From Rejected and Abused to Luna

From Rejected and Abused to Luna

By:  Rosie  Ongoing
Language: English
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Katerina's parents died in a horrible accident when she was 8 and the alpha of the pack she belongs to, Alpha Carter of the midnight moon pack, took her in. The alpha, his son and next in line for alpha, Ryder and Luna Jocelyn abuse and treat her as an orphan slave. She prays to the Moon Goddess everyday the on her 18th birthday she would find her mate and take her far away from the abuse and suffering. Come to find out Ryder is her mate. Will she ever escape this hell?

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12 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Abuse
Katerina's pov            Losing your parents at a young age is a    very hard thing to go through. Losing them on your birthday is worse. Almost 10 years ago on my 8th birthday my parents went to the store to get my cake and presents but they never returned. Their car was found the next day it seems they slid on ice and into a tree, or at least thats what I was told. The alpha of our pack, the Midnight Moon pack, took me in. Alpha Carter was nice at first and made me feel at home for the fact my father was his beta. It took about a month before him and his Luna Jocelyn decided I was at fault for them losing their beta and Alpha Carter's bestfriend. Though alpha Carter appointed his good friend, James, to be his new beta only 2 months after my dad died.  At that point they decided I'd be best as a slave to the alpha and beta families. The alpha and beta each had one son. The alpha's son was Ryder we shared a b
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Chapter 2: School
Katerina's pov       After the ordeal outside I am late for my first period class, English. Mr. Reider is not very happy though I am only two minutes late he glares at me as I walk in.     "Nice of you to decide to come to class. You'll have extra homework tonight." He sneers at me. " You're lucky I don't just send you to the principles office."      Jess walks into class five minutes late and he doesn't say a word to her. He just looks up and smiles then turns back to me.    "Now go take your seat and open your book" He snaps.        I quickly scurry to my seat. "Now class open your books to page 346 and start reading there" ******      Its now half way through the day and its lunch time. This is my favorite time because Angelica and I grab
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Chapter 3: Is There a Moon Goddess
Katerina's pov      Walking into the pack house the alpha is waiting by the door for me he grabs me by my hair and throws me to the ground.    "You ungrateful orphan! Even though you're the reason your parents died we still took you in and gave you a place to stay and in return you disrespect our future Luna by running into her and making her fall?" He shouts in my face his alpha aura at what feels like full force, Ryder obviously lied to him.       "And I find out that you're so ungrateful that you want to become a rouge when you turn 18? Not happening you'll be my salve then when Ryder steps up you'll be his slave."    By this time Luna Jocelyn has walked up "I only allowed you to attend school so you wouldn't be stupid but I guess it didn't work you will be in your room all day everyday if we don't need you. You'll never leave this pac
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Chapter 4: the day before the celebration
Ryder's pov     I wake up and look over to see Jess's naked body laying beside me. She isn't my destined mate. She informed me a month ago that she had found her destined mate and rejected him. I knew she wasn't mine when I turned 17 and I didn't feel a pull towards her. I started having this strange pull towards the stupid orphan which was weird there is no was she could be my mate. We will find out tomorrow on our birthday if its ture. If it is I will just reject her and make her my slave forever. When I am alpha she will never know happiness.    I know that Jess just wants the power and money from being Luna but, my parents insist that she be luna. I must get up and get ready today Alpha Xavier and beta John will be here. I must make sure everything is prepared and ready for their arrival.     I walk down stairs and there is the orphan preparing breakfast and theres that
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Chapter 5: Before the Party
Xavier pov      "John i do not understand why we are attending his birthday celebration. I would rather be home with our pack." Ryder's party was tomorrow. There was no need for us to be here other than the fact that they requested our attendance.     "Listen, its good for you to get out and go to functions it increases the chances of you finding your mate. Plus it looks good on us to attend smaller packs events." His word are true but I have gave up looking for my mate i am 24 and alphas can find their mates starting at 17.     "I doubt that. I don't believe the moon goddess gave me a mate. I'm going to just make Heather my chosen mate and Luna." I know everyone doesn't like Heather but they're just gonna have to deal with it my pack needs a Luna.     "Xavier don't do that. All she wants is your money. Plus I'm hoping to find my mate too. Let just try to enjoy ourselves
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Chapter 6: Birthday Disaster
Xavier's pov   I get my shower after our training session, get dressed and order lunch to be brought up. After I eat, I walk down stairs and run into John. Just then my wolf, Alastair, starts going nuts. 'Mate' he keeps chanting over and over again. 'Wait are you serious?' I ask him 'Yes! We have to go find her!' "Alastair says out mate is near we have to go find her" John just nods in agreement.  I start to walk outside towards where the party's at but part of me is pulling me toward the the dining hall so I follow my gut and head towardsthe dining area. I have never came this way I've always ate in my room. I get a could steps in and I'm hit with the most amazing smell of fresh baked apple pie and roses. But the scent was mixed with blood. 'Mate is hurt!' Alastair growls.   We follow the scent to the dining area but it sm
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Chapter 7: Who is this God of a man?
  Xavier's pov  My mate, who i found out her name is Katerina, has in in surgery for a few hours. John has been getting phone calls from people are our pack so he's been in and out but for the most part he's stayed by me. Ryder left to go back to his party but alpha Carter has stayed here and has said nothing. I have stopped thinking about what they said. How would the moongoddess pair me with someone who murdered their parents. I have been known as a ruthless alpha but only to my enemies. I am fair to my pack. I threat everyone with dignity and respect but I haven't had a pack member murder their family.   The doctor comes through the double doors and interrupts my thoughts. "She made it through surgery now we wait for her to wake up."   It seems that there was anger radiating off Carter at his words. Why is he mad that she made it through surgery? I understand what she did but he shouldn't want a pa
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Chapter 8: The Truth Comes Out
  Katerina's pov        "Sweety, I know you're hurting but I need to know exactly what happened, from the very beginning."      I felt my entire being become cold at his words as I looked at alpha Carter and Ryder, they weren't even trying to hide their scowls at me. I pretty much knew what they probably told him. And then I looked over at Xavier. He was looking at them, watching their scowling at me. Then, he turned his gaze to me it was soft and I felt safe with him but I knew I couldn't tell him in front of them.   "I don't remember anything." Staring Ryder right in his eyes. "I am really tired can I get some rest?"    "I think that would be best for you. At least now you're awake." The doctor said to me and turns towards the door where Ryder and cater stood. "I'll be back to check on you, Katerina. I think it'll be best if you guys leave too."  
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Chapter 9: The Wrath of the Black Wolf
   Xavier's pov   As Katerina falls asleep to my touch I can't help but think about her words. Part of me doesn't want to believe that people could be so cruel as to blame a child for the death of her parents but, in my gut I know she speaks the truth. This infuriates me and Alastair is chanting 'kill kill kill' in my head and I have full intention to do so but first, I must get to the bottom of why someone would do such a thing to an innocent child. I decide I need John to help me. Its about 7:30 and the sun is almost fully set which means the party is probably about to reach its peak. It a full moon tonight so this party may get hectic. I mind link John. 'John, I know you're trying to get to know your mate but I need your help with something. Meet me in front of the hospital and bring Angelica and ask her to sit with Katerina.'  'Right away alpha.'  I feel bad
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Chapter 10: Wrath of the Black Wolf, part 2
  Katerina's pov    I was enjoying my girl talk with Angelica she was telling me about John. There wasn't much I could tell her about Xavier except that I felt safe with him. And then they walked in and Xavier told me his plan. It worried me a bit but I understood. They probably wouldn't let me leave without a fight. To them I haven't paid my dues for 'killing my parents'.   "Though I hate the thought do as you must. Just be safe, all of you." Xavier looked at me with awe in his eyes.  "You are my Luna and you have a whole pack who will lay down their lives for you. You are protected and we will never allow anyone to hurt you again." I felt comfort in his words a d snuggled to his chest.  "Now little one its getting late you need to rest." He says kissing the top of my head and he turns to John and Angelica.   "You two can go back to gettin
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