, her parents were framed as traitors of the vampire clan and killed right in front of her eyes. Her fathe
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"Will everyone be there? Will they again ignore my command? Nah, I don't think so. I have already threatened them with their jobs." Shama thought while walking towards the hall. Shama reached and saw everyone had gathered there. Everyone was chatting with each other. "Why has the princess called us here?" One servant asked scratching his head. "What else do you think? She must have another trick to pursue his majesty into her trap." Another man replied in an arrogant tone. Read more
The Invitation
Shama stood up and said,"Silence now. I have to make one thing clear to all of you. I have no kind of relationship with Prince Rehan. I know in the past I used to chase after him. But now I have understood that all of this is stupidity. Naina is like my sister. I harmed her many times in the past. But now I regret doing all those things. I have repented for all the wrong deeds I have done to you all in the past. I am going to begin a new life. I will become a responsible princess and help my people prosper. I hope you all understand my views and help me lead a new life."She confidently spoke up for herself.All the servants looked at her. She was like a goddess standing in front of them right now. Her eyes were shining brightly which were making everyone blind. Everyone was shocked to see such a drastic change in her. Some of them started crying at watching her."Our princess grew up." One of them said wiping off the tears."Eh? This is very much
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The Ball
Shama prepared for the ball. All the presents were loaded on the carriage. Shama wore a royal gown. Maids put light make-up on her face and braided her hair. Shama reached the ball. The butler stretched out his hands to help her down. She gently walked out of the carriage. She walked towards the entrance. "Her highness, Princess Shanaya is entering the royal ball. We all humbly pay our respect and welcome her highness." The gatekeepers said in a loud voice bowing to her. Shama entered the gate. All eyes were stuck on her.The beautiful pearls shined on the gown. The diamond set she wore, perfectly matched her outfit. The
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The Present
Naina and Rehan paid respect to the Emperor. They both sat on the seat in front of Shama. Shama's eyes filled with tears. Her body reacted to them unconsciously. "What the hell? Why am I crying? Ugh, this stupid girl. If I ever get to meet the real Shanaya, I will beat the hell out of her." Shama murmured angrily wiping off her tears. The celebration began. Shama watched the show. Many people sang and danced in joy of the emperor's birthday. Suddenly Shama felt a chill down her spine. "Why do I feel like someone is watching me?"

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