Enduring Liam: A High School BL Novel

Enduring Liam: A High School BL Novel

By:  J. Tarr  Completed
Language: English
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The jock only falls for the nerd in movies right???? Asher Prince is the star quarterback of Waterford High and as his last name suggests, he's treated like literal royalty. The golden boy at school and the only child to wealthy parents, Asher never had to fight or struggle to get anywhere in life. But every golden boy has a secret to hide... It's senior year and he's put under more pressure to succeed and win, but his grades are slipping with each passing class. His teachers suggest he get a tutor, and with his father literally holding his future in his hands, Asher has no choice but to relent. Enter Liam Marsh. Valedictorian, top of every class and already accepted into three Ivy League schools. He seems like the perfect tutor, but there's one problem… Liam is gay and very much out of the closet. He's also constantly bullied and pushed around by Asher's peers. But Liam never lets anything get him down. With time ticking out and his future in the balance, will Asher make a choice that would benefit his future or give in to peer pressure and reject Liam's help out of fear of being ostracized? ***PLEASE NOTE: Although this is a work of fiction it is based on how teenagers would react to certain situations. There are a lot of homophobic slurs and cussing in this novel, so please do not read this if you are easily triggered.***

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53 chapters
Chapter 1 - Fallen Prince
Asher *Contains homophobic slurs* Pure dread - that is all that I am feeling right now. Mrs Williams is handing out the results of our test papers, and I know I failed. I can feel it. Chemistry was never my strong point, but I have done exceptionally badly this semester. She draws closer to me and puts the test on my desk, but I refuse to look down at it. If I failed this one, it would be my fourth one this year and if I fail in general, I could kiss my position as quarterback goodbye. My jaw is clenched shut from all the damn stress, and my heart feels like it was about to give out. “See me after class, Mr Prince.” Mrs Williams says and I let out a defeated sigh. Was it really that bad? I look down and clench my jaw. F. Another fucking F written in an offending red marker. My dad is going to kill me if I keep this up. I know this for a fact. Not only was he banking on me getting into Ohio State University next year,
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Chapter 2 - Extra Credit
Asher “Where the fuck is your head at, Prince?!” Coach shouts at me across the field and I rip off my helmet. I have been fucking up all afternoon and hoping he wouldn’t notice, but as usual, he does. “Sorry, coach,” I mumble, but he wasn’t having any of it. “Remember what I told you, Prince. No fucking up this year. 20 around the field.” He says, waving his finger in a circle and I clench my fists next to me as I gear up to do 20 laps. Remember what he told me? How could I fucking forget? My mind wanders to the first week when we were back from Spring Break when Coach had pulled me into his office with a scowl on his face. “Last year we had a sweet run, but we barely made it through to finals. Lose one game this season, and you’re off the team with immediate effect.” He said and then dismissed me as I sat there with a mouth full of teeth. This was just the beginning because when I got home, my father had a go at me as well.Read more
Chapter 3 - Wading The Marsh
Liam I leave the jock room and breathe a sigh of relief. Did Dale honestly think I was going to tell everyone what we did over spring break? I was more embarrassed about it than he could ever be. I let myself get defiled by yet another closeted jock. How original. Then Mr. Royalty himself had to walk in right after Dale made me feel small, just adding to my already glorious day. His hazel eyes seemed to bore into me as he regarded me with curiosity and a head cocked to the side. My heart did a little flip when he looked at me, then I noticed his glorious half-naked body and had to get out of there. Did he hear Dale’s exchange? If he did, he showed no outward signs. Trust me, I get it. All American jocks are not supposed to like guys, it’s taboo. But for some unknown fucking reason they gravitated towards me as if I was some sort of fucking light of experimentation. Half the football team had suppressed homosexual feelings, and they ca
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Chapter 4 - Help Is Needed
Asher Another 3 failed tests and I was ready to murder anyone in my way. Fallon sensed the anger rippling off me, and stayed clear for the rest of the day. Everyone did this until I ran into my asshole team, picking on Liam yet again. Normally I would ignore them and walk away, but I was feeling particularly bloodthirsty today. They picked up on my mood during practice. Coach was loving my enthusiasm and asked me to keep it up. Fuck him. I was playing well because I was angry and ready to rip his head off. This was all his fault; threatening me before school even started and placing this enormous responsibility on me. Not only that, but I had to deal with this shit from my dad at home as well. Constantly reminding me that if I fuck up, it would be tickets for me and my career. Fuck. “Hit the showers!” Coach bellows, signalling the end of practice and thank fucking God. I rip off my helmet and for some reason, my eyes flit towa
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Chapter 5 - This Town Won't Kill Me
Liam As soon as he batted those pools of honey at me, I was done for. How could I resist the captain of the football team when he was in begging mode? Wait, so Asher was struggling with his schoolwork? I’ve seen him in class, he never used to get poor grades. Wonder what changed this year? Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to find out while I tutor him. I rounded the corner to my house and pulled into the driveway, thinking about Asher and why he would possibly come to me when he had a girlfriend who was just as smart as I was. Hmm. Stop it, Liam! He’s straight! On top of keeping my GPA to an acceptable level, I now had to worry about helping Asher keep his grades up. Would I be able to do it, though? I’ve never had to tutor someone before and now I would be alone with a guy who makes me so nervous I could barely think… A guy who stands by idly while his friends are abusing their peers. Did Asher honestly think that
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Chapter 6 - Mom Knows Best
Liam “You’re tutoring the Asher Prince?” my mother asked me for the fifth time since I told her the newest happenings. What can I say? My mom is my best friend and besides, he might be here when she gets back from work at times. I don’t want her to get the wrong idea about us being alone in the house. “Yes, mom,” I responded, rolling my eyes while I shred chicken for the salad. “Shiiiit, he must be in real trouble to come to you,” she says as she takes a sip of her coffee. I look up at her with a frown. “Wait, what exactly is that supposed to mean?” I ask, feeling slightly offended at her words, but she only chuckles. “The boy is an Alpha male quarterback and probably a homophobe, yet he came to the only openly gay guy for help. I bet he told you to keep it a secret as well.” She says, and I am left dumbfounded at her answer. I look down and continue to shred the chicken, feeling embarrassed by her words. How do mothers do it? Read more
Chapter 7 - A Lesson in Family Love
Asher “Hit the showers!” Coach yells, signalling the end of practice. He’s been training us to the bone lately, but we all knew it was to prepare for the first game of the season between the Waterford Capitals and Mountford Rebels in three weeks’ time. To be honest, I’m pumped up about the game; it takes my mind off current things. “Y’all wanna chill at the diner this afternoon? I could fucking use one of Mamma Jane’s Capital’s right about now,” Brock asks as he stands there buck naked while we exit the showers. Mamma Jane’s was a popular mom and pop diner most of us frequented, and a Capital was a fully loaded burger exploding with carbs. It shows you how much football ruled this town; the local diner named a burger meal after our team. The majority of the guys were up for it, but I had my lie planned out already. “Can’t. My fucking dad has a tutor coming over later. The asshole is threatening my college fund if I keep on failing.” I say as I
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Chapter 8 - One Of Many?
Asher It’s been about a week since Liam started tutoring me, and yesterday I handed in my essay. I’m confident in what I wrote, but I can’t help thinking of my father’s taunt regarding my tuition. Knowing my old man would make good on his threat, I know this. As I said, I’m my father’s prodigy, not his son. “Mr Prince, please stay behind,” Mrs Williams calls as the lunch bell goes. “Fuck, what did I do now?” I think to myself as I grab my things, and I feel eyes on the back of my head, already knowing that it was Liam staring at me. As soon as the class empties, Mrs Williams gets up and walks towards me, then puts a piece of paper in front of me. I look down, and my heart stopped - it was my essay. B. I got a fucking B! I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry! When I looked up at Mrs Williams, she had a smile on her face. “Is Liam tutoring you?” she suddenly asks, and my heart jumps into my throat. How the fuck did she
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Chapter 9 - The Prince Is Back
*TRIGGER WARNING - POSSIBLE SEXUAL ASSAULT AND HOMOPHOBIC SLUR* Asher “It’s about fucking time the quarterback in you came out again. Good job, Prince.” Coach says and gives me a slap on my back. I feel a regained sense of unity between my teammates and me, something I hadn’t felt in a long time. We hit the showers, with the others talking bullshit while we get ready. Their shitty comments didn’t even phase me today; I felt fucking invincible. I leave the practice feeling refreshed and ready for the first time in weeks. My grades were up, and I got a booty call with my girl just now, Coach was happy with me - life is good! “Ready?” Fallon says as I approach my truck, and I nod. “Fuck, yeah,” I reply, taking her into my arms and kissing her. My dick starts to twitch at the feel of her body pressed up against me, and I squeeze her butt. It’s been a while since I got turned on by anything Fallon did to me
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Chapter 10 - The First Hit
Liam It’s almost 6 pm, and Asher hasn’t been to my place or called to say he wouldn’t be coming today. Should I call him? I sigh and walk over to the kitchen window to look out for him, something I had been doing all afternoon since I got home from school. A smile teases my lips when I think back to what happened this afternoon. A guy from the swim team came up and talked to me; we exchanged numbers, and guess what? He’s bi! He admitted to having a crush on me but didn’t have the courage to talk to me until he saw me sitting by myself this afternoon. The guy had the most swoon-worthy green eyes, full, kissable lips and a body to die for. Ugh, what is it about jocks that just gets me so worked up? We were meeting up for a movie on Friday night, and who knows what could happen afterwards? 6:30 pm and I decided to give up on Asher coming. It’s weird, though. Usually, he would text me if he would be even ten minutes late, but now
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