Touched by Forever

Touched by Forever

By:  Anonymous Author  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ann Willow is a human that does not know just how connected she is to a Supernatural world that she did not know to exist until three new students show up for class one day. Ann soon realizes that Vampires, Werewolves, and everything in between are real. What will become of Ann when she falls in love with the Supernaturals of this new world she finds herself in?

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71 chapters
C1 - New arivals
Ann wakes up with a massive headache wondering what happened last night.  She sees that she is in her own bed, but she cannot remember how she got to it.  She looks around for her phone to check the time, 7:33.  She stretch and a ray of aurora light flickering through the curtains catch her eye.  She tries to think about what happened last night.  “Ann, you going to be late for school!  I am leaving in 20 minutes,” her mother calls out from downstairs.  ‘School? What day is it?’ she asks herself.  She drags herself out of bed and looks at her messy self in the mirror.  She checks the calendar on her phone and sees that it is Monday.  She is very confused as the last memory she has is Friday afternoon.  She had a sleepover at her best friend’s house, and she remembered that they sneaked out to go to an underground club.  She drank some medication for her headache and put on her school clothing. 
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C2 - Flashbacks
Wynn and Shysie looked like they could be siblings.  Wynn, like Shysie, had bright blue eyes and blond hair.  Both tall and heavenly appearances.  Parris had a hint of bright blue but mostly his eyes are silver and brown.  Jessica found it strange that the three of them and the teacher's eyes all had a blueish shine to them.  Wynn and Shysie took chairs at the back of the class and Parris went standing at a desk behind Jessica.  “I would like this seat please,” he openly compels the student to get up.  “Sure, no problem,” a guy named William stood up and found another seat.  Only when William was seated, he snapped out of it and was confused as to how he got to the new seat. Ann’s flashbacks are now coming back full force.  Now that she remembers everything she looked around at Parris. Parris gave her a smile and a wink.  Ann quickly faced forward again; cheeks flushed.  Jessica wastes no time and flashes
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C3 - Promise
Jessica stared at the back of Dario wondering why he is so indifferent towards her.  She never had a problem getting teachers to like her especially the young ones, regardless of whether they are male or female.  She drifted off in thought thinking about Miss Wangberg.  Just a week ago she was on her lap kissing her female teacher during break time.  How much has changed over a weekend? “Jessica?  Are you coming?”  Ann taps Jessica’s head that seems to be miles away.  School is over.In the girls' locker room, they were putting on their swimsuits for swimming class.  “How hot is the substitute?”  Jessica asks Ann.“Yeah, I know right!  Did you notice that the three new students and Mr. Carden have a blue shine to their eyes?  I wonder if Shysie and Wynn are twins,” Ann asks Jessica, wondering.“I noticed, maybe they all had eye surgery even th
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C4 - Get out
“Fine, I won’t compel you to forget but I must compel you not to tell anyone, ok?”  Dario asks.“Ok,” Ann says, allowing him to get closer.Dario puts his fingers in his mouth and puts saliva on her bite marks, “first let’s get these healed up.”Dario compels Ann not to tell anyone and sends her on her way.  Dario puts his fingers in his mouth tasting Ann’s blood.  He gets a hint of Vampire blood and spits it out. A scared Ann quickly gets dressed and cannot believe her substitute teacher just saw her naked let alone that he and some students appear to be Vampires.  She also thinks about what just happened and the past couple of days.  She wonders why the Vampires did not take Jessica as well.  Why only her? And werewolves?  She remembers Miss Wangberg. Even though Ann is scared she can feel the excitement rising up in her.  She just remembered
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C5 - It does not work like that
“It does not work like that, we compel with our voice, don’t worry I won’t compel you,” Parris says, now standing in front of the window.Ann notices his reflection in her dressing table mirror, “I thought vampires don’t have a reflection?”“We do, we just can not see our own reflection,” Parris answers amused that a clever girl like Ann believes in Vampire tales.“Do you need to be invited into a house?  Did my mom invite you in?”  Ann asks eagerly to know.“Yes, we need to be invited in, into some houses.  Depends if an Inupiat shaman put an invitation spell on a house,” Parris answers, wondering if he must compel her to forget.“Shaman?”  Ann asks confused.“Yes, a native witch doctor, if you must.”“I know what a Shaman is,” Ann says annoyed and eager to get him to leave.  She found him incredi
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C6 - No next time
Wynn and Shysie have no memory of how they came to be.  They have no memory of family either.  All they know is that they have always been the way they are and are considered to be the oldest Vampires to walk the earth.Wynn being half Werewolf had food cravings and enjoyed eating human food even though he did not need it.  Wynn never turns into a Werewolf as he has no interest in being one.  A couple of hundred years ago he turned and met his mate.  When he turned back into a Vampire, she tried to kill him.  He was stronger than her and won the battle without killing her. He broke the mate bond and she gladly accepts.  Wynn never fell in love again and kept his guard up against love. Shysie dragged Parris to their room.  Like every other night, they spent it making love. Parris kept on thinking about Ann and found it hard to focus on Shysie.  He cut the night short, “I am going out, to clear my head, please don'
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C7 - Mixed Feelings
“See yourself out, I will take the bus,” Ann says not waiting for a response.“Ann, wait!  Don’t be like that!”  Parris moved super fast blocking her way before she made it of her porch.“I am sorry ok?  I promise not to drink from you again unless you want me to.  Ok?”  Parris says putting his hands on her shoulders.Ann looks at one of his hands on her shoulder and brushes them off and continues to walk.  “Why should I believe you? Does Vampires even have religion?”“Hey, a vampire promise is more binding and true than
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C8 - Someone special
Shysie patiently waited for Ann to get out of her intoxicating state, just enough so that she can compel her. “You and I are best friends from now on, you worship the ground I walk on.  You offer me to drink at every opportunity you get.  You live to please and make me happy.  You hate Parris.  You have no feelings for him.  He irritates you and you can not stand being near him.  You are madly in love with Wynn.  You secretly admire him and hope that he likes you as well.  Tomorrow at lunch you will tell Parris that you find him creepy and that he should stop stalking you.  The day after tomorrow you will start flirting with Wynn and you can not get Wynn out of your head.  All you can think of are those blue eyes and thin lips of his.  When you find a moment alone you will tell him how much you like him.  You will tell him and allow him to drink from you whenever he wants to.”Shysie smiled a
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C9 - Wink
Shysie caught Parris looking in their direction and gives him a wink.  Parris gives her a wink back even though he wishes he didn’t have to continue this crazy relationship with Shysie.  It is the definition of a love-hate relationship.  Sometimes Parris hates her, sometimes he loves her.The break came and Parris could not wait to clear the air with Ann.  He wished he didn’t like her as much as he did but in these few days of knowing her, he is intrigued by her.  Before Parris could get to Ann Shysie locked her arm into his and forced walked him to the cafeteria.  They sat at Ann’s and Jessica’s normal table.  Ann arrived at the cafeteria without Jessica and noticed the Vampires is sitting at her norm
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C10 - Love note
Ann turned around at the sound of a splash.  She knew that it must be one of the Vampires and is beside herself when Wynn came up his face an inch away from hers.“You know it is dangerous for you to be alone in the pool after school,” Wynn says with a sexy voice.“I know the danger,” Ann says feeling the urge to put her lips on his.“I found your love note,” Wynn says wrapping his arms around her waist.  Ann does not object and before she knew it, she wrapped her legs around him and her arms around his neck.“How did you know it is from me.  I did
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