Alpha Theo

Alpha Theo

By:  C.J. Primer  Completed
Language: English
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SIX-PACK SERIES BOOK TWO *If you've stumbled upon this book and you haven't read book one, I highly recommend reading Alpha Gray for context before diving into this one!* THEO: I'm next in line to be the alpha of my pack, but my father doesn't think I'm ready. In his eyes, I'll never be- he wants me to grow up, straighten up, to be someone I'm just... not. At least I've got the security squad in the meantime, and I'm taking on more responsibility there. I assumed working with the IT unit would be a total bore, but the new girl on the unit has me intrigued. I'm used to getting any girl I want, yet she's rebuffed all of my advances. She's a goody-goody, thinks she's too good for me- and , she probably is, but that won't stop me from trying to get in her pants. Underneath every good girl persona is a bad girl just dying to get out. Challenge accepted. ~ BROOKE: All I wanted to do when I came to work for the IT unit at the security squad was keep my head down and do my job. I was doing it pretty well, too until Theo got assigned as liaison between the IT unit and squad leadership. I had a crush on him as a kid, but now that he's grown he's a foul-mouthed, womanizing hothead; a total alphahole. Other girls may fall for his good looks and his devil-may-care attitude, but not me. He's hanging around the IT unit to observe and report, but he's zeroed in on me for some reason, keeps trying to get under my skin. And just when I think I can escape him, fate delivers the cruelest twist yet.

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48 Chapters
THEO I’m dreaming when the blare of my alarm clock jolts me awake, its high-pitched beep delivering an instant headache. I paw for it on my nightstand, fingers clumsily searching for the snooze button. Instead, I knock the damn thing onto the ground, the beeping only growing louder as it echoes off of the cement floor.Fuck.Guess I’m up now.I blink sleep from my eyes, slowly adjusting to the dim light spilling in through the slit in the curtains on my window. The light intensifies my headache. I tied one on last night, and even my shifter healing hasn’t quite caught up to this hangover yet.I grumble as I kick the sheets away from my body, sitting up and leaning over to retrieve the alarm clock from the floor. I want to smash the fucking thing, but I hit a bunch of buttons instead, the incessant beeping finally ending. Groaning, I set it back on
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BROOKE “Sup, nerds?”I whip my head around the side of my computer monitor to stare toward the open door of the IT hub, groaning internally when I see the person behind the rude greeting. Theo is leaning against the doorframe, taking up most of it with his massive size. Thick, corded forearms folded across his chest; he surveys the room with a condescending eye.What the heck is he doing here?The IT hub is the last place I’d expect Theo to be. Perhaps he was trying to find the weight room. Did he get lost?“Theo,” Erin greets, scrambling up from her desk near the door. It’s a struggle for her to get to her feet- she’s super pregnant, due any day now. “Thanks for coming in.”Theo glances around from his perch in the doorway, taking in the interior of the IT hub. It isn’t much, though it’s probably more space than the ni
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BROOKE “Why does it have to be Theo, of all people?” I lament, poking my food around my plate with a fork.I’m glad my sister decided to stick around for dinner at the complex tonight, because the other girls on the IT unit are so charmed by Theo that my complaints would fall on deaf ears. I barely got anything done today after he decided to post up at my desk and torment me with his incessant chatter.“Is it that bad?” Fallon asks, tilting her head, eyes sympathetic.“Worse,” I scoff. “He actually tried hitting on me today.”“He what?!” Fallon’s eyes fly wide, then she erupts in a fit of giggles.I narrow my eyes, stabbing a piece of chicken with my fork. “Ohhhkay, it’s not that frickin’ funny, Fallon.”I’m a little offended that she finds it so outrageous th
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THEO I don’t know why Brooke Eastwick intrigues me. Call it morbid curiosity.She’s not my type at all. Buttoned up so tight, so prim and proper. A good girl. A brainiac. A nerd. She’s got glasses, for fuck’s sake. In normal society that probably wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but shifters typically have perfect vision; our healing abilities overcome any deterioration of eyesight.I sort of remember asking my mom about it, once, and her telling me that it was some kind of rare recessive trait that the Eastwick twins’ mom carried. That was a long time ago, though, so I don’t remember exactly. Either way, it’s weird.  If our interaction yesterday is any indication, Brooke clearly wants nothing to do with me- which is strange, because I’m me. Some females throw themselves at me, others play a game of cat and mouse- but the e
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BROOKE   Going to the bar in Goldenleaf is somewhat of a ritual for the squad members on Saturday nights. The girls trade their workout apparel for tight dresses, the guys for jeans and nicer t-shirts or button-downs. I don’t typically put a lot of effort into my appearance, but Fallon always gets really into getting dressed up for our Saturday nights out, so I indulge her. Tonight, she’s talked me into wearing a black pleather mini-skirt and a white lacy crop top with elbow length sleeves. I don’t know if it’s hers or if it’s borrowed, but I feel oddly exposed in the outfit. At least the skirt is high-waisted and the lace of the crop top dips down to conceal my midriff. My legs are really the only thing on full display, and I trade my usual chucks for a pair of heels because according to Fallon they ‘make my legs look longer’ and ‘complete the outfit’. My friend Carly from the IT unit is coming out with us tonight, and
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THEO “Ah, he’s back,” I drawl as Gray approaches our table, stabbing his fingers through his hair. “What happened man, trouble in paradise?”Gray slides into his seat beside me, but not before he delivers a jab to my bicep.Jax snickers on the other side of me. I can always count on him to laugh at my smartass comments.I press further. “Don’t tell me you guys broke up already…”Gray rolls his eyes, reaching for the beer he left stranded when he got up to greet Fallon. Little does he know, I downed it in his absence, impatient for the waitress to bring over more.“Please,” Gray scoffs. “She’s hanging with her friends for a while. We don’t have to be together twenty-four seven. I know who she’s going home with.”Gray picks up the beer, realizes it’s empty, and reaches for a fresh one instead, br
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BROOKE   If I didn’t think so before, then last night’s run-in with him certainly cemented it- Theo Jacobsen is a pig. Who the heck gets a handjob in a public place? And he had the nerve to ask for privacy, like I was the one being rude? Who the hell does he think he is? On Sunday morning, I head out for a run after breakfast. I don’t consider myself the sporty type like my twin is, but endurance has always been my jam. Running helps me clear my head, get centered. The endorphins don’t suck, either. The wolf inside of me is also particularly wily. It’s a struggle to keep her at bay, but running helps. Just getting out in nature appeases her, tiring out my body quiets her. I try to stick to my typical forest paths so I don’t get lost. I’m a terrible navigator. When I first moved to the complex almost two months ago, I got lost a few times on my runs. I had to shift and allow my
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THEO “Sup, nerds?” I greet as I walk into the IT hub the next afternoon. I’m really settling into this new gig as the liaison- it isn’t half as boring as I expected now that I’ve made it my mission to bed Brooke Eastwick.Speaking of Brooke, she doesn’t even glance up at me when I walk in. I make my rounds to the other desks, asking the geeks if they have anything to report back to Gray, and by the time I get back to hers she still doesn’t acknowledge me.What gives? I apologized for yesterday. You’d think a self-proclaimed ‘nice girl’ would be a little more gracious.Instead, it seems she’s giving me the cold shoulder today. She doesn’t say anything when I drag a chair over to her desk, sink down into it. Doesn’t respond when I greet her with a “hey kid”. Doesn’t flinch when I kick my boots up on the edge of the
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BROOKE   I head outside five minutes early to wait for Theo, and he’s ten minutes late. Figures. The afternoon sun is beating down and beads of sweat are rolling down my back by the time he pulls up in Gray’s Jeep, honking the horn as if he doesn’t see me waiting here. Why did I agree to catch a ride with him again? I sling my backpack over a shoulder and shove my hands in my pockets, trudging around to the passenger side. When I pull open the door, I hear the familiar tune of Boulevard of Broken Dreams and I can’t help but crack a smile, throwing my backpack on the floor, sliding into the seat, and closing it behind me. Theo doesn’t even give me time to fasten my seatbelt before he hits the gas, spinning the wheels on the dirt and peeling out toward the road. “Will you slow down?!” I gasp, clutching at the seatbelt and shoving it down over my lap and into the buckle. “O
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THEO   Dad’s acting strange. More chipper than usual. He asks for my help manning the grill, talks my ear off about the happenings with the pack while he flips the steaks. I can’t remember the last time he was this friendly with me, but it has me on edge. Maybe he’s finally coming around, has accepted me for who I am and is gonna let me lead the pack. A guy can dream, can’t he? I don’t know what else would explain his odd behavior. Fuck, I’m so ready to be alpha. To finally be in control, be the one calling the shots. I bet I’ll be good at it. I’ve never been great at anything- other than women of course- but I was literally born to be alpha. If he’s ready to step down, I’m ready to take on the job. I can’t fucking wait. I help him carry in the steaks and get the table set while Quinn and Brooke wander downstairs, chatting and giggling. “Brooke!” Dad booms, waving the grill tongs at her. “How’s it going?”
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