Touched by Forever

Touched by Forever

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Ann Willow is a human that does not know just how connected she is to a Supernatural world that she did not know to exist until three new students show up for class one day. Ann soon realizes that Vampires, Werewolves, and everything in between are real. What will become of Ann when she falls in love with the Supernaturals of this new world she finds herself in? (Heads up - English is not my first language but feel free to point out mistakes)

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    Chapter 1
    Ann made her way into the school building, eager for its warmth, hardly noticing the beautiful aurora lights that painted Barrow Alaska’s sky that not so dark morning because of the Northern Lights. She saw her best friend Jessica leaning against her locker. People nicked named them ‘twinsies’ because they looked so similar. The biggest difference between them was that Jessica had dark brown eyes, almost black, with long brown hair that reached her hips, and Ann’s hair reached mid-back. “Hello stranger,” Jessica embraced Ann. “Tell me everything! Did you hook up with that hot guy from the club?” she asked curiously. “What guy?! I don’t remember anything,” Ann said worriedly, her hazel brown eyes looking more on the green side as the hallway light reflected on them. “That guy!” Jessica exclaimed, shocked to see the guy from the club. He looked up at them, his mysterious gold-silver eyes catching Ann’s. A smile crept up his face, and he gave her a wink. Ann blushed and looked away.
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    Chapter 2
    Dario took a seat in the leatherback office chair and waited for Jessica to start explaining her understanding of the problem. While Jessica explained, Dario’s warning eyes went from Paris to Shysie. Dario was not really worried about Wynn as he was silent -stay out of trouble most of the time, kind of guy. Wynn instantly liked Jessica, but also saw the Spirit Wolf hanging over her shoulders. He also caught a hint of wolf smell coming from her. Wynn thought to himself, ‘she must have a mental block, or else she would have not flirted with Dario let alone be so close to him.’ Once Jessica was done, Paris started a slow clapping of his hands, being sarcastic as he never liked overachievers. “Enough Paris!” Dario said angrily, slapping his hand down hard on the table, making some of the kids jump in shock. Under his palm, Dario felt the table crack. Dario wiped out Jessica’s work and started the lesson. The day dragged by for Paris as the teachers came and gone with the ring of each bel
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    Chapter 3
    They got into the pool and wasted no time starting their slow warming up laps. The pool was just above room temperature and almost all the students in the school took part in swimming. Both Jessica and Ann did speed skating as well. During swimming class, Ann noticed she could not keep up with Shysie’s speed. Ann was the best in swimming in her grade and knew that as of today, that will no longer be the case. Shysie seemed to maintain the swimming speed of a guy. Ann felt she just did not have the stamina to beat her, even though she kept on trying. All the students stopped to look at the two going at it. Shysie deliberately let Ann take the lead, but every time near the end of the race she overtook Ann with great speed. The students cheered on, enjoying the competitiveness. Ann got out of the pool and made her way to the locker room, noticing the swimming teacher talking to Shysie. Ann knew at that moment that her swimming career and dreams were over. She hoped she would get a schola
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    Chapter 4
    Dario compelled Ann not to tell anyone and send her on her way. Dario put his fingers in his mouth to taste Ann’s blood. He got a hint of vampire blood and spit it out. A scared Ann quickly got dressed and could not believe her substitute teacher had just seen her naked, let alone that he and some students appear to be vampires. She also thought about what had just happened and the past couple of days. She wondered why the Vampires did not take Jessica as well. Why only her? And werewolves? She remembered Miss Wangberg. Even though she was scared, Ann could feel the excitement rising in her. She just remembered that she drank from Paris. ‘I wonder if I will become a vampire now?’ She thought to herself. She got excited by the idea and rushed home to do some research. When she got home, Paris was already waiting for her inside. For a moment she wondered about the fiction novels where vampires needed an invitation. “Ann, your friend Paris says you made arrangements to tutor him. He ha
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    Chapter 5
    “We do, we just cannot see our own reflection,” Paris answered, amused that a clever girl like Ann believed in Vampire tales.“Do you need to be invited into a house? Did my mom invite you in?” Ann asked, eager to know.“Yes, we need to be invited in, into some houses. Depends if an Inupiat shaman put an invitation spell on a house,” Paris answered, wondering if he must compel her to forget.“Shaman?” Ann asked, confused.“Yes, a native witch doctor, if you must.” Paris smiled.“I know what a shaman is,” Ann said, annoyed and eager to get him to leave. She found him incredibly attractive, but she was slightly angry about the fact that he and his friends used her as a meal more than once.“All the houses in this town seem to have an invitation spell on them,” Paris confessed.“Wow, so my house is not the first one you invade. How long have you been in town to know all the houses have an invitation spell on?” Ann asked worriedly.“We have a compound on the outskirts to the North of town.
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    Chapter 6
    Wynn and Shysie have no memory of how they came to be. They have no memory of family either. All they knew was that they have always been the way they are and are considered the oldest vampires to walk the earth. Wynn, being a hybrid, had food cravings and enjoyed eating human food, even though he did not need it. Wynn never turned into a Lycan Werewolf as he has no interest in being one. A couple of hundred years ago, he turned and met his mate. When he turned back into a vampire, she tried to kill him. He was stronger than her and won the battle without killing her. He broke the mate bond, and she gladly accepted. Wynn never fell in love again and kept his guard up against love. Shysie dragged Paris to their room. Like every other night, they spent it making love. Paris kept on thinking about Ann and found it hard to focus on Shysie. He cut the night short. “I am going out to clear my head. Please don't follow me.”Shysie was slightly annoyed but did not make her feelings known. D
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    Chapter 7
    “I am sorry, ok? I promise not to drink from you again unless you want me to. Ok?” Paris said, putting his hands on her shoulders.Ann looked at one of his hands on her shoulder and brushed them off and continues to walk. “Why should I believe you? Does Vampires even have religion?”“Hey, a vampire promise is more binding and true than humans. A human can break their promise without conscience, but not a vampire. If a vampire thinks about breaking a promise, their skin starts to boil!” Paris said, walking beside her, trying to steer her in the direction of his car. “Oh please, I am not stupid!” Ann said, feeling the anger rising up in her because Paris took her for a stupid.Ann does her best to ignore Paris walking beside her. She ignored him flat out. She finally reached the bus stop. She got on, leaving Paris behind. “Getting on?” a chubby woman with sleek black hair asked Paris.“No, not today,” Paris said, turning around to make his way to his car. He looked at Ann through the w
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    Chapter 8
    “Shysie, I am really glad we can be friends,” Ann got up and waited for Shysie to get up as well. Together, they made their way to class. When they entered class, Ann gave Paris an annoying look and took her usual seat. She did not know why, but she felt the need to peek at Wynn. She sneaked a peek over her shoulder and thought to herself that next time she must defiantly try to sit nearer to him. Paris noticed the peak and thought that maybe that is why Ann didn’t like him. After all, Wynn also drank from her without permission, but she does not seem upset with him. Paris was a bit disappointed by the idea that Ann might like Wynn and not him, but decided to give it another shot tomorrow. For now, he will let her be.After school, Ann wanted to do her homework first, but she just could not focus. She could not stop thinking about Wynn. She found herself daydreaming and before she knew it; it was dinnertime.“Ann, dinner is ready,” Ann’s mom called from downstairs.Ann joined her mom
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    Chapter 9
    “Paris, let’s talk,” Ann said behind Paris. Paris was about to get up when Shysie interrupted. “Anything you have to say to him you can say in front of us, right Paris?” Shysie asked mockingly. Paris knew he won’t be able to talk to Ann properly with Shysie around, “can we talk later?”“Paris, don’t be rude. The girl has something to say. Let her speak. Take a seat, after all, this is your usual table,” Shysie invited Ann to sit down.Everyone looked at Ann, waiting to say something. “Actually, Paris, your note said you wanted to speak to me? You go first. What did you want to talk about?” Ann asked, a bit nervous with all eyes on her.“Nothing, don’t worry about it,” Paris said hurriedly, feeling Shysies' eyes now on him. “Ok, well, um, you see… it feels like you are stalking me, waiting at my locker, sitting behind me in class, showing up at my house, and in my bedroom,..” Ann blurted out uncomfortably.“I was hungry and wanted to drink. I like the way you taste. You must eat a lo
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    Chapter 10
    Ann was relieved that she did not smell like meat and could no longer hold back. She touched Wynn’s thin, sexy top lip before parting his lips. Ann didn’t know what came over her, but she replaced her fingers with her lips and slowly started to kiss Wynn, savoring every part of his lips.Wynn pulled out of the kiss, “you taste really good.”Ann didn’t know why, but she tilted her head to the side. “You can drink from me anytime you please.”Wynn, already knowing how good her blood tasted, was not about to let her invite him twice. He sank his teeth into her neck and drank deeply. He can feel Ann’s body relaxing as she became intoxicated. Wynn wanted to drink more but knew if he does, he has to offer himself in return and he has never had anyone drink from him before unless it was to save their life. He sealed up the bite marks and just looked at her intoxicated eyes. He turned her around and let her float in his arms. Ann felt good and relaxed. She felt it was a much better experience
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