The Man Behind My Mysteries

The Man Behind My Mysteries

By:  Bethel-Gold  Completed
Language: English
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After a horrible event that erased what happened to her during that time Daniella Bamidele is left with constant nightmares which makes her dad throw insult and hurtful words to her and made her get bullied in school by some of her classmates. Having her mum, twin, brother, his girlfriend and male bestie by her side to help over come the trauma that leaves her scared and seeking for answers. Along the line, there is her bestie who wants to be more than just friends and her bully who she liked in the past and had started showing his interest in her. Will she be able to remember the memories that were wiped out? How would she balance her feelings and choose who she wants to be friends with who she wants to be more than a friend with between Chris and Leo? What happens when she and her family come to discover the true reason for her horrible nightmares?

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152 chapters
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7 years ago… The street was dark and the only ray of light that could be seen as the one coming from the streetlight that was many meters away from where I am presently at. I was walking in the middle of the road since there are no cars coming to and fro and it scared me because I am not a friend of really dark places what made it more creepy is not knowing what might be lurking in the dark, that was why I was walking to I don’t know where. As I walk further in, the darkness seems to be subsiding due to the street light that is way ahead of me. I could feel my mind begin to feel at peace because of the light I could see. A small house could be seen too and it looks so familiar… like I have been here before but I can't seem to pick a point what exactly or how I was able to know about this place. Walking further, my heart rate picked up and started ramming against my ribcage as this chilly feeling ran down my spine and the hair on my sk
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Chapter 1
9 years ago… “Good morning class” our teacher Ms. Maxwell greets us as she came into the classroom. We all stood up to greet her. “Good morning Ms. Maxwell” we all chorused and she smiled then told us we could sit down to which we complied. Ms. Maxwell is our English and Literature teacher. She is really nice and a kind-hearted person and also friendly… we all love her and her carry-along charisma. She is very pretty too and we all love how gentle she is with us. “Today we are going to be reading from our ‘Storytelling book’ so one after the other, you will go to the back of the class to grab your book from the shelf,” she told us, and we all nodded. She pointed to the row on the other side of the class and told them to stand up one after the other to go and fetch their book. It went on for some minutes till everyone had their book with them. “Okay, now open to page eight and…” she looked around the class befo
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Chapter 2
Present Day... "Daniella, Danielle, get downstairs, it's almost eight am" the banging on my bedroom door startled me a bit and it made me sit up in a flash. I was a breathing mess and if my hair was not braided it would have been sticking over my face because of the sweat that had gathered on my body. I had that dream again, but why? Why is it coming? again... I was still trying to even my breathing and calm my senses when I heard my older brother's voice again. "You guys should be quick and let's get to school in time, remember latecomers would be punished" with that said I heard footsteps fading away indicating that he had left. I put my face in my hand a let out deep breaths to calm my tornado nerves. I sat like in that position for some minutes and all the while kept wondering why I had those dreams again… it has been long…. really long a--and seeing it after all these times makes me f
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Chapter 3
“Is this a dessert?” I asked myself out loud because that is what this place is looking like at the moment. It was dry, sandy, and lack any form of civilization. There isn't even a road, to begin with, and it makes me wonder how I was able to find my way here. What made me glad was that it is dark and I do hope I can get to civilization before it gets dark. I began walking in a direction I am not familiar with but at least I am moving from the spot I was in. I had walked for some time when I started feeling thirsty already and the slightly hot sun did no good to keep me hydrated. I had no water with me and it made me cough a few times as I walked. The only thing I hope is to see someone… anyone who could offer me a drink of water first before asking where I am and how I could get out… if they would help me though. Then I saw a road upfront and a smile crept its way to my lips as I felt a bit of hope that someone was around here so it kept me f
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Chapter 4
“How are you both doing?” she asked. “We are good” I answered for us and she nod her head then turned to Daniel before whispering something in his ear which erupted a chuckle from him. I could see my twin look around as some students pass by while waiting for the bell to ring for assembly and wondered what or who she seeks for. I was about to ask her what it was and who she was looking for when she spoke out to Becca. “Becca, I sent Rachael the designs already. Please let her know and ask when she wants us to start, I have been trying to reach her since yesterday but wasn’t able to” she told her and looked behind Becca before looking behind her. I followed her gaze to someone who turn to the home economics lab area before the person entered the building. Didn’t look familiar to me so I looked at her with a small frown. “Okay, I will let her know” Becca replied and she nod before walking past Becca in a rush while she said she needed to
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Chapter 5
Everyone made their way out of the classrooms as the bell for ‘break time’ rang, some couldn’t wait to get to their friends from other class, some can’t wait to swallow the store that sells snacks and other edible things while the rest couldn’t wait to get to their loved ones. By loved ones, I meant ‘boyfriends’ and ‘girlfriends’. I was still in class watching everyone go out and come in. I needed a quiet place to meditate and reflect on what was taught in class today and also to talk to GOD like I have been doing since I promised to be better. He helped me in my growth and mental treatment so I am grateful to him. “Daniella, are you coming for food?” I heard Leo ask from behind me so I turned my head to look at him but he came to stand in front of me instead. I looked up at him and the boyish cute smile that makes almost all the girls in our set fawn over him.  Who wouldn't?
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Chapter 6
Bang! I heard a loud bang and immediately everyone started running here and there, I jolt up from the chair I was sitting on and ran out of the restaurant. Everyone looked like they were in panic but what exactly is causing the panic? That I don't know. Everyone was heading in a particular direction and I wasn't sure if I should follow suit or not because I know enough not to let my fear lead the way, it could take me to where the danger actually is. A man was running towards me and I tried to flag him down but he didn’t see, like he would stop to answer me seeing as he almost ran me over, if not that I had moved out of the way. I would be nursing a migraine and a pained butt by now. Then I saw a woman running with her two kids. She was carrying one and holding the other by the hand. When she went past me I managed to hold her arm and she drew back a bit almost missing her foot but thankfully I could steady her, she
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Chapter 7
I was studying in our dining area since I couldn’t study in my room due to Elle disturbing me and I really don’t want to flip her off, so I had to stay down here to study. It was 11:43 pm the last time I checked and I yawned, feeling the tiredness going through my body. Maybe I should retire for the night but I was determined to finish chapter twelve of our English textbook before retiring to my room so I flipped to the next page and yawned when I heard a faint sound… more like footsteps. I looked up at the stairs that lead up from our rooms to the living room while adjusting my reading glasses on my nose but I saw nothing. It was a tad bit dark, just the light from the dining room that was illuminating the living room. I brushed it off, just so I don't get scared or anything. The wind blew a bit making one of the curtains in the living room sway. ‘I thought it was locked?’ I
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Chapter 8
It was dark and there were trees everywhere, there was no form of light except the little ray coming from the half-moon above. I kept dodging tree after tree, passing in a crooked manner just so I could avoid the person chasing me. I could feel my heart beating so fast over and over again, my body was wet with sweat, and some part of my hair stuck to my forehead. “You can’t escape from me” I heard his deep voice roar so loud it echoed in what seemed to be a forest. Wait, a forest? What is happening? Where am I? How did I get here?  I didn't even have the chance to think or ask why I am here and how I got here but there is just one thing. I have to run. Yes, run so I don't get caught by this man or thing or whatever is chasing me. “No matter where you go I will always find you…” he roared in laughter. I could feel my heartbeat so fast as I kept running, I didn't know which direction I was running to but I knew I ha
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