What Took You So Long

What Took You So Long

By:  Lian Naluz  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sometimes, you can have the right love at the wrong time. For Dash, love can wait but for Cassy it should be something that they should be fighting for. Two young souls crossed path but fated played at them. What could happen to their shattered hearts? Would they still believe in love when it gone all wrong?

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12 Chapters
Chapter 1: Different Dimensions
I'll be your lighthouse I'll make it okay When I see your monsters I'll stand there so brave And chase them all away …   Cassy closed her eyes to feel the song even more. She can feel the cold-like emotion that surrounded her heart. “I know, someday, I will be someone’s lighthouse.”, this is what inside’s Cassy’s head. She hopes that someday someone will be in her life, take her hand, and run away with her. “I will be waiting for you and be patience until the day that you come…” she can already imagine a scene. One day, they will bump to each othe
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Chapter 2: Mirroring the Past
Cassy lies in her bed and trying to rock herself to sleep. She is thinking about her childhood friend, Leon. His gesture today really touches her heart. She can still vividly remember how he meets him 13 years ago when they moved next to them. She stopped walking in front of a pale and thin boy and asked, “What’s your name?”. The boy was startled. He looked up at her and she can obviously see how shy he is.  “I—m, mmm—y name is…” he utters. “Hmnnn..” she tries to meet his eyes as she waits for him to say his name. “My name is … Leonorado but my mom calls me Leon..” he said in a shy voice. <
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Chapter 3: From Yesterday to Present
Beee---e! Beeeeep! Another Monday morning again for Dash. He was awakened by the sound of his alarm clock. He stared at the ceiling for a couple of minutes while doing his morning routine. He first raises his feet in the air and rolls his ankle gently. He did the same with his hands. This is how he starts his morning. He believes that doing stretching after a deep sleep could make the body feel better. After a couple of minutes of doing some flexing, Dash gets up and started to fix his bed.He took a shower and went down to eat his breakfast prepared by his loving mother.He kissed his mom and dad before going to school. Yes, he is 18 and yet he can’t help himself to show his affection to his parents. “Would you like me to drop you in your school?” Damian asked. “No, Dad. I can manage.” Dash responded. “Alright then,” Damian said. Dash gets out of their house quickly as he just noticed that the bus going to th
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Chapter 4: Overwrite
After his conversation with Nathan, Dash spoke to his teachers that he will be joining the school club’s activity. As the one leading Overwrite (this is the name of their club), he wanted to be hands-on with the registration of the possible members of the club.   Overwrite is a writer’s club. Nowadays, most youths keep themselves busy by playing games. This results in poor communication with their friends and especially with their family. With Overwrite, he believes that he can encourage the youth to express what they feel using the writings. He exactly knows how challenging it is to say what you feel so why not turn them into stories and poems.  As he walks inside the gym, he can easily see their club’s tent as the members printed out a very large tarpaulin with OVERWRITE written on it. Read more
Chapter 5: Rumors and Cassy
Cassy’s POV Invitation: Meeting w/ Overwrite | CLUB INTRODUCTION “God! This is it!” Cassy said in a very loud voice. She just got an email from Overwrite and it seems that they have accepted her application. “ What is it?” Sandy asked wanting to know what she’s looking at.“Well, take a look at this.” She let her see the email that Overwrite sent to her, an invitation to their first meeting. “This gonna be exciting!” she added. “Are you sure?” Sandy asked and let a laugh that sounds like something is wrong. “Why?” “Nothing,” Sandy answered and was about to turn her back and walk away but she grabs her arms and faces her. “Will you say it or I will tell our customers about the things that you kept doing when our teacher isn’t looking at you during class?” she said to Sandy which made the girl look pale. Sandy keeps on playing a game on her mobile phone even in the middle of their class, the tea
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Chapter 6: Cassy vs Demi
Cassy frowned when she heard what Demi said but she couldn't help but give her a sharp look.What’s wrong with this girl? Why isn't she running out of things to say?Urghhh… She took a deep breath. One more word, you’ll see what you are looking for. She shook her head and ignored Demi.She went back to her seat.“God!” she said in a very low voice but Leon who’s sitting beside him was still able to hear it.“Hey, just don’t mind her. She’s one of Dash’ minions.” Leon said while smiling at her.She giggled with the thought. God, if only these girls know what kind of guy Dash is, she’s sure they wouldn’t even imagine having a crush on him. “I am Demi. I joined the club because…” she turned her eyes around and stopped at Dash’s direction, “ because of our club leader,” projecting her sweetest smile.God! Really, some girls cannot show even just a little decency. Cassy just rolled her eyes. She won’t stoop down on that lev
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Chapter 7: Demi's Getting Back Plan
Demi wasn’t able to quickly recover from what Cassy did to her.   The other students are all laughing and whispering to each other and glancing at her.   She gritted her teeth and clenched the fist where she’s holding the money that Cassy puts in her hand.   “You’ll have your day,” she said as she followed Cassy with her eyes.    “God! Demi! What the f--ck just happened?” Lylia said sarcastically at her and laughed.   “Lylia, stop it.” A sweet voice from Olivia.   Lylia ignored Olivia and continued mocking Demi, “Seriously? You just let Cassy do that to you?” she added and
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Chapter 8: Elections of Officers
President : Dashielle Sarmiento Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer:   Cassy and Leon arrived a bit early in the club’s room. Mika and Dash are already there. Mika warmly greeted them and as expected Dash just smiled and continued to look at his notebook.   How can he be so snobbish? As if he hasn’t been with her and Leon before.   “Please get your seat and we will wait for the others before we start,” Mika said to them as she guided them.   “Thank you, Mika!” Leon smiled sweetly at her
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Chapter 9: What's with my heart?
Cassy slowly opened her eyes. Where is she?   She looked around and noticed that everything was white.   Nahh, she isn't in heaven yet. Goodness! Why is she lying in bed?   She moaned. Her body feels so weak. A pain suddenly ripped through her chest.   She touched her heart. What's this?    Why in the first place is she here?   She's in the hospital.    She saw the dextrose in her right hand.    She let out a deep sigh and tried to remember what happened.
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Chapter 10: What happened to me?
Cassy felt a little bit dizzy. When her classmates entered the room, she could see the worry that was written all over her face. Then, when she looked at her mother, there was also the worry in her eyes.She couldn't help but wonder why she was brought to the hospital. Was her condition serious? Was she ill?She never felt any pain on any part of her body so how could it be possible for her to be sick?It didn't take a while and she saw her mother coming inside the room.Her mother forced a smile on her lips when she saw her looking at her."What happened, mom?" She couldn't help but asked. She saw when her mother's eyes started to roam. She saw that her mother started to become uneasy.She couldn't figure out why but she suddenly felt her heart was beating so fast."M--- mom," she called out her mother. "Am I dying?"Her mother shook her head."No, dear. You are fine. Don't say that," her mother quickly answered."So, why you look so wor
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