Fated Love: part 2

Fated Love: part 2

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This is a continuation of Fated Love. All characters will still be in this book. Instead of only two people points of view, Shawn and Abbigail, there will be four. Beth and Melanie will also have a point of view in this book. The story picks up five years after Abbigail adopts Jordan. Come continue this journey and find out what happens next...

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23 chapters
Chapter one
Melanie's POV Five years ago, I gave birth to identical twin girls. Neither of them share Shawn's condition. Michael is protective of his sisters, including his sisters from Abbigail. Her twins are also identical, but one of them share Shawn's condition. All the kids call Shawn 'Daddy'.Beth and I got married a year after Leslie and Leah were born. Shawn and Abbigail renewed their vows with us, as if we were all married to each other. We even booked a group honeymoon the four of us together. We used the honeymoon trip to Ireland that Shawn had planned and was postponed. The girls loved it and we were able to visit all the places Beth's mother wanted to see.Shawn and I still work as partners in the homicide department and have solved one hundred fifty cases in the last five years. Together we've both come close to death. I almost died giving birth to the twins and there was one other time I thought I was going to die, but that was a year ago.One ye
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Chapter two
Abbigail's POV  After calming Shawn down, I pulled Melanie aside. I'm the only one she opens up to and the only one who can really read her. Beth still tries to figure out how I do it. She thinks I read her facial expressions, but I don't. Being blind for so long my other senses adapted. I haven't been able to turn it off since my sight was restored.  I'm still able to hear people's emotions in the voices. It's how I've been able to tell when Melanie is upset. I sat her down on the living room couch and give her a knowing look. She lets out a sigh and tears fill her eyes. "I hate that you read me so well," she chokes quietly as I take her hands.  "You've mastered the poker face, but your voice still gives you away," I say softly as the tears fall from her eyes. "You're scared about something." "Both of you are pregnant and Shawn and I have come close to death in the last few years. Who will be there for you, Beth and the kids if somethi
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Chapter three
Abbigail's POV It took me, Beth and Melanie two hours to calm Shawn down enough for her to sleep. The two of them laid with her while I went to call my mother. Before I could make the call, Shawn's phone was ringing. "Hello," I say in a choked whisper. "Shawn's phone.""Abbigail, it's Annie. Listen I can't talk long, but I have a message for Shawn," she says in a scared whisper. "Donnie says hello and he has me and Ashlee hostage. We barely sustained a scratch when he ran us off the road.""Oh my God," I choke in shock to hear her voice and the news she gave me. "Do you know where you are?""Abandoned warehouse, I have to go. He's coming back," she says in a hushed tone and hangs up the phone. I go back up to the bedroom and Melanie is the first to notice that I was scared. She comes over to me and takes my face in her hands. "What happened," she asks in a protective tone. "Who is Donnie," I ask in a choked whi
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Chapter four
Beth's POV Five years ago...When I walked into Melanie's hospital room, she was curled up on her side, sobbing uncontrollably. I climb in behind her and hold her in my arms. I wanted to tell her about what I did, but now wasn't a good time. I don't want to get her hopes up if I'm not able to conceive her child. It would only destroy her more than she already is.She brings my hand to her chest and I was relieved she was accepting my comfort. I kiss her shoulder and she lets out a calming breath. She pushes me on my back and moves to lay on my chest. I wrap my arms around her, rubbing her back in comfort and she slowly drifts into sleep. Her breaths shook as she continued to calm down as she slept. Present day...I was able to get the others to leave the room so she could sleep peacefully in my lap. I play my fingers in her hair as she slept and started to feel tired myself. I place a pillow under my head and close my eyes as sleep take
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Chapter five
Melanie's POV Three weeks passed since Beth and Abbigail learned they were pregnant. We've all made sure that Beth takes her medication. She has her weekly appointment with her doctor today and I have gone to every one of them. Thankfully the pregnancy has been progressing nicely and Beth and the baby are healthy. It still early to tell if there's more than one baby, but we think we'll get lucky today and find out. She's been a nervous wreck all morning, having never carried more that one baby before.She was anxious in the passenger seat, fidgeting with her fingers as I drove to the hospital. I place my hand over hers and she let's out a calming breath. She holds my hand in both of hers and continues taking calming breaths. "You're not alone in this Beth," I say in a soothing whisper and she slips her fingers with mine."I'm scared Melanie," she chokes in a scared whisper. "I know I wanted to do this for you, but I've never carri
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Chapter six
Abbigail's POV Shawn came back down after checking on Beth and she looked relieved. She's been worried about her since we came home from the diner. The last time Beth cried like this, Amanda and Holly were killed. It took all of us to calm her down and that took a few days. She sits next to me and I take her hand. "How was she," I ask softly and she looks at me with relieved eyes. "She's calm. She wanted to lay with Melanie for a bit," she chokes with relief. "I thought it was going to be like Mandy and Holly all over again. I never thought she'd calm down after losing them.""I was just thinking the same thing," I say quietly as tears fill my eyes.I move to straddle her lap and she meets my eyes. I bring my hands to caress her face and she lets out a relieved breath, closing her eyes. It's been a while since I last touched her this way and I knew it would calm her down.I slowly trail my hands from her face, down her neck
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Chapter seven
Shawn's POV Beth hasn't left my side since I confessed my true feelings for her. The same with Abbigail and Melanie. Beth spends most of the day with Melanie and Abbigail is with me, but at night Beth sleeps with me while Abbigail sleeps with Melanie. Melanie and I were in our office two weeks after learning Beth was pregnant with triplets when Beth walked in, emotional. Melanie got up to comfort her, but Beth shook her head. She comes sits across my lap, her face in my neck and breathes calming breaths. I rub her stomach and it seemed to help her calm down faster. Abbigail enters with concern about Beth and was relieved to see she was calmed down. Melanie kisses Beth's forehead before leaving with Abbigail. I took Beth to the couch in the office and she lays her head in my lap. "Can I lay on you," she asks in a choked whisper. She moves towards the inside of the couch and I lay on the outside. She lays on my chest and lets out a c
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Chapter eight
Melanie's POV After searching all day for the chief's granddaughter and finding the accomplice who was hiding her, I shut down. After learning the same man who killed the chief's daughter nearly killed Beth, scared me. When that bitch laughed at Beth nearly being one of his victims, I lost it. I wanted to kill her right there, but Shawn stopped me. If she hadn't, I probably would have still been beating her when backup arrived. I got three good punches in before she was able to get me to stop. Blake had a bloody nose, cut lip and cut on her eye. Her scared eyes stared into my emotionless eyes. She knew if Shawn didn't stop me, she'd be dead. I knew now she'd stay clear of me and anyone involved in my life or I'd finish what I started.When she was taken away, I let my guard down, scared that Beth and Abbigail were home without protection. I was scared someone was going to get passed Shelby and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happe
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Chapter nine
Beth's POV After noticing that something was bothering Melanie and offering to talk about it in private, she was relieved. It must be something serious if she's keeping quiet. She helps me off the couch and I lead her to the kitchen.She sits me next to Abbigail and goes to start making some tacos the way I like them. I was rubbing my stomach when I felt the first set of kicks. "Melanie," I say softly, trying to get her attention. I wanted her to be the first to feel the triplets kicking. When she didn't turn away from the stove, I thought she was ignoring me. Tears fill my eyes and everyone else looks at me with sympathy. "Melanie," I choke quietly and she still doesn't turn around. I got up to walk up to her and Shawn shakes her head. "She's not ignoring you," she chokes quietly and now I was concerned about my wife. If Shawn is getting choked up with something about Melanie, it usually involves Iraq. "Remember when I told you that som
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Chapter ten
Abbigail's POV I got upset when Melanie came in and said she and Beth wanted to have a night to themselves after we had already agreed the four of us share a bed tonight. Shawn did her best at calming me down, but it wasn't enough. With today's events and how she and Melanie came home, I needed both of them.Beth's moans echoed in the hall and was going to wait for them to stop before talking to Shawn about joining them in their room. I wasn't going to be able to sleep without Melanie tonight. Shawn rubs my stomach as I tried to go to sleep. A few minutes later it was quiet and I still wasn't able to fall asleep. I look up at Shawn and I didn't even have to ask. She wanted to be with them too. "They usually join us when they couldn't sleep. Do you think they'll mind if we join them because we can't sleep," I ask in a choked whisper. "We can try," she chokes quietly. We climb out of bed and quietly enter their room. Beth look
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