Love In The Mafia Wars

Love In The Mafia Wars

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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This book is a Standalone, you don't need to read the first book to understand what happened, though I do recommend it for small details. Book Two in the Bloodlust series. “Her passing this will be impossible Nikolay” Kiara said looking at her husband, her eyes wide as she looked at his little sister being part of this project. “She has made her choice Kiara, I tried stopping her from getting herself into trouble, time and time, she chose to contact my enemy, she will suffer the consequence” Nikolay said coldly looking down at his sister through the glass podium. It was the first day of the Bloodlust project, the day where everything starts, lives are lost from day one. Those who make it are lucky, Kiara knew that Nikolay was right. Claudia had made her choice, and it was against all odds, and not in her favor. Now all they can do is watch… ************ Coming back with Richard Bernard and his bloodlust project, will Claudia be able to pass his project, will she fail, or would Kiara and Nikolay find a magical way to save the rebellious little teenager against the man who was about to ruin everyone’s lives by creating blood-thirsty, ruthless killers. Will Kiara and Nikolay’s love grow? Or would the couple grow apart by the upcoming war?

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61 Chapters
“Kiara, go!” He begged looking me in the eye, our green eyes meeting, I could see fear in his eyes as fire filled the building, he was bleeding, taking a bullet to protect me from the attack. There was no way he was going to make it out alive if I left him, his wound was too deep and he had lost a lot of blood, he cupped my cheeks, despite the blood on his hand, I welcomed his touch, allowing him to cup my cheeks “go to him Kiara, he’s out losing his mind for you”“No!” I said glaring at him, we were both the last ones in the building, the last ones alive that is, everyone had either escaped or died in the attack. I kept my eyes on his as I walked to his side and took his arm looping it over my shoulder supporting his body weight over my shoulder, he was heavy, yes, his body was barely supporting him, but I wasn’t going to leave him.“Kiara…”“I said no Richard, we either get out of here to
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Chapter 1
Nikolay:Screams filled the hospital’s hall, all of us men standing outside the door, waiting for news from inside that room. However, all we’ve been hearing for hours were loud screams.Kiara’s dad, Louis, was tense as he paced around the hall making me dizzy, and as much as I wanted him to stop. I couldn’t blame him for how worried he was, we had been here for over twelve hours.“Louis, you need to sit down” Dimitri said looking at Dimitri from beside me. We had somehow managed to build a bond with one another, they visited us here in the States and we were currently in England. Being invited by them to stay for a few weeks.“They’ve been there for hours, what if something bad happens?” Louis asked looking at Dimitri who chuckled and put a hand on his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.“She’s a strong woman Louis, it takes time, you should know that” Mart said looking at Lo
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Chapter 2
Kiara:“Good morning” I said opening my eyes to Nikolay’s lips kissing my forehead. He smiled and ran his fingers over mine, his bare chest against my bare back. Having had an exciting morning after getting back from the hospital, neither one of us bothered to get dressed, my body not allowing me to get out of Nikolay’s arms after he had drained me.“Good morning baby girl” Nikolay smiled leaning to my lips, kissing me softly moving his lips against mine. He knew that there was no way that I would be able to go for another round after the active morning we had, but a few innocent kisses were never a harm between the two of us “how’d you sleep?”“Like a baby” I said laughing making Nikolay chuckle and lay down beside me, wrapping his arms around my body and pulling me closer to him. I turned around and laid on my stomach, raising myself to look him in the eye as I laid on his chest “hi”
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Chapter 3
Nikolay:I watched as Kiara supervised as the maids walked around the room, serving the guests who had arrived to see the newborn child. Lilian’s family had been coming in numbers for hours now, we had to refill the fridge twice already, and Louis had it packed when we first arrived.Gifts were given out everywhere, of all kinds. The women gave clothes, while the men brought gold coins. It was traditional that when a child was born, gold coins were handed for him or her for the parent to keep when the child grew up. Usually, a parent would sell them if needed for the child’s education or training, or they would just keep the coins for the kid when he grew up. I personally still had the coins which were gifted to me, mom and Dimitri never sold them, not that they needed to, Dimitri took care of everything when it came to finances, whether it was my tuition or training.Kiara looked at me and I smiled at her, encouraging her to keep going despite her e
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Chapter 4
Nikolay:“What the hell happened?” Mom asked wide eyed, Kiara was sitting on the hospital bed in our infirmary, getting her shoulder stitched, the nurse took the bullet out of her shoulder before stitching, the bullet sadly hit her shoulder bone.Flashback:The black jeep has been following us for almost an hour now, and I was getting angry.“Nikolay? What the bloody hell are you doing?” Kiara asked me when she saw that I was no longer driving forward, having shifted the gear to reverse, I was now heading back toward the bastard.“Keep your belt on, and when I get out of the car, you’re not coming with me” I said looking at Kiara before hitting the jeep, the man’s eyes widened in surprise and I smirked.“You can only dream Nikolay, you don’t know how many men are around with him” Kiara said after recovering from the shock of the impact,
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Chapter 5
Kiara: I woke up to the pain of my shoulder. “Blood hell!” I hissed sitting up, the effect of the painkiller which I took before going to bed was wearing off, forcing me to wake up. “Easy baby” Nikolay said rushing toward my side, he just arrived from wherever he was, his eyes were wide as he wrapped his arm around me, sitting beside me. He got a glass of water and two pills from the beside table, helping me drink the medicine to ease the pain “the doctor said you’d be feeling pain the next morning, I should have been here sooner, but my job took longer than I expected” “I’m fine Nikolay” I said trying to calm my breathing as to ease the pain I was in. Nikolay shook his head at my stubbornness, he knew how much I hid the pain I was in. He knew that I didn’t like showing it, it was something that I was against. Having learned to hide my pain as I grew, no matter how much father would hit me, no matter how much he tried breaking something in me, I would
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Chapter 6
Nikolay:“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked Kiara stopping as we both walked out of the basement. What she did inside the basement had us all shocked and quiet. The man could be tricking us to go wherever he had said and Kiara chose to actually trust him when he just tried to kill us yesterday. Yeah, my wife was diffidently crazy. No, she has literally lost every spec of brain cell she had left, I was certain of it.“We are going to get the man’s family” Kiara said casually. Her eyebrow raised at me as if she was stating the most casual thing as I glared at her. She really was serious…“The man tried killing us yesterday, your shoulder proves it, and here you are trying to ‘save’ his family? No, and you’re actually expecting me to allow you to go where he said with that shoulder of yours?” I asked wide eyed. My wife shrugged and I shook my head at her recklessness “you
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Chapter 7
Kiara:“Just as promised” I said entering the basement to see the man wearing fresh clothes, his hair tidied and his mess cleaned. Maddie was sitting on the floor with him as she helped him eat, three of his fingers were broken, which explained why he couldn’t eat himself. His eyes widened when he saw me, and he stood up looking at me with hopeful eyes “they are safe in the living room”“You found them?” He asked wide eyed, his eyes welled up with tears and I nodded smiling, not controlling himself, the man wrapped his arms around my neck, hugging me tightly, and despite the pain of my shoulder, I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him back, knowing that saving his family was truly all the man wanted, I knew what it was like to have to do something because you were afraid of losing someone you loved if you didn’t do it, it was hard, and painful. I had lived the same fear when I first married Nikolay. His hate for me was
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Chapter 8
Nikolay:“Are you sure that we can trust him Kiara?” I asked Kiara looking her dead in the eye, her trust toward the man worried me, especially since we knew nothing about him or his background. She seemed too relaxed about it, she didn’t even hesitate for a second as she looked at the man who was hugging his wife and son.“After this Nikolay, none of them will do anything that would betray your trust” Kiara said smiling, her eyes softening as the child kissed his father’s cheeks, the man smiled at his son and kissed his wife’s temple “you need to have men that were on the inside of the dirty work, you taught me that”“I did, however, I didn’t teach you to trust these men, or to do them a favor” I said looking at my wife, her and I were sitting on the couch in the living room, Vladimir had Maddie in his arms as we relaxed for a bit before getting on to business. We still had a lot of work to
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Chapter 9
Kiara:I sat on the couch cuddled in my white blanket, Maddie sat on the other side of the couch resting her back against the armrest, covering herself with the other end of the blanket. Both of us watching a movie as we waited for Vladimir and Nikolay to finish talking to the man.“I see that you two are watching a movie” Nikolay said entering the room without knocking, well, he technically didn’t need to, the bedroom’s door was already open. We didn’t really see a need to close the door since we knew that no one came to my and Nikolay’s floor if Nikolay wasn’t here. Well, unless it was a maid or we asked for something, and if for any reason anyone did come up, they would knock the door.He and Vladimir smiled as they looked at the two of us, though there was an expression that I couldn’t read in their eyes, despite their smiles, Nikolay’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. That itself troubled me, even Vlad
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