Omega Secret

Omega Secret

By:  NeeNia  Completed
Language: English
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Adom is an omega but no one know this. For him being an omega is a curse. With the help of suppliment he easily hide his scent. But what happen when he meet Sebastian Jason, who is an Alpha and also a well know mafia. Is Sebastian able to know his little secret?

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45 Chapters
With shaking hands, he held the papers while tears filled his eyes. He looked down and saw the little symbols that indicated what your second gender would be. One would be crossed and that would mean that you were either an alpha, beta or... an omega.He scanned the papers and his eyes landed on the little cross that was scribbled on the paper. He read the word that was written next to it over and over again.Why him! He didn't even look like one. His shoulder shook and he let the test result process in his mind. He felt so disappointed.--Adom gasped; his eyes blinked open. Yet again the same dream. He could feel that even his eyes were wet from unshed tears. He sat up on the bed and looked over at his alarm clock, 6.30 am. Sighing he got up slowly and put his hands over his face and wiped away the tears.He wouldn't be able to sleep after this again so he decided to get up and just have an early breakfast and make a morning walk.He neede
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  6 years ago, when Adom got the results back from the doctors, he couldn't process that it said Omega. His mom was an omega and he loved her dearly but he also saw how omegas still got treated in this society and how it was hard for them to find a good job. They even had to watch out for alphas when they were in heat or they could be attacked.Adom had always thought he would be an alpha or a beta at least. His was tall and didn't look like the omegas around him. So, it was a shock when he got to know he was one. From that moment he had decided he wouldn't give in to his second gender. He would just act like an alpha! Simple as that.Ever since then, he took suppressants and scent neutralizers so no one would know.It did have side effects though... headaches, itchy skin and terrible mood swings.But! Adom did a good job powering through them and he was happy with the way he was living now. Alphas surely had an easier life
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 Adom could hide being an omega for his whole life if he kept on being careful. Right now, he was living off his scholarship and part-time jobs so he would still be able to afford his suppressants. They were expensive with how many he needed every time. Most omegas only took them for their heats if it would be really inconvenient for them but he had been taking them for every heat he had so he wouldn't need to experience them. He heard they heats were very painful and uncomfortable so he happily took them every month. The scent neutralizers he took were also expensive because he put it on every day. He knew only Alphas could smell omegas scents but he didn't want to risk people finding out he was an omega, so he also needed money for that. It wasn't like he was poor, he just had enough to come by. He didn't complain about his life and he was happy with the way he lived right now. Those few side effect couldn't keep him down.
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  "Adom....are you even listening? "uh..huh? What did you say" Adom said startled from Jack sudden question. He had once again been in his own bubble. "I asked if you had any plans for these holidays." Jack asked again. He knew how Adom could be. "yes, my parents asked me to go home, so I'm going back." He said and smiled. He needed to focus he didn't want to make Jack feel uncomfortable if he ignored his talking. "aahh lucky you, I'm jealous I have so much homework to catch up with. I have to stay here..." He said with a sad face. Adom laughed, Jack was always so chaotic and always behind with his schoolwork. How he still managed to pass every class was a miracle. They walked over to their first class of the day. He would be done at 2 pm and head back to pack before leaving to his parents' home. He could feel a headache already starting and just with th
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  "You know... we really picked the wrong major." Jack said looking into the distance.Adom looked at him with questioning eyes. What was he thinking? This man never seemed to not think. While Adom loved letting every thought go and just be and not worry or think about anything."what? Why?" Adom asked wanting to know what he was thinking about now."you know. We are never going to find a cute beta or omega here!" Jack huffed."We have to go out more. When you come back from your parents, we go lady hunting! Were 22 we are not getting younger here!" he yelled out and pushed a fist in the air which got him some weird looks from the other classmates. Adom send them an apologetic gaze and slapped Jack shoulder."you can also just say it! Not everyone has to know!" Jack whisper yelled out.But he did give it some thought. He wanted to find a cute omega too."you're an alpha. Haven't smelled the one yet?" Ja
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 The day seemed like it just wouldn't end, they had been huffing trough their classes like some teenagers who hated the world. But finally, Adom slammed the door open from campus and strode off the front steps.Jack running after him trying to keep up with Adom long legs."wait! No goodbye?" Jack wheezed out behind him."it's not like I'm leaving for 3 years." Adom laughed at an out of breath Jack and stopped in front of his bike."Let's grab a coffee before you go! You need to give me your notes from last week!" he said with wide eyes and a bit panicky.So that's why he wanted to keep him here some more, Adom thought. He laughed and grabbed his bag pack and rummaged around in it to find the papers from last week. He had already finished his assignments and homework so he would have to worry about it when he went home. He found them and gave them to Jack who happily grabbed it from his hands."you're an angel. "Jack said and sla
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After an exhausting 5 hours on the bus, Adom finally arrived in the familiar neighbourhood. He had been in and out sleep on the bus ride and it made him even more exhausted with his head hitting the bus window every time. He had looked in his selfie camera to see if it hadn't left a bruise on his head because he felt like he got a concussion every time it happened.The rest of the hours he tried to sit up not wanting another headbanger from the window.Now they had finally arrived in front of his parents' house and he paid the taxi driver and took his stuff from the trunk and looked up. He saw the cosy white house standing tall between all the similar styled houses. He didn't know he had missed it that much when a smile appeared on his face and he noticed an excited figure waving at him from the window.His mom of course.Adom waved back and grinned while walking up the steps to the front door with his weekend back over his shoulder. His mom was there alr
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Adom walked behind his mother into the kitchen to greet his dad. He was cooking dinner and was murmuring over the stove but as he looked up his eyes widened with glee and he put his spoon down and rushed to his son's side to pull Adom in a big hug. "Son! You're back! Wait till your sister sees you." he laughed and pulled away to look Adom up and down. "yes, still so pretty.. but thin! have you lost weight? Good thing I cooked a lot" he said with a sigh and patted his seemingly thinner upper arms. "stop that dad" Adom huffed as his eyes darted away shyly. His dad would always say that when he visited. Of course, they knew he was an omega and they were very proud of him. They had never shamed him for being an omega and embraced his second nature. It was just Adom that couldn't live with it. He wished to have the same mentality as them. "I've been working a lot, maybe that's why I'v
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 "Okay, I'm going to my room to unpack, call me when diner is ready!" Adom avoided the question and got up. He waved and grabbed his stuff and ran up the stairs. He heard his dad chuckle and say something to his mom that he couldn't hear any more as he reached his old bedroom.As he opened the door he smiled, it was still the same as always. His bed in the corner of the room next to his window. He always loved waking up with the chirping of the birds and the sunlight shining in. The old posters on the wall and the action figures he had collected over the years and hadn't taken with him to college still stood tall and proud on his dresser. The mirror with the crack on the left side from when he was so mad, he found out he was an omega also wasn't replaced yet. His parents didn't know why it was cracked though. He dumped his bag on the floor and jumped on his bed face first and sighed.Adom was happy to be home and just relax and be himself for a while
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  "how's school, how's everything," she grinned and watched Adom winched from her payback. "you know just normal, doing great in school and will be finished next year." "ahh... Will you come back home then? It's so lonely without you here." she whined and gave him the biggest puppy eyes she could make. Adom hadn't thought of what he wanted to do after he finished college. Maybe find a job in the city or move back here to find a job here. He would see what the next few months would bring him. He still wasn't sure what he wanted that's why he also came back here, to maybe finds some answers and make a life plan. Adom wrapped his arms around his sisters' shoulder and laid his head on it. "hmm... I don't know yet, maybe I'll move back. But just for you then" he winked and grinned at her jokingly. "you sap. Find a mate already!"&n
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