LT. Chris Angeles - Monster Among Men (Detective Series)

LT. Chris Angeles - Monster Among Men (Detective Series)

By:  Ally Ocampo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Chris Angeles. A man whose dream is to protect and serve. But evil is always lurking in the dark. Waiting, biding its time. Finding the perfect opportunity to attack. Can Chris fulfill his dreams of protecting the people of his town? What if his dreams cost something greater? Can the life of a detective have semblance of a normal, happy life? Or will it always include chaos, murder ,and bloodshed?

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71 Chapters
Chapter 1
Being a cop is a dream I have since I was a kid. Whenever my parents would ask me what do I want when I grow up I would always say, I want to be a cop, nothing else. Even at a young age, I never imagined myself to be anything other than to be a law enforcer. And I did everything to achieve my dream. I worked hard to get here."Angeles! Missing kid at the Burton Primary." I immediately stood up as soon as I heard our captain."Yes, sir."Burton Grove is a fast-growing city. Because of the great job opportunities and business ventures, our city that started as a one-horse town became an urban city where dreams can come true. But with a growing population, crimes grow too. Our once peaceful town now has a burglary, robbery, drugs, prostitution, and now a missing kid? Damn! It's getting worst."Oliver, stop eating. Damn it!" I grabbed my best friend and partner, Oliver McKnight by his collar and dragged him out of the station."Hey! I'm eating!" Oliver
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Chapter 2
Oliver and I spent the whole morning reviewing hours' worth of CCTV footage. They all came from the establishments around the school. So far, we haven't seen anything out of the ordinary, which frustrates me even more. We wasted precious time that doesn't have to watch those videos."Damn, my eyes hurt," Oliver complains after watching the last CCTV footage. He buried his head in his hands and slumped on his reclining chair. Who could blame him? Even my eyes hurt a bit."We didn't find anything that could help us, shit!" I wanted to throw all the things around me out of frustration. As I stood up to get some coffee, one of our rookies saw the video playing on the monitor."Hey, I know that van." Oliver and I both looked at him immediately. "My dad used to work on the toy factory that owns that van." He said to both of us."Toy factory? The last time that a toy factory was opened in Burton was—""Twenty years ago." I cut Oliver off when
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Chapter 3
Half of the Burton Grove Police Department came to the southern border to secure the area and ensure that the kid will be rescued. We tried so hard to keep the media out of it because we don't want to tip the abductor that we already found them. That will put the kid's life in danger. I ordered every police officers to position themselves around the cabin. I wanted to make sure that he won't escape.As soon as I receive the confirmation that everyone was in position, Oliver and I walked towards the house. I hide below the window as Oliver knock on the door. I volunteered to go to the back of the house because I saw a small window that looks like a basement, and Oliver is too fat to fit in. Besides, Oliver is always a great distraction because he's quick to think of reasons and lies that are believable to those who don't know him.When I finally heard the front door open, I quickly ran to the back and used my combat knife to open the window. When the little girl saw me,
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Chapter 4
Sunday, my family's favorite day. I specifically requested this to be my day off because I wanted to maintain a semblance of everyday life. This is the only day that our parents require us to wake up early to attend the first mass at six.As we enter the church, people from all over the city greeted us. We are not rich but are respected—especially my parents, Judge Anita Leone Angeles and Judge Lorenzo Angeles. They may be retired, but people still remembered how they put a corrupt politician behind bars. This politician almost ruined our city. And despite the death threats that my parents receive daily, they still did their best to put him in jail."Good morning Judge Anita, Judge Lorenzo!" I feel so proud of my parents. People still call them 'Judge' even though it's been three years since they retired."Hi, Ron, Letty. Please, Anita and Lorenzo would be fine." My mom, gracefully, responded to them.After the mass, we went to the Burton Grove Rese
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Chapter 5
On my way to the station, I felt thirsty, so I decided to stop at the first grocery store I saw. When I entered the store, I saw some of my high school friends. We exchanged some hellos and continued finding what we want to buy. I went straight to the drinks section and picked up an energy drink. As I was about to turn around, I heard two ladies talking. "That detective is really making a name for himself. I saw the trending post on F******k about how he saved a child at Reserve last Sunday." The woman in a red dress said. "Yeah, I heard about it. And guess what, he's single." The other woman in a floral dress responded. "He's practically a hero and a handsome one at that." The third woman in tight jeans and tank top added. "He's not a hero; that's his job. Besides, that man is a jerk." The voice of the fourth woman was familiar, so I walked towards them. And there I saw the teacher of Krishna. "Good morning, ladies." I greeted them. T
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Chapter 6
"What the hell, Jeffrey! Why here?" I was on my way to our backyard when I heard Mark yelled at Jeffrey."It's not my fault, bro. She doesn't like you! Why don't you just accept that?" Jeffrey yelled back."How could even have the chance to court her if you already stole her from me!" Mark yelled again.Wait, are my brothers fighting over a girl?Mom and Dad left early for the convention, that they were invited to be a guest speaker. I didn't even know that my brothers have an issue."I didn't steal her from you! You never had her, Mark! Why don't you accept that!" Jeffrey's voice is more hostile now."Damn you, Jeffrey! Damn you!" When I heard the noise like things are already falling, I decided to go out. I saw Mark wrestling Jeffrey. What the?"Hey! That's enough, damn it!' I tried to separate them, but they just kept coming, especially Mark."I said enough!" I hit Mark's with my left elbow and Jeffrey with my right. "You're
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Chapter 7
Today is one of those days that we are not so busy. It looks like the criminals of Burton Grove take a day off too. Oliver and I decided to have lunch at our favorite music lounge. It's been a long time since we visited that place.We were joking and laughing when we arrived at the Burton's Music Bar and Bistro. Oliver was quick with our favorite food and drinks while I look for a comfortable spot. But as I walk towards the corner, I heard an obnoxious voice of a man rumbling about his achievements and how great he is. His companions are obviously bored and irritated but were polite enough not to interrupt him."And that little b*tch who sued Albert for rape? Only a fool would believe her. She's using the victim card to screw Albert. I'll bet you my whole year's salary; she and her family are just after Albert's money." The man bluntly said.It's a spark ignited inside of me when I heard him say those words about my goddaughter. I remembered him from Sig and Fre
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Chapter 8
Theodore Burnett was invited to a convention by his old colleagues. He felt so entitled and recognized even though he was just requested as a guest like the others. His narcissistic behavior always gives him a sense of importance. Like he is always better than everybody else.But in reality, Theodore is haunted by his flaws and imperfection. He despises seeing people around him accomplish things that he couldn't. He's never happy when someone else takes the spotlight."Welcome one and all to the annual Engineer Convention." The host announced as the convention started.Theodore scanned his surroundings. He was studying his surroundings and the people around them. He watched as the top Engineers from all over the country chat with each other about their accomplishments, newly purchased properties, and so on. Theodore scoffed.As he scans the area, Theodore saw a woman who caught his attention. Her beauty is simple yet, elegant and sophisticated. She looks
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Chapter 9
When are you bringing a girlfriend home, Chris? When do you plan on getting married, Chris? Blah, blah, blah.Why is my love life a part of their problem? I haven't met the woman who would capture my heart, that's all. I don't want to be that guy who gets married this month and files a divorce six months after. When I get married, I want it to be permanent. Not just a phase that will pass.My morning started not so great because of Melanie's questions about my love life. Our mom and dad started asking me, too. They wanted to see their grandchildren. And Mark finally having a girlfriend didn't help my situation.Mark had a few girlfriends in the past. Jeffrey always has a girlfriend. Melanie is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Andrew. While me? Nah, never mind."Hey, Chris!""Morning, Chris."My colleagues greeted me as I entered the station, but I just nodded at them. I'm not in the mood."Hey, bro. What's the matter?"
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Chapter 10
I don't why, but I feel happy. Oliver has been teasing me about this for the whole week. He kept asking me why I an being happy. Serious? Is there something about being happy? Why does it have to be a big deal? Honestly, I don't even know why I am in a good mood these days. All I know is that I feel great. "Hi, Chris! Good morning." Mary Sue greeted me. I almost bumped into her while buying some drinks before going to the station. "Hey, hi! How have you been?" I smiled widely. "We just saw each other yesterday. Are you okay?" Mary Sue responded, laughing lightly. "Huh? Oh, yeah! Haha! Duh? Right, uhm. Will you come to our house tonight?" I hesitantly ask while scratching the back of my head. "Oh, sorry. I have a date tonight." My smile disappeared with what I heard. "What?" I asked, trying not to sound too disappointed. "Yeah, I have this suitor who is so persistent. Anyways, see you around?" When Mary Sue left, I sighed.
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