The Prince and His Prisoner

The Prince and His Prisoner

By:  Vanessa Nicole  Completed
Language: English
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Prince Aldridge Camionare, the seventh prince of the Holy Land, found out that he was a prince later than he should. With a mother who died, a father who doesn’t care for him and siblings who will never accept him is left to do his duties. Aldridge minded his ways until he met the Duke's son who he had fallen in love with. The two of them had their fun together until rumours spread about an affair which the Duke apparent immediately put an end leaving Aldridge distraught and helpless. During this time he uncovered a plot that threatened the crown and was granted three gifts, one of them allowing everyone who wanted to be with the same sex immunity from death. With this new law, Aldridge could do whatever he wanted as long as it was not against the crown and with daddy blessing, he went in search of someone who would never leave him. Shawn Seghatchian was found in the dungeon by Prince Aldridge to stand as his personal bodyguard. Being released and following the prince's orders, Shawn later realised that something unexpected was developing between the two of them but as things develop, the nobles cause troubles, so many troubles for the prince and his prisoner. But does this really affect the bond between the Prince who has a personality disorder and the prisoner who is as loyal as a dog? AND while they saved the kingdom one body at a time? Cover art by: Pen Guevarra

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124 chapters
Before Note
Good day and welcome to another story written by myself, Vanessa Nicole.The following story will have a feel of the Victorian Era as well as many other eras. There will be many triggers in this story too so I shall warn you here. I specifically love tragedy more than romance so expect some dark stuff!AND MY FANTASIES WILL BE IN THIS BOOK!Under no circumstances should you read the following story and you are younger than 18.***I also just want to quickly take this time to say thank you to Eva Harlowe who gave me a lecture on the mannerisms and 'wordings' I never knew existed and the idea that will be added to this book some time later.Please do enjoy and leave a comment :)
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Chapter 1
The guards opened the main prison gate to let Prince Aldridge in.Prince Aldridge thanked them and stepped in after nodding his head at the warnings they gave him, which were specifically to NOT interact too much with the prisoners for his own safety.Prince Aldridge walked through the path that divided the jail cells from left and right. The prison smelled of rotting flesh and faeces leading him to cover his nose with his floral-scented handkerchief, masking the smell that made him feel repulsed; he was also incidentally covering his face so that the prisoners could not see him – adhering to the warnings the guards gave.A guard followed behind him as he instructed earlier on with the cell keys in hand for when he needed them.Aldridge frowned when he did not see anyone fitting his taste. They reached the end of the prison and all the prisoners looked dead while others looked crazy and disgusting.Aldridge turned on his heels and looked at t
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Chapter 2
Shawn was shoved into a room where seven women were ready to see him. He was stripped naked of the rags he had on his body and thrown wet with water.They scrubbed him down removing all the dirt collected over the years, making sure that even his ears and asshole was clean of the dirt while the room danced with steam.They drenched him in bathing oils and dunked him into a bubble bath with herbs and all sorts of fragrances that made the smell of dirt on him disappear but did not clash with each other.The grime was scrubbed out of his hair and the hair on his body was shaved off from his legs, arms, armpits, face and pubic area by request of the prince. This bareness alone made Shawn feel refreshed but embarrassed at the same time.Shawn was given another bath that he so
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Chapter 3
When morning came, Shawn opened his eyes and found the space on the bed beside him empty and cold. Sitting up, he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and heard a humming tune and looked around.He found Aldridge sitting on a chair by the window drinking tea.Getting up and stretching his body he heard, “Are you up? Did you sleep well?”Shawn walked over to Aldridge who was sitting by the table and greeted, “Good morning, Aldridge, yes I did. Did you sleep well?”Aldridge looked up at him and shook his head, “I am a little stiff, mind rubbing my shoulders for me?”Shawn walked over to him and placed his hands on Aldridge’s shoulders, pressing gently, he started massaging Aldridge’s
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Chapter 4
“I suggest you, my lord ask Prince Aldridge. My lord may call me Freya, preferably Mrs Wright and I am the Majordomo of the seventh prince, Prince Aldridge’s estate. Our Prince has prepared a gift for you that will arrive shortly, a bath is being prepared for you my lord and your clothes are already in your wardrobe. You, my lord, is free to choose what to wear - casual wear is best. Dinner will be served once Prince Aldridge is up, in the meantime I will have the attendants serve my lord tea in the garden,” Mrs Wright stated.“No need, I am up already Freya,” Aldridge said as he walked into view while he flipped his hair over his head making it settle out of his face.Shawn turned to look at him then quickly looked away and closed his eyes.Mrs Wright smiled when she saw Aldridge but b
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Chapter 5
When the air in his lungs emptied out, he brought his drenched head out of the water then ran his hand up his face and over his head. A deep sigh escaped as he recalled Aldridge’s words, ‘It is you who decides your happiness and future.’'On one hand, I have to sleep with a man and do his bidding to stay out of that hell hole and if I do not, there is an unknown punishment and prison, maybe. I have never indulged in a man nor can I remember how copulation felt with that woman from the bar from before,' he thought.Shawn’s mind revolved around Aldridge’s words without cessation while he scrubbed his body in the scented water.A knock on the door removed Shawn from his thoughts that were followed by words, “Lord Seghatchian, breakfast has been served.”Read more
Chapter 6
She looked at the women and continued, “There are five of them, one for each day of the week but certainly, master can do whatever he likes.”“Why would he allow something like this?” Shawn asked angrily, especially after that ultimatum.“For you to make up your mind,” the servant answered as if she knew something and left the room after a curtsy.Shawn looked at the women then said, “All of you leave.”“Master, we will be executed if we leave,” one of the women said.Shawn looked at her speechlessly, it seemed that Prince Aldridge could predict everything but how is it that he is openly doing this?The woman went up to h
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Chapter 7
“Certainly,” she said and walked over. She pointed with her hand open and introduced them, “In this bowl, you have the red grapes which are used in the wines the regent family and aristocrats enjoy. In the saucer lined with silver, you have pitted red cherries, in the saucer lined with gold, peaches. In the bloom saucer, you have green apples and the last saucer has oranges in it.”Shawn nodded his head in understanding and said, “When I was younger, my mother would buy us bananas but they would be ripened to the extent that it was sweet, do you have any?”The servant shook her head, “No my lord. In this estate, we neither have bananas because the Master is allergic to them and strawberries because no one besides her majesty is allowed to have them.”“Really?&rdq
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Chapter 8
“His majesty granted our master three desires in return for divulging the coup -- he told his majesty the truth about him and Lord Hillroge. His majesty was not pleased especially because his children were to be married away. He asked our master what was the reason behind him telling his majesty the truth one year later and it had to do with the three desires. One, his majesty had to overlook who he wanted to be with and he should never suggest marriage again. Two, grant that he and everyone who wanted to be with those of the same gender, be pardoned until the day our master died and three, that if he found someone of no status or from the prisons, said person would have his past erased and never be questioned,” Miriam ended her history lesson. Shawn sat back in the chair and looked at her baffled, “So I was pardoned of all my crimes?” “Yes,” she answered wit
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Chapter 9
He leaned down as he straddled Shawn with his knees to either side of him on the chair and pressed his cold lips against Shawn’s lips who immediately shook his head with a groan and opened his eyes. Shawn stared straight into Aldridge’s sapphire orbs then frowned.Aldridge raised a brow not happy that Shawn was frowning right after waking up and made to move but his movements were stopped by Shawn who held him down at the waist.Aldridge was surprised by this action and looked at Shawn intrigued as he asked, “What are you doing? Let me go.”“Where have you been for the last three days?” Shawn asked in a husky voice that made Aldridge tremble.Aldridge swallowed the pooling saliva and asked, “Since when does the master have to ans
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