The Mafia King

The Mafia King

By:  Emma Louise  Completed
Language: English
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Alora is turning twenty one, her best friend Liana has got VIP passes for one night only at and exquisite club where her brother; Castello works. Once in the VIP room they meet Raven, the lead singer of The Misfits who gives them two VIP tickets to see the concert, but the only problem with that unit is being held in Italy in three days time. A surprise visitor makes their appearance at the club, she's drunk and has no idea who this mysterious male is dancing with her. She wakes up in a bed that's not hers and to her horror she is no longer in the United Kingdom, but in Italy with the last person she expects to see: Gianni who tells her they are to be married so he will be able to stop any other Mafia from taking his heritage.

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70 Chapters
1 - Alora
Alora walked alone to her final class of the day she’d got three months left at uni before she earned her degree. She was meeting Liana later to go to the most exquisite club in the city starlight; Liana had got them VIP seen as her brother: Castillo Adesso owned the club. They ran a shit load of clubs here in the U.K. and many more in Italy they were well known for their dealings with the Italian Mafia. He was hot and he knew it, he prayed on girls that knew he was and Italian sex god. Most of the Adesso family worked in the clubs across the U.K. and Italy.  Alora didn’t know much about their background, but she knew enough not to get involved. Liana kept herself to herself. They’d become friends at college and six years on they were still friends. She just wished Gianni was still around; he’d have loved it at Uni, he was a real popular guy that only had eyes for her.  &nbs
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Castillo waited by the VIP entrance for Gianni. He looked at his watch as the limo pulled up, the tall male in a dark suit opened the door. A tall dark haired, dark eyed Italian make slipped out the door closed and he walked over to Costello. ‘“Gianni glad you could make it.” He said, holding out his hand.   “Castillo long time no see.” He said, shaking his hand bringing him in for a hug. “My apologise for my lateness. Damn fucking English traffic. Fucking road works, we got diverted.”   “No probs you're here now.”   They dropped hands. “So is she here?”   “They both are.”   “I can’t wait to see her.”   “Raven Lupo has taken to both of them. He’s been buying them drinks all night.”   “He’s here? I thought he was on tour.”   “He returns to Italy tomorrow, he’s passing through.”   Gianni nodded.
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Alora groaned, coming round.  She looked around the large room, one she didn’t recognise the bed had silk covers and pillows where the hell was she? “So you’re finally awake?’” His voice rang through the room as he closed the door behind him.  He made his way over to the bed. She watched him, his muscles were something else, they looked like he was in the gym seven days a week training for sorting mysterious things. His hair is almost black in colour. She trailed down his six pack, he was half naked all he had on was shorts which looked like swimming shorts. But, why? there surely wasn’t a swimming pool around here. He sat on the bed. “How are you this morning Alora?” “Fine. Who the hell are you, and where the hell are we?” “We are in my room in my families mansion in Italy.” “You didn’t answered my fi
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Alora, Liana, Castillo and Gianni all left the mansion in Italy to go to the very exclusive event, they had no idea how exclusive it was. It was full of rich people they thought it was an ordinary concert, how wrong could they have been? It was held held in the colosseum in Rome.  They’d never seen so much beauty, they’d planned on coming here next summer. Why has Raven invited them? They weren’t rich and they certainly were nothing like the people here.  They were high class and they looked a little scared by Gianni and she wasn’t sure why though everyone else knew.    The band came on stage near eleven and finished around two. The four of them made their way backstage showing their passes. The security opened the door to let them enter. They stepped in, the whole band was in the large room drinking and smoking what smelt like weed. Raven looked up . “Gianni.” He smiled pulling himself up. 
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THE WEDDING           They’d been in Italy a week now, one more and they’d be returning for the final three months of uni. When she arrived back she’d be married and have his name.  Mrs. Robustelli. She still couldn’t believe she was going through this neither could Laina. She told her she could back out at any time but she’d chose not to.   Her wedding dress was white with diamonds drawing the full length of the dress. Her white sandals held a five inch heel. She hoped she could walk straight to the wedding and reception, which was to be held in the garden so the Swimming pool had been covered, so that there were no drunken accidents.       Liana wore a red sequin dress as she was told she was the bridesmaid. Their hairs were braided differently so they could tell them apart she was shutting bricks. Castillo had agreed to give her away as her father was not ha
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Alora had returned to university three months ago she was set to return to Italy after her last essay and exam was finished. She walked alone and she was meeting Liana soon. She walked across campus as she heard gun shots, students ran screaming, saying there were men shooting randomly at the campus shouting out some girls name and if she didn’t go to them they’d kill everyone on campus.       She swallowed nothing like  this usually happens. It’s usually so quiet, but not today she wondered who they were after as she got to the edge of the campus. The shots got louder, many of the students were bleeding, some were dead. Her heart raced, the car skidded and the door opened. “Get in.”   She didn’t hessite she slid into the car closing the door. The tyres screeched as the car sped away causing her to fall on something hard. She looked up and he smiled. “Raven.”   “Don’t worry you’re pretty head is safe.
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The male hung from the wall by chains and handcuffs his face bloody, he’s face and body dirty. Gianni and his brothers stood in the cold damp room looking at him. Gianni stepped forward looking at the man. ‘Who sent you?’   He looked up and laughed. The knuckle duster shots across his face blood emerged from his mouth, he spat it out. "I’ll never tell you never!" It crashed across his face again. "I’ll ask you again. Who the fuck sent you?" "I’ll die before I tell you anything." "So be it ." Gianni exchanges his knuckle duster for a bladed glove. It sliced across the mans face and body repeatedly. "Are you ready to talk?" The man looked dead at him. He positing his hand above his head and went to swoop down. "Bianchi." He lowered his arm. "Now that wasn’t hard was it.’ He looked at his brothers. "Torture them and send them back to him let him know I mean business.’ He said walking out.  
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    Alora went to  step out of the room, after hearing giggles come from the room opposite. Gianni hadn’t returned to their bed last night. Now she knew why as she watched both of them, a sinking feeling rose in the pit of her stomach. He was kissing another girl in the home that they shared. Tears fell off her face and she was vexed. "You okay Alora?" "Peachy." She said closing the door.  Raven looked at her as if to say that’s shit and you know it.  He watched as she twisted her ring. Something was wrong. The front door closed and she was gone without saying a word. Gianni closed the door, he looked at her and her face was angered. "Alora I can explain."
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    Regio played the security footage where were all the security? he’d shoot them for this. They watched as she ran across the garden and leaped over the gate like it was nothing, he must say he was impressed. "Check the footage outside the house."Regio pulled up the footage outside the house she’d ran after she’d made it over the gate and disappeared. "Where the hell is she? she can’t just disappear just like that." He said clicking his fingers. "We’ve got men out searching for her.""I want her brought back in one piece. Her father arrives in two days." Alora sat on the chair, where the hell was she?He bent down in front of her. "You sure get in some shit Alora.’ She looked into his eyes.  "Lorenzo.’He smiled."What the hell are you doing here?""Apart from saving your ass.""Yes.""Have they told you
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THREE YEARS LATER   Alora adjusted her eyes in the dim light she’d gone out with her friends from her office. Her and Lorenzo had finally settled down after moving place to place for the last three years thinking the dust had settled and she’d been forgotten about. His eyes glowed darkly in hers. "Do you really think we would’ve forgotten about you Alora?" She sat nervously where the hell was she and who the he’ll was taking to her.  "Your brother is in so much trouble Alora." "Leave him out of this. He was only trying to help me." "Lucky it’s us  that found you. And not Bianchi." "Raven?" He smiled evilly. "Gianni was pissed when you filed for divorce." "I don’t give a flying fuck. He lied to me, he promised me he would never cheat on me and he did." "He was angry at you Alora." "It was no excuse to shag a whore behind my back?" "You let Luca screw you, tit for tat Alora."
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