My Healing Love (Omegaverse)

My Healing Love (Omegaverse)

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**Book 1: My Healing Love (omegaverse) **Book 2: My Healing Love: Mateo's Love Story (available on the website for now! )! Because your love heals me, I will give you all my life. Trevor: "I can't stand men touches." Trevor looks sadly at the man in front of him, then added "and it seems that my body doesn't like women's pheromone either... So I'm bound to be alone." Soon I realise that I was special because I was the only man who could manage to touch him, and he was the only one whose pheromones could affect me. Then I thought maybe we were made for each other. So I decided to love him only"- Max "He is the only man I can feel and touch, He is the first one who can make me smile like that." So I thought maybe he is my healing. - Trevor Max is an alpha, future CEO of the most powerful company in town. He is looking for his mate, to make his boring life more pleasant. Trevor is an omega. An orphan after losing his mother and grandfather, he thought he would live a lonely and painful life until he met Max. Watch as Max and Trevor heal each other with their love, trust and respect. Follow our two protagonists in this love story full of twists and turns. *Excerpt* Trevor's lips quivered "I just don't want to regret this... you know I've watched my mother die because of a one-sided bond, I'm scared to jump into a relationship with someone I don't really know just because we are mates..." "I know ... and I have to say that I'm glad you're taking your time ... it means you're seriously considering me, at least I know it's not my money or my body you're interested in!" Max joked

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84 Chapters
1- First day
Trevor stood a little nervously outside his classroom door, took a deep breath, held onto the door, pushed it slightly, and entered his new university life. That day would always remain in Trevor's head because it was the start of something new, something he had never imagined could happen to him! Simply it was the start of an exciting love story. The first day of school is always difficult for most people, except for those who are extroverts and can engage in conversation with someone they just met. Trevor was neither an introvert nor an extrovert: he wasn't the shy type, but he also wasn't the easygoing type who made friends easily. But unbeknownst to him, Trevor was someone who had the ability to capture anyone's heart. If you had to describe him, you could say he was ambivalent. He was a bright guy who tried to enjoy life, but with a sad past and a secret that sometimes made him distant and lose his smile. But that wasn't why he was so nervous on his first day at
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2- Meeting the Klayne (flashback)
Trevor had imagined the night before what it would be like to meet Max Klayne for the first time. Grandfather Maxwell had been praising him so much all day that he had become properly curious about the heir to Klayne's family. When Trevor thought of the cute grandfather, he couldn't help but remember his first day in this country and his first encounter with the Klayne. *Flashback As soon as Trevor landed at K-city, he was picked up by a car and taken straight to the Klayne family mansion to meet his grandfather's best friend who had helped him return to his homeland after leaving the place when he was ten years old. When his grandfather was on his deathbed, he had promised him that he would come back to K-city and retrieve the inheritance that his father had snatched from him after leaving his mother for another woman. After his grandfather's death, Trevor had no choice but to come back when Mr. Klayne had called him to tell him that his grandfather
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3- Max's soulmate
After putting on comfortable clothes, Trevor was hungry. Since his food had been eaten by Max, he decided to make himself a simple dinner. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw Max sitting on the kitchen counter eating ice cream. Trevor thought that what he was watching was really cute and weird. Max had a devilish and stern face, so it was a little surprising for Trevor to see him eating ice cream like a little kid. As Trevor walked past the bar to get to the kitchen, his body stiffened when he heard Max's voice. "You smell really good!" Max blurted out expressionlessly. He hadn't even realized what he had said himself. He frowned as soon as the words came out of his mouth. It was a new feeling to him, it was like he was intoxicated, it was a sweet and fresh scent, like a cold breeze in the forest, but one that could get you just as drunk as a good mojito. He was captivated by the smell and surprisingly wanted more of it. He looked at Trevor with cu
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4- Trevor's heat
It had been a long time since Trevor had been so scared around an Alpha when he was in heat. His grandfather had trained him to be as strong as possible since he was eleven. He remembered being sick when he was ten, to this day he couldn't remember what had happened to him, but since then his grandfather had taught him to be as strong as possible, that's why he didn't look like an average Omega and wasn't as scared when facing an Alpha. He was smart and strong enough to escape an alpha even when he was in heat. But today, it wasn't like that. His body was weak and screaming for protection. As soon as Trevor smelled the alpha pheromone, he struggled even more to reach his front door, but his body wasn't helping him at all! All he could think about at that moment was Max, who was in his room on the second floor. He tried his best to call him, but he didn't have the strength to speak aloud. He couldn't be touched by anyone! Since he was already in this state, he was afr
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5- Trevor's seduction
But to his horror, Max got really angry and released his pheromone. Trevor was stunned at first and frowned as he waited for his body to give in, but to his surprise, Max's pheromones had a relaxing effect on him so that any pain he was feeling literally disappeared. With all the stress he was under, Trevor fell asleep instantly relaxed by Max's divine scent. Max, on the other hand, panicked when he saw Trevor lying lifeless on the floor. "Shit, did I just release too many pheromones?...shouldn't he be able to handle it if he's my mate?" Max frowned, confused. He thought maybe Trevor was his mate, because of the way his body reacted to him, but seeing him like this, he thought maybe he was overthinking it, after all, the chance to meet his designated mate was rare indeed. He picked Trevor up in bridal style and took him to his room. He gently laid him on his bed and slowly tucked him in. Hastily he left the room, still feeling the urge to jump on him
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6- Max little service
The sweet taste of his lips, mixed with the fresh smell of his pheromone, drove Max crazy. He hungrily wanted more, but it wasn't the way he wanted it, not when Trevor was in heat and in a fuzzy state of mind. Max could barely bring himself to push him away, but just as he was about to break off the little kiss, Trevor deepened it and let out a little moan! Max was overwhelmed by his gesture and the affection Trevor was giving him in that kiss; he could feel a yearning feeling, affection, desire and sadness in that kiss... Trevor's sweet lips were connected with Max's, asking for more. Max automatically responded to him not thinking too much this time. He invaded his mouth with his tongue and leading them to a hot and sweet kiss. Trevor's hand tenderly explores Max's face down to his neck. Max moved closer to him to deepen the kiss, his hands finding their way to Trevor's hips. The more Max touched Trevor's body, the more he wanted him. He wanted to feel his body right benea
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7- It wasn't a dream
When Trevor awoke the next morning, he found himself under a strong embrace. With his eyes still closed, he began to feel with his hands the strong body clinging to him. "Um ... Am I still dreaming? I never want this dream to end... It feels so good to be hugged by someone," Trevor thought, touching Max's torso here and there before tightening the embrace and burying his head into Max's torso, breathing heavily to smell his beautiful scent. Max, who was already awake when Trevor started playing with his body, just watched the beautiful man in his embrace do what he wanted while watching his strange and funny behavior. He was curious to see how Trevor would react when he realized he wasn't in a dream. Max had had one of the best nights he'd had in a long time. Trevor's scent was like a cooling thee that relaxed all his nerves. He had never felt so calm and peaceful like that before, all his stress from work and studies had been blown away. It was like
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8- Mine?
Max didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He was now a walking pheromone machine for a certain Omega. Trevor didn't hear Max answer, so he added, "Why don't you say something? Am I asking for too much? Don't be petty, I'm just asking my handsome and understanding roommate to help me once a month..." He pleaded with his eyes. Max gulped at this new side of Trevor he was discovering. The way he looked at him with his big green eyes made him look so cute Max couldn't help but grab his cheeks "I'll gladly help my beautiful roommate... But what do I get out of it?" Max asked with a raised eyebrow, looking at Trevor, who was just trying to think of a good offer for his demand. "How about I cook for you once a week?" Trevor suggested, "You said my dish was delicious," he added. "Well, that's a good suggestion ... But you're even more delicious ..." said Max, stepping closer to Trevor, who tipped his head back to pu
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9- Gossips
As he walked into class, Trevor noticed that many people were looking at him. At first, he thought that the looks must have been at Max, who was walking behind him, but he soon realised that it was him that people were looking at and talking about. He wondered what could have happened between the day before and now. In a way, Trevor was used to the looks and rumours about him at school. After all, he was a good looking man, with a good body and smart. Usually, he always had problems with his friends' boyfriends, since he usually only hung out with girls due to his illness. But today, the looks didn't make him feel good. He could feel that something had happened. Deep in thought, he walked into his class and thought about what he could have done. When he entered, there were already many people in the class, passing the time by talking, playing and working while waiting for their professor. Once again, Trevor felt eyes pierce him. He sighed and walked t
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10- Gossips 2
"So, what about me?" Trevor asked, a little amused. At first, he was excited to see if he could be normal now and interact with other people, men or women, but looking at this Gil now, he wasn't so excited anymore. When he thought about it, it wasn't like his life had been so bad till now. Being able to touch other men wasn't that important he thought at that moment. He sat down and looked at Samy and Lina, "Okay miss, it's me in the picture and it's Max's house, but I live there too. I'm his roommate... So it doesn't mean anything if I go out of that house... okay" Trevor smiled sitting back. Samy and Lina were surprised at first but soon relieved. Lina had her smile back and continued chatting with Trevor, asking all sorts of questions about him and why he was living in Max's house. Trevor just brushed them off saying that it was his late grandfather's order. After all, he didn't want to talk about his life. Soon it was time to start class and people just f
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