By:  Ndidi Otuya  Ongoing
Language: English
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"So this is the way of it? We fight together, we bleed together, and what then do we do with our hearts?" "You tell me, Jasper of Moline... You tell me." ~~ Dive deep into this epic tale of Love, adventure and redemption alongside Hannah and Jasper. A princess who once thought her destiny was to rule alongside a man whom she might not have wanted and a warrior who once wanted nothing to do with love. They both soon find that not everything must be without color, not all flowers must be dead, and not all wars were physical, and that some of them took place right within our very selves.

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35 Chapters
1933 Hannah.   My name is Hannah, and I am princess of Brone. yes, the actual princess, the only child of my parents. My conception is one of those stories they tell around campfires, with children gathered, cross legged and bright eyed. And when it ends, those stay seated waiting for more, knowing it's over. But when I hear the story of my conception, the hairs on my skin stand on end, and I am humbled. But I am reminded, that life is a gift, my life is a gift, and I must honour that and not take it for granted. My people are a blessing, and I must remember my responsibilty to them. with all this said, another story begins, My name is Hannah, princess of Brone, And my Kingdom is being threatened. My people fear, and the anxiety of what comes next eats at them. it eats at all of us, causing us to shudder whenever we remember, and mak
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Chapter one
1938 Hannah sat under a castor oil tree a book in her hands, using the branches of the tree for a shade and watched as a purple butterfly danced above her head."Must be fun being free like that, right, Mr. Butterfly?" She said softly, smiling as it landed carefree on her right thumb."Pretty little thing." she said on a giggleShe watched it alight and fly away, and then she sighed softly, looking towards the castle. It had been five years since the whispers of war emerged. Five years since the threats came, since such whispers caused a wild stir, and then, as time passed, these whispers died down. And now she was older, nineteen summers to be exact. And all was still, all was quiet.But she knew. she knew, as did her parents, that one brewed, subtly, gently, violently. A slow poison through and through, one that ate at you without living any visibel mark. But it clouded your judgeme
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Chapter two
"We're almost there." They'd crawled and stuck to tall hedges for cover, but so far, true to her word they hadn't been spotted." there, right there." She said, pointing to a brown small builing that resembled a barn, which stood only a small distance away."I don't think the caretakers are in there right now. In fact, I think they should be done for the day." She said when they got to the door. She opened the door quietly and raised up a hand, gesturing for him to wait before poking her head and surveying the surroundings."All seems quiet in here, come on in." She said, before leading them in, stopping at every stall to greet each horse.The woman, he thought, had a word for each one of them. He wasn't sure if to Marvel at her when she made each stop or simply stop her and remind her of why they were there in the first place. But after horse number three, he realised that, he didn't want her to stop. He found her endearing, the way she would stroke
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Chapter Three
What do you mean by that?" The king's voice was steady, not hinting at the tremor growing within. He knew this day would come. when the Athanatoi would come seeking, threatening, calling. but he didn't expect it to be this soon. Dear God, he didn't want to be this soon, when he was so unprepared. "Her." Hannah stared at him with wide eyes. She'd gone pale from the moment he'd opened his mouth and spoke his words and now she could all but feel herself suffocating, choked up by her own growing fear."What- but what could they want with me?" She asked, He didn't say a word, he only stared at her, his expression unreadable."That's enough. Hannah, you may leave us." It was the king who spoke, he managed to look steady and strong, but he could feel his fingers begin to shake, he didn't like where all this was going."This is about me, I'm not going anywhere. please, Don't make me leave just yet. please, papa." The king turned to her and some
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Chapter four
She had wept with her mother, and had tried to be strong for her father. But now, she needed to let out the storm She'd kept locked within when she was with the both of them, the storm that had quietly been gathering while she was in the throne room, the storm that was threatening to wash over her.Her father, before she left his chambers, had sworn to keep her safe. But she didn't feel safe. She felt like all hell was breaking loose, like the fires it threatened to unleash were going to come down on her, and she had to run... run very far away.She walked hopelessly to the stables, holding back her tears. Not yet, she told herself. She walked past the horses, not stopping to greet them as was her wont, her heart in her throat, her spirit downcast.She walked to the old supply room and opened it, not caring to close it behind her, not expecting anyone to be around as it was well after dusk. She walked to the corner of the room and dropp
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Chapter five
 He stared at her like she'd grown a second head, at least that's how his steady, searching gaze on her made her feel."Your parents must know. You can't leave without them knowing." He said calmly, before looking away from her, staring into nothing and then looking back at her. He tilted his head- she found he did that when he had something worth wondering about on his mind- He reached out for her hair and held a handful of curls in his hand."Some of the hair will have to go." And she was right, about the crazy.Her eyes grew wide as she took in his words. He might as well have asked her to her to cut off a finger. Perhaps it was vain, but she took great joy in the long length of her curls."Why?!" She shrieked."Because, hair like this will be noticeable wherever we go. Any one will be able to spot you easily. We don't need you being noticeable. Not that you're very hard to notice." He added the last p
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Chapter six
It was well after their breakfast before they spoke of why he was there with her in the first place."Why did you need to see me?" She asked after successfully biting and swallowing a blueberry."We need a plan. How do we convince your parents to let you come with me?"She had been shocked that he used the word 'we' and not 'you.''We' as in, we are in this together. But she didn't say as much. But it touched her, it mattered."Well, I guess we would have to convince them that leaving the castle would be the safe and right thing to do for me."He cocked a brow at her,"How do we do that?"There was the word again, we."Come with me. They'll listen to you. If you tell them that leaving would be safe, safer than it could ever be in this castle, they'd listen to you.""And if they don't? If they refuse and state the obvious, that there are more than a hundred guards in the castle to keep you safe, K
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Chapter seven
They had walked for several hours with very little stops. From time to time, he would stop to let him catch up with him, or when she needed to catch her breath. She was sweating profusely and was definitely grateful she had opted for a tunic and trousers instead of a gown."Are you tired?" He asked without looking at her. She looked up at him as she tried to keep up with his strides, stay by his side, which took much effort. His legs were long.She actually was tired, but she was not going to admit it. not now. Not yet."Naw." Was all she could say, she was literally trying to save her breath, And was glad beyond words when he stopped, though she wasn't about to say it.It was a small clearing with wildflowers and rocks that were big enough to sit on."Let's rest here a while." Jasper said, looking at her. Her cheeks were red and he was scared she was going to faint on him. She hadn’t complained since they started moving at dawn, he found it
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Chapter Eight
Panic gripped at her and made her knees weak, but she managed to stay on her feet, although she no longer felt steady. She darted her gaze from left to right and looked, and turned around on the spot where she stood, before finally looking back to where he had laid several minutes ago, and that was when she noticed that both his sword and it's scabbard were gone too.  But Where could he have gotten to? She wondered."Japser!" Her voice caught on the pronounciation of his name as she turned once more on her heels looking for signs of him or what could have happened. She walked to the rock where she had left him and was overcome by another wave of panic."Jasper!" she called out, this time louder than the first. She heard the sound of water and took slow unsteady steps toward the stream and she could have sworn her heart sighed in relief.But her relief was soon washed away with anger.  Read more
Chapter Nine
They made it to the tavern with no trouble and Jasper sighed a deep sigh of relief when they had their plates of food in their hand along with their jars of juiced fresh berries. They ate in silence. But then, Silence had been their company since the kiss they had shared earlier. Neither of them had wanted to bring it up, didn't know how to. They broke camp that morning and spoke at intervals, and even then, their conversation centered around what paths they would be taking, and since Jasper was the man with the map, he did most of the talking while she nodded. she mostly nodded."Good food." He said trying to break the ice. But He didn’t succeed. She nodded again and went back to her plate of fish and chips. He wanted to groan in frustration, but decided against it. it didn’t think it would yield any good. In any case, it was for the better no one heard her voice, regardless of the sweet femininity
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