Trapped in Lace

Trapped in Lace

By:  Fujiashi  Completed
Language: English
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"All that she left behind became my everything." Living as his dead twin sister, Alexis Dionne Navarro leads a double life, an earnest student and volleyball player during school hours and the famous model after school. When an unknown man discovered his secret and turns out to be one of his teammates, it destroyed his hollow life. As this man crept into Alexis's heart, shattering the wall he built to hide his true self from everyone, he learned that these beautiful clothes couldn't conceal his true feelings any longer.

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136 Chapters
Ezra's POV    "Why do I have to do this?" I couldn't help but mutter that to myself as my ears were filled with the loud sound of music coming not far from here.    People are rushing everywhere, and their footsteps gradually get louder as they keep coming back and forth. "This is why I hate this place." The sounds make me irritable as I watched them panic over the missing clothes they should have prepared before the event even started.    "Hey, Ezra! You're late!" I flinched upon hearing that voice. That same voice that's been haunting me even in my sleep.    As I turn my gaze towards that person's direction, she raises her eyebrows as she kicked me in the butt. "
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Chapter 1 - Blinding
"Didn't your daughter died?" The gossips of our neighbors grew louder as they surround my mom and me. "Why is your son wearing girl's clothes?" They all looked at me with judging eyes as Mom pulled me to her side.    She laughed at them as if what they said was a joke. "No. My daughter's alive, as you can see. Lia, greet them." Mom forces me to smile at our neighbors and greet them happily while they feast at me as if I'm something out of place.    "So, did your son died?"    I looked up into my mom's face as she smiles at them. "Yeah, he did."    The loud sound of the alarm clock woke me up from that recurring dream. I could feel the warm sunlight on my cheeks which made me twist
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Chapter 2 - Unknown Territory
I couldn’t believe what he just did. I know that I’m somewhat a pushover but that’s quite rude. “Please do mind your own business,” I said as I took a last glance at him and walked away. I hope we won’t meet again.   “Okay!” He shouted. “Just take care of yourself!” He’s nosy but I couldn’t care less. I don’t want to involve myself with such a bright person. He’ll just make me realize how much of a gloomy thing I am. And he would definitely drain the energy that I’ve been saving for work, plus he’s blinding.    I arrived in front of the classroom with my cold hands trembling as I couldn’t muster the courage to open the door. This is an unknown place, I would probably be bullied because of how passive I am but…   Read more
Chapter 3 - Like a Storm
I blinked thousands of times, but he’s still pointing his finger at me. What did he just call me?! All of my classmates were taken aback while others are suppressing their laugh at what he just said. I think my face looks beet red right now.    Wait… He does look quite familiar… Aha! He’s the guy that bumped into my back this morning! The nosy guy that treated me like I’m some kind of blind boy on the street! Now he calls me a hentai protagonist?!    Before I could even react, one of the members slapped that guy’s hand making him stop from pointing at me.    “I’m sorry for his rudeness. He’s just a natural airhead.” The guy kept apologizing to me
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Chapter 4 - Lia's Fan boys
Lean greeted me near the gate of the company which makes it easier for me to get in. Although people are already aware that I’m a VIP because I’m her little brother, they don’t really know my purpose as to why I keep coming to the company like this.    “Ion, hurry! I have a new dress made for you.” Lean said as she pulls me towards my dressing room. “Here, look at this.” She proudly showed me her new creation but I’m not impressed.    “You’ll make me wear a sleeveless crop top that shows my belly button?” I looked at her straight in the eyes. “Haven’t you forgotten what just happened the other day?” She looked at me with clueless eyes and made me slap my forehead.    “Someone caught me naked! And even mentioned my flat chest right in front of me!”&
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Chapter 5 - Practice Match Starts!
I gulped. “I-I just think that she looks like an angel.”    Jackson nodded furiously. “He’s an angel that came down from heaven so that she could shower us with her beauty and innocence!” They all laughed at how fanatic Jackson became. But I’m just glad that there are people that like Lia so much.    “Aren’t you interested, Mitch?”    Mitch shook his head. “I prefer matured women.” That’s quite unexpected of him. So that’s what his type.    “Heh~ that’s unexpected. But since Mitch is also pretty, doesn’t it make it harder for girls to choose you? They might think you’re going to h
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Chapter 6 - Our Partnership
“Center!” I tossed the ball to Ezra’s direction and he easily spiked it which leads to another score for our team. “Nice toss!” He raised both of his hands at me as if waiting for me to do something, he’s anticipating. However, I tilted my head as I feel confused by those actions. What does he want from me?  He chuckled. “It means high-five.” Ezra made me raise both of my arms and he did the high-five with me. I blinked thousands of times as I don’t get what does that meanwhile I stare at both of my hands which are now redder than usual. “Don’t you need to tie your bangs? I think it’s getting in the way.”  Ezra tried to s
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Chapter 7 - Toxic Masculinity
Mitch saluted to the captain. “Yes sir!” He placed his hands on Ezra’s shoulders with his brightest smile. “Let me help you.”   Ezra shuddered, he avoided making eye contact with Mitch. “N-No thank you.” He backed away but Mitch moved closer to him. “P-Please stop moving closer towards me.”    I don’t understand why he became uncomfortable with Mitch when they were being buddies before. Though it was more like they’re children.    Mitch pouted. “Why have you become so cold towards me?”    Dwight chuckled, he got in between them. “It’s because you look like a girl— Come here, I’ll help you instead.” He pulled Ezra towards him and made him stretch his body.   
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Chapter 8 - Embarrassing
Maybe the gods hate me. This is why I’m stuck with Ezra right now. I would have been thankful if it was Mitch, he was at least tolerable. But not this upperclassman! I don’t understand but I just can’t feel comfortable with him.    Whenever he’s near, I could feel anxiety swallowing me because he would often talk to me a lot and I suck at interacting with other people.    I spouted nonsense already when he was talking to me before. I’m scared that I might say something that I don’t want anyone to know. Although I'm aware that it’s rude not to answer at all, I still don’t want to.    “Mitch was searching for you. You just left without a word.” 
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Chapter 9 - Series of Unfortunate Events?
My head was full of thoughts that they might be our neighbors, and I acted shamefully like that. “Was that his sister? No matter how I look at her, she’s too young to be his mom.”    I grunted as I accidentally turned the water cold, which made me jumped due to surprise. Should I just take a cold shower to cool my head? Since the weather is not that cold, maybe I should do that.    In the end, I couldn’t think of any way I could avoid meeting Ezra because he’s still my teammate. And worse? He’s the star player on our team.    I ended up at the dining table with a sour expression which I think would also sour the atmosphere of our dinner if they could just see my eyes. Although I think they could feel what I feel because Alina’s quite fast to catch
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