The broken warrior

The broken warrior

By:  Pheonixflame  Completed
Language: English
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Raven has endured a rough life with her father dying when she was 11 years old. Her mother blamed her for his death which led to her being mentally and physically abused by her mother. She may be the best warrior in the Rising Ash pack, but as a female they don't recognize her as anything other than a breeding mare. Hoping to find her mate when she turns 18 and leave the pack, she gets a big shock that derails her plans. Allistar is the top warrior of the Opal River pack and is hoping to soon find his mate. He lives with parents who always find fault in everything he does and refuse to show him love so he is hoping his mate can show him that love he is missing. Yet, things don't always work out how you want. Now both are part of a prophecy and destined to save all werewolves. Will they still get their happy endings they crave or will fate stand in their way?

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58 chapters
They say it overpowers even the worst evil this world can holdThat when it comes from a truly selfless person it can bring light to the darkest places within someones heartIt makes you sacrifice your own being for the safety and happiness of another without hesitationNo matter who you are or where you come from you will seek it outIt completes even the most stoic person with little effortIt is LoveThis type of love is what exists between a werewolf and their mate.Werewolves have mates that the Moon Goddess destines for them due to being her most precious creations. Mates are made especially for that person, they compliment eachother in the most beautiful way and create an unbreakable bond that lasts 'til death.What happens when this amazing gift gets tossed aside by others who are too selfish or power hungry to realize what they are truly giving up?Second cha
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Chapter 1
Allistar POV   Today is my 18th birthday and i cannot explain how excited I am to find my mate, i've been waiting for her since I first found about about mates, which was when I was 10 years old. So, yea I have been waiting for a long time and all I can hope for is that she is kind and maybe just maybe a good fighter. The last one is mainly becasue I am the Top Warrior of my pack, the Opal river pack, and it would be a dream come true to train with my mate. I became Top Warrior of my pack a few weeks after my 16th birthday. I had always been an amazing warrior since i started training when i was 12 years old per the request of my father Alexander to ensure I make myself useful to the pack. Normally a warrior will get pormoted to Top Warrior much later in their age, usually around 30 years old, so you might be wondering why I've taken on the position at such a young age. Well, that would be due to the fact that i shifted at the age of 16 which is
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Chapter 2
Raven POV       This morning is like all the others, I wake up at 4:30am to start breakfast for my mother, Mary, and once that is done I have to clean the whole house top to bottom so that it's finished by the time she wakes up for breakfast. Once i finish everything it is around 7am, which is 30 minutes before the warrior training starts and I am never late. I run up the stairs to throw on a bright green sports bra and dark grey leggings, once dressed I take a quick look in the mirror to make sure I look ok and what I see staring back at me isn't someone i recognize anymore. I have a bruise on the side of my cheek and some bruising on my stomach that is starting to fade, but is definitely still visible for others to notice. Now you might be thinking that I'm a warrior and train everyday so of course I will have bruises, but that is not the case. Yes, I get bruises and broken bones from training, but that rarely happens
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Chapter 3
Raven POV     The training grounds are on the other side of the pack lands behind our main packhouse. Our packhouse is suppose to hold the unmated wolves and any in need of safety or a home like the orphans or elderly. In my pack though, only the Alpha and Beta families lives there because they dont want to deal with others or have to worry about taking care of the weaker members which to them are inconvenient and dont hold any use. You would think they would just move out of the packhouse into one of the houses next to it, but why would selfish people give up such a huge house, or more like a mansion. The packhouse has 3 floors where the first floor holds the kitchen, a huge living room with a 60" inch tv, a game room that holds atleast 5 different game consoles with tvs lining all 4 walls and a pool table. The second floor is made up of the Beta family with their own apartment type room that holds 4 bedrooms, a small kitchen, and
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Chapter 4
Allistar POV     It's been a few months since my 18th birthday and I still haven't been able to find my mate so at this point I'm thinking she isn't in my pack. Even if she wasn't 18 yet I would still be able to sense her even if she wouldn't be able to and I have made sure to come in contact with all the females of my pack. I have decided to just wait for her, the Moon Goddess made us for eachother so I am bound to meet her when the time is right. Right now I am walking to the Alpha's office after being called in for him to discuss some ideas pertaining training and a possible alliance with another pack that may need our help with training of their own. Once I get to the door of his office I knock twice and wait for him to give me permission to enter. I hear a quiet 'come in' from the other side so I walk in a lightly close the door behind me. "Alpha, you called." "Yes, thank you for coming in Allistar. We r
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Chapter 5
Allistar POV     We finally arrived at the Rising Ash pack after the worst 5 hours I have experienced in a while. The whole drive we fought over the music that was playing during the drive. Dimitri wanted heavy metal while I was wanting new pop so it was a constant battle and it made the drive like a lot longer than 5 hours. We pulled the Jeep up in front of the packhouse and noticed that the Alpha, Luna, Beta, Beta female, Gamma, and the Gamma female were all waiting on the front porch. They also had the future Alpha and Future Beta standing slightly behind their parents, but no future Gamma waiting with them. I wonder why that is, maybe the Gamma didn't have any children. Guess we will find out later once we have a chance to talk to everyone. The second I stepped out of the Jeep I smelled the most intoxicating scent, it was a mixture of Peach and honeysuckle. I have never smelled something so amazing in my whole life. I wo
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Chapter 6
Raven POV  It's been a few months since my mother collapsed and I'm not sure how I should be taking things. I feel numb. A part of me should be happy about this because of the way she has been treating me the last 6 years, but she's my mother. I have been going through the motions of my days and putting all my effort into becoming the best warrior this pack has ever seen especially after all the rogue attacks we have been experiencing. I would love to be on the battlefield helping out my fellow warriors, but the Alpha doesn't deem females to be worthy of fighting alongside him even if I am the best female warrior we have here. The Alpha announced we have the Top Warrior and future Alpha of the Opal River Pack coming today to assist with training and appoint a new Top Warrior for us so that we are more prepared for the next attack. My only focus is hoping they notice my skills as a warrior and either help me improve or report my skil
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Chapter 7
Raven POV  I got pushed out of my thoughts by Maximus, the Beta's son, who bumped into me on the walk back to my house. I'm not sure what his problem is, but since he turned 18 he has been an absolute dick to me. Maybe he's upset because Heather didn't turn out to be his mate, but that doesn't explain why he's so cruel to me. I've never done aything to him."Move out of my way slut." he sneers in my face. Why he calls me a slut and all other derogatory remarks is beyond me. Last I checked I'm a virgin who hasn't even been kissed before, but not like I'm gonna tell him.I've learned the best way to get through this is to stay quiet and that way he will get bored and leave me alone. I have Penelope with me and I know he won't do anything to her, but she will definitely do something to him or say something that could get her in trouble so I give her the 'don't do anything' look and hope she listens.I dropped my he
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Chapter 8
Allistar POV  I,ve been walking the packgrounds in search of my mate for the last couple hours and haven't been able to catch her scent yet. Right as I was about to give up I'm able to catch that amazing scent of Peaches and Honerysuckle. I don't think I could ever grow tired of that smell. It smells like love and comfort. I'm practically jogging at this point following her scent. I can't wait to meet her and spend every moment of my life making her happy. All the waiting is finally worth it because I found my mate. Nothing could ruin this moment.Weird, I'm going towards the packhouse, but I was told no one lives here except the Alpha and Beta families. That doesn't make sense, I already met everyone in the Beta and Alpha families and there weren't any daughters. Maybe it's the Gamma's daughter, but why is she at the packhouse when they don't live there. If I had taken the time to really think then I would've remembered that
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Chapter 9
Allistar POV     I jolt awake after hearing my alarm. I had a few moments of peace before the memories of what happened yesterday came rushing back. I sit up in bed and take just a minute to prepare myself for today. We came here for a reason and that's what I need to focus on, I can't let my personal issues effect our mission. All I can do at this point is try and get this over with as soon as possible and hopefully leave earlier than expected. Leave this pack and the pain of the rejection behind. I'll never have to see Heather again which is the best I can pray for at this point. I finally get out of bed and throw on some grey work out shorts, no need to shower since I'll be sweating all day and I already showered last night. Let's get the first day over with. I have a feeling the warriors are gonna test my authority all day and strong chance they won't respect me, but I'm not here to earn respect. I'm here to do my job an
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