Keep Me Warm

Keep Me Warm

By:  Ally Ocampo  Ongoing
Language: English
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In a world where judgment is so easily passed, how can love be free and true? Is there a world where two people can freely express their love for one another and show their true color? How can someone so sure about himself become so conflicted about everything because of a stranger he just met?

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5 chapters
Chapter 1
5:30 in the morning, Anderson smiles as their gig finally comes to an end. He is so excited to see his girlfriend. In today's generation, where teenagers fall in love within a day and fall out of love within a week, Anderson is thankful that he found a girl that knows how to stay. Lana stayed beside him for two years, supporting him in his passion for singing and helping him in his battles. She has given her so much, and the little thing he could do is exert effort for her. Anderson rode his motorcycle and drove to after helping his bandmates load their equipment to their L300 van. Lana is on an opening shift this week, so they only have an hour to spend together. Anderson is secretly planning to propose, but every time she will have the moment to do it, Lana will be venting about how complicated her situation is with her family. Lana doesn't have much when it comes to her personal things. She owns a few clothes, primarily for work, some shoes, but other than that, s
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Chapter 2
Anderson woke up at five in the morning even though he slept at two. The funny thing is, it's not Lana's memories that kept him awake. It was the memory of his eyes. Those blue orbs seem to suck him into the depths of the ocean. He couldn't shake the feeling like his eyes are hypnotizing him. And no matter how much he tried to forget about Kit Solomon, Anderson couldn't. "Is that him?" Anderson asked himself when he saw a guy walking on the shore. He decided to approach him. And he was right. It was Kit. "Hey," Anderson greeted Kit with a smile. "Hi! You're early." Kit greeted him back. "Says who?" Anderson replied while laughing. He decided to join him for a walk. They talked about a lot of things, but what they never talked about was Lana. Anderson told Kit that he was cheated on, which is why he was in Pagudpod. But Kit changed the subject. He wanted to focus their conversation on more positive things, happy things. So they talked about Anderson's
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Chapter 3
Anderson walked to the bed and sat beside Kit, who's choosing a new movie they could watch together. Even though Anderson could not understand himself, he still couldn't help but appreciate Kit's physique. Not too muscular, but perfectly built. Anderson quickly looked away when Kit turned and crawled back to his place. He smiled when Kit didn't even have to ask him, yet; he could choose a movie he would like. They started watching John Wick 3. "You know, I really love Keanu Reeves as an actor. He knows his craft, and he gives his heart with every role he plays." Kit commented. "Oh—yeah, he's my favorite too." Anderson stuttered, distracted from checking on Kit's body. Anderson wanted to run away. His mind is functioning in an overdrive. He can't understand what he feels and why he feels this way, but he managed to stop himself. He doesn't want to look like an idiot in front of Kit. But Anderson could not stop looking at Kit in his peripheral v
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Chapter 4
Two years have passed, and Kit never saw Anderson again. From time to time, he would think how he is. But then he would realize that there's no point in remembering something that would only bring you disappointment. Kit Solomon's life as a closet gay or a gay that couldn't admit his true self is more complicated than anyone could ever imagine.He was born in a Christian family whose very religious and traditional. His father despises the third sex and believes that they are the embodiment of the word abomination. He has to pretend in front of his family and relatives. Kit needs to be careful about where he goes and who he talks to because someone might rat him out. His parents will surely disown him if they knew. So Kit doesn't have a choice. Having a controlling father is the tip of the iceberg. As if not showing his true self is not torture enough, his father also controls what he does. He is an architect because they were generous enough to let him tak
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Chapter 5
Kit never expected to see Anderson again. And seeing him as the leader of the band performing that night, listening to his beautiful voice, made him remember everything. That includes the pain he felt when he ran away and left like he had some infectious disease. His mood has been off since then. Every time someone talks to him, he would quickly get pissed off. He would meet with different guys, but his mind was always somewhere else. Somewhere far away from reality. "Excuse me, Sir. Mr. Fontanillia is here." Kit's thoughts were interrupted when he heard his assistant. He looked at him. In all honesty, he is handsome. His body is well-built. If Kit is not the boss of the company, he would have tasted him. But he can't be who he wanted to be, especially not in his father's domain. "Okay, send him in." He simply responded.His secretary went out, and Mr. Fontanillia came in shortly after. Another boring business meeting, Kit thought. Kit's ti
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